Julia slowly had the children release her and she began to make her way to the room that Barnabas resided in. Memories of the day he killed her rushing into her head, she wonders what to say to him. She sees all of the ways that this could end up as she makes her way through the small cabin. Death or love, Julia thinks. And death already happened so I'm guessing love- She stops the thought when she sees Vicky emerge from another room and head for the kitchen area for some water. Julia's breath quickens. Okay, now it's narrowed down to death or death. She looks down at her shoes and realizes how slowly she is actually walking so she looks up and walks faster, all while smiling at Barnabas, who still stands in the doorway. Barnabas steps aside allowing Julia to enter the small room.

Shutting the door, Barnabas turns to look at Julia who is examining the room, her back to him. She notices that there is only a bed, a small dresser, a mirror hanging on the wall, and a side table holding a glass of water. She turns to look at Barnabas, who is already staring at her with a blank expression.

"Look, I'm sorry for taking your blood. I was lying to you and to everyone else but I didn't want to grow old. I didn't want to die alone." Julia said, tears forming in her eyes at the last sentence. Stay strong, Julia, don't mess up now. "I figured that you wouldn't notice me unless I was immortal with you. If I was the only other one with you for the rest of eternity then you would have to choose me, right?"

"My dearest apologies, madam, but I will never love any woman other than Victoria." Barnabas looks down at the floor, feeling uncomfortable in his current situation.

"Oh please, Barnabas. Just save it. You only love little Vicky because she looks like Josette." Julia says, her voice growing angrier making Barnabas pick up his head to look at her. He opens his mouth to defend himself but she talks before he can, leaving him in disbelief. "Really we all know it. I know it, you know it, for God's sake, David knows it! And, honestly, I'm sick of all of this Vicky stuff."

"Dr. Hoffman, it offends me that you do not believe that Victoria is, in fact, a reincarnated version of Josette. And I am truly sorry to hear that you do not like the fact that we are together, which makes it hard for me to tell you that she is too a vampire now. You lied to me, madam, and that is by far the worst crime a human being can commit."

"Worse than murder?" Julia narrows her eyes and steps towards Barnabas, who is now walking backwards to the door. "I'm truly sorry to tell you this, but your precious Victoria is not the only vampire. The transfusion worked. We're exactly the same now. Vicky or not, I love you, Barnabas Collins. And no one can stop that. Not even you."

His back was against the door. Julia had him pinned to the wall, the exact opposite of their last encounter when her back was to the wall. Her narrowed, brown eyes were locked on his which were filled with something she had never seen in his eyes before. Fear. She grinned as she put her hands on the walls on either side of him, just the way he had her in her laboratory the day he killed her. Julia leans in and kisses Barnabas, surprising him a bit. He begins to struggle and soon gives up. A loud knocking coming from behind Barnabas causes Julia to jump back and Barnabas opens the door.

"The construction workers want to see you over at the house, Barnabas. I'll drive you if you want." Elizabeth says, looking at the two with suspicion.

"I believe Dr. Hoffman would be willing to drive me, thank you anyway, Elizabeth." Barnabas answers, looking at Julia who is looking down at her chipped pink nail polish, trying to avoid eye contact. Barnabas nods at Elizabeth and smiles, closing the door and turning to Julia.

"I still haven't..." Julia clears her throat. "Um, killed anyone."

"You must be terribly thirsty, madam."

"Please, for the love of god, call me Julia, would you? And, well, just a bit. It's inhumane. I'll stick to whiskey, thanks." Julia smiles up at Barnabas. "I'm not mad at you, Barnabas. Not anymore, at least. I was pretty angry when I woke up to see a fish staring at me, though."

They both laugh for a moment. They finally reached an understanding. Now if only he would let go of Vicky.

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