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Fighting Chance

Chapter 3

"You thought that you could play me, whoa!" Korra listened to the sound of the Elements, in her ear. It used to be a famous band that consisted of the famous fighters; Toph, Sokka, Zuko, Aang, and Katara. They also used to be Korra's mentors, a couple years ago. Right now Korra was running her usual daily jog. She had been a huge asset to the Fire Ferret Foundation, and it had only been three weeks. Tonight was her huge match, and she was slightly worried. The guy is practically a sumo wrestler. He's three-hundred pounds, of pure fat and muscle. His name is Tai Wei, and for once, the hardcore fighter, felt intimidated. Not that she let anyone else know that. She smiled as she thought of the youngest and sweet ferret brother, the younger one; Bolin. She was going to be meeting Asami, Mako, and Bolin, at a small café to discuss things, about her match, in particular.

She finally made it into the city square until she reached the exact location, where the fire ferrets would be. She finally stopped her jog, and crossed her arms, as she looked at the café sign. It said: Fire Ferrets Café in huge bold red letters. These guys must own everything! It was starting to piss her off. She opened the door, and stepped inside. Immediately she noticed instead of the usual tile, the floor was carpeted. She saw plush circular booths, bright lightings, and portraits of the fire ferrets. Arrogant much? She also realized she was receiving the rudest glares she had ever seen.

It was her clothes… once again. She was wearing an old track suit, and worn out tennis shoes. Her hair in a messy braid. She shoved her hands into her pockets, and walked over to the table where her bosses' were at. She walked over carelessly. What kind of café was this? Everyone was wearing suits, and dresses. Fancy schmancy as usual. But what can you expect from the Fire Brothers. Insanity! She finally made it to the booth, still standing, leaning a wooden pillar. She raised a brow as she saw another man sitting with the Fire brothers, and the "assistant" Asami.

"Good day, Miss." The man said.

"Sup," she said in her casual tone of voice. The man chuckled as Mako sent a death glare toward her and she sent one back. Bolin sighed noticing his brother lacked in communication skills, so he filled the new fighter in.

"Korra this is Toza, our adoptive dad," Bolin started but earned a smack in the head by Mako.

"This is Toza; he owns half of our company. He's also a close friend and will be your contractor. Now sit and have some tea." Mako ordered eating a piece of fire nation scone. The female fighter had the deadliest look in her eyes they had ever seen, and finally a look of disbelief formed on her face.

"L-Let me get this the fuck straight," she snarled and felt a twinge of irritation as she heard people gasp at her crude language. "You woke me up; I rushed my morning job… to have some tea. A cup of tea? I have a damn match tonight! That's what I thought we were going to cover!" she yelled. Asami tutted then grabbed a glass and sipped from it. Korra mockingly tutted back and turned her eyes back to the older Fire brother. Until she felt a tap on her shoulder.

"Miss shall I take your jacket?" he asked in a fancy French tone. This was another thing, which got on Korra's nerves. Pretending to be something you're not.

"No!" she ground out and turned back to the table.

"Look. You have nothing to worry about. You're a strong fighter, and you'll be fine… I'm sure of it." Mako promised.

5 hours later (The Match)

"You said she would be alright!" Bolin growled at his brother, as they saw the usually tough Korra, grab her broken rib, as she had been thrown to the floor. The man had brutally kicked her in her ribs once more, causing her to scream in pain. The bashed up female fighter rolled on the floor holding her injured rib, panting. Her opponent held his hands in the air, giving a victorious scream. She had never been hurt this much, and it was severe. Tai Wei chuckled evilly as he walked closer to the fallen fighter. Mako and Bolin screamed for Korra to get up, but she couldn't. She felt as if her entire body was frozen.

"C'mon bitch! You can't hang?!" Tai Wei yelled walking over to the corner, he was going to run and deliver the final blow, by kicking her unconscious.

"Rise up, Korra! We believe in you! But, you have to believe in yourself!" said an enraged Tonraq.

"Don't give up looking or searching. Find your inner being, you can do this!" Senna whispered.

Korra was in a daze as she thought of the memories. It was as if time flashed back.

Korra eighteen years old, was in her training attire; a black sports bra, and matching black pants, her hair in her old foreign tribe hairstyle. She was sparring with her ex-boyfriend, ex-lover; Nao Ting. He had been her sparring partner for a while, and her boyfriend for five months. They were in the ring fighting.

"You think you're so tough?" Nao Ting taunted teasingly, as he did a sweep kick knocking her to the ground. He walked to the corner of the ring, and took of running, doing a jump in the air, ready to land on her. She immediately grabbed his foot, and pulled him down. They rolled on the mat, until she was on top.

"I know I am." She whispered huskily in his ear.

Korra's eyes shot open as she saw her opponent's foot ready, to knock her unconscious. She smiled snapping from her pained stupor, and grabbed his foot.

"Trust me. I can hang." She whispered and drew her elbow into his shin roughly, smiling in satisfaction as she heard bones crunch. The man cowered down to the floor holding his broken leg. Korra stood slowly holding her rib. She walked over, and kicked him in the face. It was T.K.O.

The crowd cheered wildly as Korra exited the stadium. She was immediately led to the infirmary in the back. The doctor poked and prodded at her ribs. He gave a sound of fear and disappointment.

"Miss. IceHeart," he said in a dreadful tone. Bolin panicked immediately. "you have a broken rib." He said.

Korra sat up to glare at the doctor.

"No shit." She growled. She was happy she won the match though. And was even happier when the doctor, wrapped her ribs, with bandages. She smiled as Mako and Bolin congratulated her, and she finally felt as if she truly belonged somewhere. In the ring.

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