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Chapter 4

Part I

Even though Korra had made herself clear about not having sex with Bolin or start any kind of relationship with him that ended up being false. He was determined to prove that they would work even though she was one of his many fighting employees. The two had begun their secret romps at ten o' clock on the dot. He would come over with a pizza and a bottle of wine, and then after that the fun would begin. Bolin would usually get calls from his worried brother, but would assure him he was fine. He would lie and tell him he was at a 'counseling session.'

It was about mid-afternoon when Korra opened her eyes from her well deserved slumber. She stretched on the futon, smiling at the small dull ache between her thighs. Her lover had been rough with her last night, not that she was complaining. She never understood how a kind and compassionate person like Bolin can make her scream her head off, or has such power and aggression. That last title seemed like it fit Mako more than Bolin. The older Fire brother was always aggressive, but now she knew the aggressiveness was flowing through both of the brother's veins.

She took a look at Bolin who was still sleeping on the futon. One of his arms was draped over his eyes while the other was resting on his torso. Light murmurs came from his lips as well as soft snores. His hair was also mussed and covered his closed eyes. The sun swept through the room and through the blinds causing the orange glow to reflect off of his skin. He was beautiful. But how could their relationship work? So far it just seemed like it was only physical, but she learned it was an emotional side for him. He wanted more than just sex with her; he wanted to have a commitment with her.

Korra pushed the relationship troubles aside. A smile was still on her face as she turned around to face the small clock that was on the wall. 11:40!

She gave a small gasp and quickly pulled herself up off the futon, taking the sheets with her. She wrapped them securely around her body. Bolin feeling the lack of warmth stirred awake from his sleep and looked around in a daze. A sloppy but cute smile formed on his face as he saw her wrapped in the sheet. The unexpected happen when she threw his shirt at him.

"You need to leave." She demanded.

Bolin still look confused trying to rub the sleep from his green eyes.


"You need to get the hell out!" she said in a harsh tone. Without thinking she grabbed his pants and threw it at his head. The sound of a thud resounded around the room. She forgot that his belt was in the loops of his pants. On the belt was a gold buckle. He now had a small cut on his forehead and he gave a groan of pain. Then sported a pout.

"Okay, I'm leaving, grumpy."

For the first time the young female fighter felt bad about something. She ran over to him and placed a kiss on the small cut and then kissed away his pout. "I'm sorry." She apologized.

Bolin nodded and began to put his clothes back on. "Who are you expecting?"

"Lin Beifong. She visits me every single day." Korra was a world class liar and was good at it. The truth was Lin visits only twice a week. Today Korra was expecting a male person. But she would consider herself crazy if she told Bolin that, so she kept quiet and stuck with the whole Lin thing. It seemed to work, because he trusted her. He gave her a chaste kiss on the lips and a firm but playful smack on her backside and headed for the door.

Korra placed a hand on her backside and raised a brow. "I'll get you for that, later." She promised.

He gave a small wink that made her heart melt to the ground. "I'm sure you will." He said in a sultry tone and finally closed the door behind him.

"Damn." She whispered throwing the sheets to the floor and heading for the bathroom. How would this work out?

Thirty minutes after Bolin had left and Korra had taken her shower, she heard small knocks on her door. The moment she opened it her suspected guest gave a slight smirk while her eyes narrowed and formed an icy glare.

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