Lorelai wandered through the drug store. Oh she had a cold. If it wasn't bad enough that Luke had broken up with her again just a week ago. It was heartbreaking, but not as bad as the first time. It was clear that he cared about her, but he was very odd. He shut her out of his life once again with April and that wasn't the relationship that she wanted. His endless bitching about everything about her existence lost its charm. So there she was, Luke and her were on good terms, back to friends-that was when they were at their best anyway. She could realize that now. She picked up the cheapest cold medicine she could at Doose's and headed back to her home. She was rather lonely now that Rory was gone, but she had Paul Anka. She spent many nights watching movies that she and Rory would watch together. Some nights she went to Sookie and Jackson's for dinner, and others she went out dancing with Michel. She was missing something. She still had the Dragonfly, which was doing better than ever. No matter what though, Lorelai wanted that one thing she never could have: a complete family. It wasn't possible with Chris, she learned that, so her family could never be traditional by genetic terms anyway.

It was late, she turned off the television and only a small light remained on as she sat in silence. She let tears fall openly; this wasn't where she thought she would be when she was forty. She was a success in so many ways, but in that one way she couldn't be, and it ate her up inside. There was a knock on the door. She quickly dried her eyes, expecting it to possibly be Rory home for some reason or another. There stood a man she hadn't seen for a span of five years, "Jason," she stood speechless.

"You aren't still calling me Digger then?" he said, "I know this is awfully weird, but I just had to see you after all this time. I haven't stopped thinking about you."

"Come in," she said and opened the door. Ah, yes. Jason. They had a fun time together in their short lived relationship. They were a lot alike. And perhaps they still were. This was certainly awkward, but she invited him to her couch.

"So how are you?" he asked in a rushed voice. "How's Emily? Richard?"

"There good, you know telling me what a disappointment I am. No, no we've actually gotten closer."

"Well that's great." he paused, "I hope you are not still angry with me."

"Hey, I'm a good grudge older, but five years I have to move on."

"Good, good. I'm sorry this is really awkward," he said.

"No it's okay, I wish I had some food, or drink to offer you. I'm not exactly Carol Brady."

He laughed, "No I remember."

There was another awkward pause. Neither of them know what to ask, if the other had married, and what to do. Paul Anka walked into the room. He sat silent, afraid to get to close to Jason. "Oh who is this? The last time I knew, you killed any pets you came into contact with."

"Well yes, my lonely spinsterhood made me get him. How is your dog?"

"Still silent, still well-behaved, missing you."

She laughed, "Paul Anka would be a match for him. I think he's even weirder. He's afraid of stairs, and won't eat in front of everyone. He likes his privacy."

He smiled, "Well I'll let you get to bed. But listen, would you want to walk our dogs some day? I know this great dog park in Hartford, good trails and such. You can say no if you want, I mean if you're not-"

"Jason," she grabbed him by the holder as he was walking out, "that sounds fine, it's good to see you."

Both his murmuring and heart rate settled and he took a breathe, "It's good to see you too, so you'll call me?"

"Yes I will call you," she said, nodding and shutting the door behind her. She went to bed soon after, wondering what this would bring. She had entered a relationship many a time, believing it was real and someone would come out of it. She had been broken hearted before, she needed a laugh nowadays and Jason always gave her that. She remembered years ago how he used to both creep her out and excite her with his weird habits. She would see what would come of it and give him an honest shot. The past was behind them and they never had gotten a real shot. Second chances come around for a reason, she thought, the dog shelter in 102 Dalmatians believed in them after all.