Julia wakes up at around 9:30, still in Barnabas' arms. She assumes he's still asleep, as it is a Saturday and usually the day the whole family sleeps in, and closes her eyes again. She is unable to fall back asleep, but she's just comfortable laying there with him.

"Good morning, Julia." Julia's eyes open slowly.

"Morning, Barnabas," She finally speaks up "Didn't know you were up yet."

"Yes I thought you were asleep. I didn't want to wake you." Barnabas whispers, his forehead buried in her wild, red hair.

"Can we just, just lay here for a while?" Julia sighs, smiling.

"If you would like to, yes." Barnabas pulls her closer to him. "We can lay here for however long you would like, madam."

"I told you, Barnabas, call me Julia." Julia laughs. "Okay?"

"If that is what you wish, Julia, I will." They both cease talking for a good 20 minutes, just laying peacefully together.

"See, Barnabas. I told you we wouldn't do anything we would end up regretting." Julia says, breaking the silence.

"Yes, I suppose we didn't." Barnabas says surprised that they actually hadn't. "That was not meant to offend you in any way, Julia. I didn't mean it to be offensive."

Julia turns over to face Barnabas, their faces far too close together. "I know." Julia says, kissing Barnabas' pale cheek. "I know, you're a good man. You wouldn't offend anyone." Suddenly, the small space between the two is closed, their lip meet and Barnabas doesn't seem to mind. Vicky... Julia thinks to herself, smiling against his lips. She moves herself so that she is on top of Barnabas, kissing him. This is actually going to happen, they both think, neither have any signs of regret or despair. They don't leave the room until noon. Julia needs two new nightgowns now.

The two leave the room, making their way to the small kitchen. Everyone is still asleep or at least in their rooms. Julia sits in one of the chairs that Elizabeth had taken from the side of the road on their way to the temporary home, she wears a fuzzy pink robe she found abandoned in the bathroom discarded by Carolyn because she "hates pink" now and a pair of wool socks she borrowed from Barnabas because her feet were cold. Barnabas, in most of his pajamas, makes coffee for the two.

"Julia, you do realize you will have to drink blood sometime." Barnabas says, pulling the milk out of the refrigerator.

"Yeah, but not yet. Its, its unnatural. Drinking a human's blood." Julia takes a sip of her coffee, burning her tongue a bit but ignoring it. "Gross, you know?"

"No, I disagree, I have never thought of drinking blood as 'gross'." Julia laughs, pushing herself out of the chair and walking to him as he stands at the counter drinking his coffee.

"Oh, you know what I mean." Julia gets closer and closer to Barnabas until the front door creaks open and Julia jumps back.

"Good afternoon, Barnabas." Vicky says as she hangs her jacket on a nail in the wall and strides to the kitchen. "Julia."

"Hello, Vicky." Julia says. "I'm gonna go get ready and take the kids out for a while. Hate to see them cooped up like this."

"Yes, say hello to them for me, would you?" She doesn't even take her eyes off Barnabas when she speaks to Julia.

"Yeah." Julia grabs an older green dress from her bag and walks towards the bathroom. "I'll tell them." She closes the bathroom door, but realizes she forgot her makeup bag and hair brush so opens the door again. "You know, Vicky, you can say hello to the kids whenever you like if you were here more often. Just putting it out there, alright?"

"Thank you, Julia. That would be fun if I moved in with all of you. We'll be sort of a family again. I miss that." Vicky looks straight at Julia, shooting her a look of both pure and utter disgust as well as gratitude. "That's a great idea, I'll talk to Elizabeth later about it."

Julia grabs her things and returns to the bathroom, regretting everything she just said.

Vicky's going to move in now. You just slept with Barnabas and now his girlfriend is moving in with you. Look what you've done, you ruined your chances again Julia. I hope you're happy.