iCan't believe this

This is set after iOMG, but it is AU because iLove You never happened in this. Instead of them breaking up, they stay together and are happy together.

Chapter 1: iAm stunned

Freddie's POV

I awoke to my PearPhone chirping beside my head. I picked it up to see who it was.

It was a text from Sam that read:

Sam: I need to talk 2 you NOW

I grew nervous. What did I do now? I thought grimly as I replied back.

Freddie: k. b there in an hour

Sam replied rather quickly as I hadn't even moved yet.

Sam: No, Benson get here ASAP!

I grew even more nervous. Does Sam want me to come to her house?! So, I replied:

Freddie: where?

Sam: iCarly studio

I was in my blue pajama pants and my tight t-shirt that made me look ripped. (Hey, geeks have self-esteem issues too.)

I pulled off the pajama pants and t-shirt and jumped into the shower. I didn't want to get going soon, because even though Sam was my girlfriend now, she could still punch like bodybuilder. And as I could tell from the messages, I could tell she was very impatient at the moment.

So, I decided I better get over there soon before she came and knocked down the door and dragged me over there. (She's done it before.)

I pulled on my boxers and jeans, found a white t-shirt and pulled on a striped polo shirt over the white tee. I pulled on some socks and took my sneakers from their usual place and slipped them on and yelled were I was going as I walked out the door.

Walked another two steps and knocked on the door. I heard the yelled, "Coming!" in a very familiar masculine voice.

The door flew open and there stood Spencer Shay. He's kind of been my father-figure ever since he and Carly, his little sister moved here. He dropped out of law school after like three days to become an artist.

"Hey, Fredrico. Carly's still in bed. What are doing here?" He asked as I walked past him.

"Not sure really. Sam texted me and said for me to get over here and go up to the iCarly studio." I replied as I began to climb the stairs.

"Okay, but, remember, it's dangerous to play with hammers!" Spencer yelled after me. I rolled my eyes and muttered something in Spanish as I entered the iCarly studio.

~xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~

Carly's POV

My eyes popped open as Spencer yelled something about playing with hammers. I jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs, in the process, I almost fell down the stairs.

"Do you not remember what happened the last time you played with hammers?!" I screamed in Spencer's ear.

"AH!" Spencer screamed. Apparently, he hadn't heard me as I clamored down the stairs.

He had started gluing our wooden spoons together to make another sculpture. He had just started, but, didn't we have enough sculptures in our tiny apartment?

"Yes, I remember the last time I played with hammers. I busted my head open. I still have the scar to prove it!" He began to move his hair around, I knew exactly what he was doing.

"No need to show the scar! I remember it!" I squealed.

"Ugh! Fine! You want to help me glue wooden spoons together?" Spencer asked enthusiastically.

"No!" I replied and turned to walk back upstairs.

"Oh, yeah. Sam and Freddie are up in the iCarly studio." Spencer said, turning back to the mass of spoons.

"Sam and Freddie are both here?! Sam's up this early? When did she get here?!" I was on edge. Sam was never up this early.

"Well, she was laying on the couch when I came in the living room this morning and the chain on the lock was cut." Spencer explained as he glued another wooden spoon to the mass.

I walked back upstairs and I jumped into the shower.

Sam's POV

I stood in the iCarly studio waiting for Freddie to arrive. We had been dating a year and a half now, even though it drove Carly insane about how much we fought, but, we were doing better. Sure, there were still bad days, but, we were fighting through it. And I knew today would be one of them.

The last half of senior year was going to be starting in a couple weeks, we were on Christmas break at the moment. The only good thing was, after a few months, I would be out of school for good.

The door to the studio opened and in came Freddie. His hair was still wet.

The nub took a shower?! Does he know the meaning of ASAP?

I look down at the ground. I didn't want to give him this news.

"Well...?" Freddie asked as he closed the studio door slowly.

I couldn't believe I was having to tell Freddie, of all the boys I had dated, this news.

"Freddie..." I hesitated, "I have some pretty big news..."

Freddie's POV

There were tears threatening to spill over her lower lids. Whatever this news was, it was big. Sam Puckett never cried, at least not often in front of me, I had probably seen her cry twice the whole time I had known her.

I grew nervous. Was she breaking up with me?

Carly's POV

I dressed in some denim short shorts and a tie-dye v-neck tee.

I had decided I'd better get to the studio. Maybe Sam and Freddie wanted to rehearse before tonight. We were announcing tonight when the last web-isode of iCarly would air. It would be exactly a year from today. The Friday before we all left to go to college. We didn't usually do iCarly on Friday night, but, we decided to do a special show just to announce our decision.

I got to the studio door and glanced in. Sam and Freddie were whispering to each other and Sam was on the verge of tears. Was Freddie breaking up with her? I couldn't see Freddie's face, his back was toward me. I quietly cracked the door open so I could hear them better.

Sam was beginning to cry, but other than that, you could hear a pin drop.

"Freddie," Sam sighed a heavy and scared sigh. "I'm pregnant."

My eyes almost popped out of my head! I had never seen that coming!

"What?! Are you sure?!" Freddie no longer sounded like a high school senior, he sounded like a frightened little kid.

"Yes, I'm sure! Do you wanna see the pregnancy test? Because, it's right here in my suitcase!" Sam's voice was very accusing.

"Suitcase? Why do you have a suitcase?" Freddie still sounded like a frightened 5-year-old, but he also sounded like a very concerned, frightened 5-year-old.

"I told my Mom and she kicked me out... All I have left is the clothes in this suitcase and the fried chicken in this plastic bag!" She took out a fried chicken leg out of the plastic bag and bit into it.

With her mouth still full of chicken, she continued, "Maybe Carly will let me move in here... Oh, no! What are we going to tell Carly?!"

"Uh, what are we going to tell my Mom, Sam?! She'll flip...!" Freddie was cut off by Sam.

"Or drop dead. Face it, your Mom would just die if you told her this. What if I just got rid of it?" Sam asked the Father of her unborn baby.

"No. We made this mess. We can't pay someone to clean it up for us. Let's just face it. In a few months, we'll be parents." Freddie began to calm down as he spoke. He grabbed Sam's chin and brought her eyes to meet his.

"W-What if we-"

Freddie put his finger on her lips.

"No. I love you, and I love our baby." Freddie put his hand on Sam's belly. Then he kissed her.

They broke apart and Sam's eyes grew wide. I knew she had seen me. She knew I knew.

"Carly!" She yelled as I jumped up to run downstairs.

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