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A Fighting Chance

Chapter 5

She smiled at the boy that stood tall, in front of her doorway. His eyes were a magnificent blue, but dull due to lack of fun. His coffee n' crème skin was glowing like he was under the moon. The dark brown hair that the male sported was dark brown and was slicked back into a ponytail. Finally he wore an expensive charcoal grey suit, with a yellowish green colored tie. His look was serious. His eyebrows scrunched together.

Korra let out a small chuckle before pulling the young boy closer to her body. Tears streamed down her pretty face as the trickles of water landed in his hair.

He pulled back and grimaced trying to "fix" the damage she had done. "Mom!" he groaned still trying to make his hair perfect again, even though it had never gotten ruined.

All-in-all the boy went back to his mother's warm embrace and hugged her. He was no older than ten and already he was dressing like a businessman, which Korra grimaced at. The child was still a boy and didn't need to be stuck in meetings with his dumb ass father. She was happy that she could see her son for once, and it made her overjoyed.

A knock on the door jamb pulled her out of her own world, and instead bought her into hell. She turned to see the same grey eyes she fell for, and the ridiculous violet hair that she loved to caress during their times together.

Korra turned to her son suddenly, ignoring the male for a second. "Sweetie I still have clothes for you in the basket," Korra pointed to the room with her finger to direct him. "It should be in there."

The ten year old obeyed and disappeared into the room, on the other hand Korra walked outside of the apartment and closed the door behind her, staring at the man that seven inches taller than she was.

"Tahno." She whispered. "You said Seth was only coming here." She snarled.

"Calm down Kor-uh" he teased, but his face turned serious. "The only reason Seth is going to be with you for these few days, is because we're leaving." He acted like it was the simplest thing in the world. He didn't miss the fury that was in Korra's eyes though.

"W-what in the hell d-did you just say?" she growled stuttering out her anger. Of course, Tahno the pompous ass had something up his sleeve. He was so slick that way, not bothering to inform anyone of his decisions. He was a go with the flow type of guy, but that crap didn't and never will work on the female fighter that stood before him.

"You can't just take him to wherever you want to." She tapped her finger to her chin. "I bet it's to visit one of your whores isn't it?" Korra smirked seeing him tense. "You can't just screw anyone, think of the example you're setting for your son, you dumb ass."

Tahno couldn't believe she had just went there. Judging him for personal affairs. It was ludicrous. He leaned in closer to Korra, to whisper to her. He wouldn't want his son to hear anything inappropriate.

"So…the owner of that one business…you know the one you're currently fucking…could that be an example of bad parenting…on your behalf I mean?" it was her turn to tense at his blunt question.

How did he know that?

"So you're keeping tabs on me now?" Korra demanded the answer.

"You're my wife sweetheart, it's important I pay attention to you."

Korra shivered when he used the word 'wife'. She was a total idiot. She hated this man with all her being. When they were younger and had visited the U.S. for the first time, they liked the place, and years later they were to be wed. Their parents had arranged it for them. Plus Tahno was not even originally from the poles, meaning he had a green card, while Korra didn't. The only reason they married was because it was arranged and Korra needed that green card. Which she got.

"Look we married on mutual terms but I'm not living by it." She snarled. "Our parents set that up a long time ago before mine went missing, they wanted me to move on and have a dream, and unfortunately to get that dream I had to marry your ass." She glared. "And yeah we had sex, I got knocked up, and as expected you left then."

She still continued her rant. "Now you're taking my son the one I carried for nine months, the one that I pushed out of the tiniest hole alive, the one I cared for, for three years, until your sleezy ass found your way back in, then you took him!" she screeched but kept an inside voice. "You hang around these whores, you sleep with them, you give them anything, and the only reason why is because you're using them as a replacement for me." She sarcastically chuckled at his surprised and angered facial expression. "I know I was your first. We were emotionally linked, we had something, but it wasn't real. So you left to try and find a replacement. That's why you're such a fucking playboy. Now leave." She growled.

She turned to go back into her apartment but not before Tahno grabbed her arm harshly and slammed her into the wall.

"How dare you." His eyes narrowed. He kissed her with anger. No love, no passion, just hate, lust, and anger. When he pulled back he met her angry gaze. "I'm taking Seth with me in four days." And with that he walked down the hall and left.

Korra angrily wiped at her lips and spat on the ground.

She put on a forced smile and walked back into the apartment to see her son in a tee shirt and shorts, leaning against a wall.

"Mom…I don't wanna leave." He admitted.

Korra tapped her fingers under her son's chin and smiled. "Let's not worry about that right now. Let's just have fun. We can start today if you want, I just have to go to work first." She smiled.

She felt like the greatest mom in the world when he smiled brightly.

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