Julia's eyes snapped open under the water. Immediately she wondered where she was and how she had gotten there, and began an attempt to wiggle her way out of the trap that she was tangled in. On the shore, however, Barnabas Collins and his newly vampire girlfriend began walking towards the dilapidated mansion that was once their home. He had no idea that Julia's experiment had worked and taking his blood had turned her into a vampire as she had planned. She began to bite the rope with her abnormally sharp teeth, slowly tearing away at the fabric that had ensnared her. She hadn't even realized until then that she was fully capable of breathing underwater. She began to make her way to the surface, her bright red hair flowing insanely in front of her face obscuring her view but nothing was stopping her from resurfacing to find Barnabas.

As Julia reached the surface of the water, she discovered that the water that she had been comatose in was freezing cold, and the air above was even colder. She took a deep breath of the crisp air and began swimming back to the shore, determined. Julia didn't know why she wanted to find Barnabas so badly, was it to get angry at him, or was it to tell him how she had always felt. I can't, Julia thought, picturing Victoria, although he really only 'loves' her because she looks like Josette. She had recalled hearing the name slip from Barnabas' pale lips several times, for example accidentally calling Vicky Josette or times when he slept with his door ajar and Julia was heading to the kitchen for a midnight drink. It's not like I'm nosy, he talks in his sleep, not my fault, Julia began swimming faster, now eager to see Barnabas.

After a long swim back, she finally reached the shore, dripping wet and thirsty. "I'm not going to turn into a blood-sucker like Barnabas is," Julia muttered, shivering "I'll just head to the bar." Julia walked through Collinsport barefoot and approached the bar. Opening the door, she was greeted with warm air and the smell of liquor. She walked to the bartender and ordered, sitting down in a bar stool and resting her head in her hands, her fire-red hair still dripping. After several drinks she began her walk back to her home.

It was destroyed completely. Julia looked around in astonishment, wondering what had happened to the once beautiful Victorian home. Her eyes began to water as she was just realizing how long she had actually been gone. Making her way up the steps, Julia paused at the door taking a deep breath, doubtful thoughts scattered though her mind. What if they don't want me here anymore, what if I'm no longer welcome, I was basically family but look at me now I'm a monster. Tears began to form in Julia's eyes, she opened the doors with hopes that the people she thought of as her own family would welcome her back with open arms.

Sorry it's short, but first chapter:)