Chapter 1: Auction

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A/N: I was reading an article about countries with the most human trafficking and well this kinda just happened... I know there are several stories like this blah blah blah where you know they fall in love and everything. So I hope I did an adequate job of trying to at least branch out.

She shivered as her whole body ached. Where was she? She couldn't see anything. She felt something sticky and hot sticking to her face. She couldn't breathe. She tried to move her hands to pull off the item suffocating her only to find her hands bound.

She felt panic set in as it all came rushing back to her. The date set up from one of those sites. How she started to feel ill a half hour after her first drink. How she hit the floor hard when she went to go vomit in the bathroom. Her chest was tight. All she could think was how she was going to die. Right here, and no one would ever know.

She felt a rough hand grab her and she let out a soft yelp as it yanked her forward. She felt the very same hand smack her roughly on her butt.

"Shut up. Or you'll get to see what I have in store for my naughty girls." As a gravely voice said this to her she felt fear take over as she bit down on her tongue. She had no desire to see what he did to those who disobeyed him. She felt the hand leave her body as she felt a harsh tug at her throat. Her head was flung forward as she tried not to make a choking noise. She could taste blood in her mouth. She had bit through her tongue.

The tugging on her neck continued so she began to walk with it. She suddenly heard the sound of her pumps on metal. They had changed locations. She felt slack on whatever was around her neck but heard a clink. They had tied her to something, like a dog waiting for its owner outside a store.

Out of nowhere she was blinded by light. She could breathe again, and despite her hair sticking to her face and the disgusting feeling of being covered in perspiration she felt much better. They had removed whatever was on her head. She blinked furiously as her eyes attempted to adjust to the blinding white light that was surrounding her. She squinted and saw other women, all scantily clad, all terrified. She also noted they were all standing under a number. They were almost in a police line up.

Mitchie looked above her and saw the number 42. 42 was the number that would doom her. She looked down at herself and saw she had been stripped to only her bra and panties, they had left her pumps she had worn to the date on. She looked at the other girls, they too were looking at their surroundings, noticing the numbers and trying to discover their own.

Throughout this whole situation a group of men were gathering outside, looking in on the women. The group had a few women sprinkled among them, either brought along by their husbands or searching for something as simple as a maid. Some of the men were looking for similar interests, a majority however was seeking a simple play thing, and they were all prepared to pay hefty prices to receive control of another human being.

Inside the room the women all heard an intercom go off and they heard a voice. "First we have number 37. A 23 year old blonde with green eyes. She weighs in at 115 pounds, 5 foot, 2 inches. She has C cup breasts. And she is in fact a virgin. We are starting the bid for number 37 at 250,000 dollars."

They began to hear the voices of men all announcing how much they were willing to pay. They were being auctioned off.

"Number 37 going for a half a million. Going once. Going twice. Mr. Tawney please come and collect your purchase." The room heard a sob as number 37 realized what was happening to her. She had been sold.

"No! Please!" All the girls watched with horror as she sobbed begging for mercy as they dragged her off. None of them wanted to think about what would happen to her. To them. She had a family, friends, people would miss her. But no one cared, she was simply another thing.

The door shut and the auction continued. One by one each woman was described and sold. Each one refused to accept her fate.

"Next up we have number 42. 19 years old, brown hair with brown eyes. Weighing in at a dainty 103 pounds she is 5 foot 3 inches. C cup breasts and a virgin. And for those of you with a wild side she is also a bit on the...decorated side. Piercings and tattoos that most women would never dare get. We are starting her at 150,000 dollars." Mitchie's eyes widened with horror as she realized that they had been not only undressing her, but they had been venturing into some places she didnt even let past boyfriends venture.

She listened as she heard the bids being made. 200,000 dollars. 400,000 dollars. 1 million.

That's when all the bids stopped.

"1 million dollars going once, going twice. Mr. Grey please come claim your purchase!"

A million dollars. The number rung in Mitchie's ears. Some man had purchased her for a million dollars. Just to take her virginity, and beat her. To do whatever the hell he wanted with her.

She heard the door open and looked in it's direction. She took a deep shaky breath as they came over to her and unhooked her chain from the wall. She said nothing as they lead her into a separate room where her new owner was waiting.

Shane finished filling out his check as he handed it over to the man in charge of the whole operation.

"In my days I have never seen a purchase above 750 grand. A million is... surely a rare thing indeed." Shane let out a sigh and looked at him.

"Yes well I am somewhat desperate, and she is perfect. Well for what I need."

The disgusting man looked at Shane and winked, "Ah havent gotten laid in a while. That explains the sour expression. Like a girl whose got a bite?"

Shane ignored the comment and put away his checkbook. "So where is she?"

Shortly after the comment was made in she came. The chains gone. He looked her over. She was pale, disgustingly so. Which was perfect. He made his way over to her and grabbed a lock of her hair. He softly rubbed it between his fingers. Soft, thick. "Perfect." He softly muttered this as he continued to inspect her. Dozens of tattoos and a few wayward piercings. Exactly what he needed. Perhaps an extra tattoo here or there but he had found exactly what he needed.

"Are we all done here?" He cast a look towards the money grubbing man who looked impatient.

"Yes. Now just remember if she don't wanna do something like a blow job or whatever no returns. Thats all your problem."

"Im not that concerned. Goodbye." He looked at the girl and put his hand on her lower back leading her out of the room towards his car. She got in and buckled herself in. As he was starting up the car she spoke.

"So what is it you plan to do with me. Tie me up and torture me? Fuck me for my virginity and then give me to one of your servants as a play thing? Sell me to your friends?"

He took in a deep breath and stared ahead gripping the wheel. "I have a little girl at home and-"

"Oh great you are a pedophile also?"

"No. As I was saying, I have a little girl at home-as in my daughter, not some girl I have tied up-and a couple months ago her mother, my wife, started dying. For the time being my daughter is at boarding school but in a few weeks she'll be home. I... I didn't tell her about her Stacy. I told her that she was ill but I didn't tell her she was going to be dead in a couple of days."

"So what do you want me for?"

Shane turned and looked her in the eye.

"I need you to be my wife."