Hello everyone!

I am sorry for not updating my story, The 105th Hunger Games in a while; I'm still sorting out the chapters and stuff.

Anyways, this poem came to me suddenly, so I decided to publish it. One-shot. Enjoy.

Invader (self-appointed)

Never likes human foods. Especially meat.

Voot Cruiser is his spaceship/vehicle

Annoyed by Gir easily

Dislikes humans; especially Dib

Earth hater

Respects his Tallest


Isn't liked by his Tallest

Mission is on Earth

Denied that Zim is an alien many times by many people

Investigator of paranormal stuff

Believes Zim is an alien

Game Slave lover

Annoyed easily

Zero interest in anything but her Game Slave

Gulps down anything he sees



That's all for now. Did you like it? How did I do? REVIEW please! :)