Light Up the Darkness: Part 1

Chapter 0 – The Prelude 00:00 *Unknown location*

A loud, piercing scream echoed throughout the night. A shadow sprints through a street, barely lit by the dim, slowly dying streetlights hanging overhead, the tar road being littered with crashed and broken down vehicles. That shadow belongs to a blonde haired girl about the age of 12 dashing through the maze of deserted aluminum vehicles in absolute fear, of the blood covered monstrosities that were her friends not even three days ago. The bleached bones of the dead spread over the street in unkempt and wild mannerisms. Quickly she glances behind her, panting haggardly as she runs, her heart racing, the only thought being to escape these monsters of her nightmare, just to live for a single day longer, and to her dismay, they only get closer as they continue to come from every direction.

Vaulting her slight body over the hood of a dark red corvette, she glances in through the front of the vehicle and shrieks in fright. She catches sight of a frail brown haired man about the age of seventeen pressing his body ferociously at a seatbelt barely holding him back against the seat in a failed attempt to grab onto her as he claws monstrously through the empty hole where the shattered window would have once stood between them. Gnashing his half shredded face with his mouth full of yellowish broken teeth in her direction, bits of half clotted dark red blood is spit into the young girls face as she scrambles away from him off of the glass covered hood; she falls backwards catching a moment of flight before gravity kicked in pulling her rapidly to the ground littered by glass from the broken windshield. She struggles blindly to break her fall, to stop her from striking her body as a whole against it. A thick shard of glass previously pointing upwards embeds itself through her left hand. Moaning in moderate pain, she weakly cradles her bleeding hand against her chest as she pushes her body up with her opposite arm.

Looking at it, she flinches softly as blood begins to pool and drip down the length of her small hand. As she reaches towards the shard with her dominant hand, she stumbles away from the car and the murderous intents of the flailing monster trying to release himself from the broken down vehicle that is his prison. Grunting as she prepares herself for the pain about to ensue, she begins to pull out the shard of glass that was buried deep within her hand. Screaming loudly, for the gift of silence was already lost, she feels searing white pain emanating into her mind as the thick piece of glass is wrenched out roughly through the multiple layers of flesh and stringy muscle. Still, she quickly runs through that virtual maze of wrecked and abandoned automobiles of various types from fuel tankers, muscle cars, four wheel trucks, and the occasional family sedan. A long trail of dark red blood, flowing as if from an endless red river, oozes slowly from her injured hand. As she runs a quick maneuver around the bumper a silver minivan, attempting to skirt around it, a dark shadow from the back seat gets steadily darker.

The window explodes outwards with a loud roar of motion sending powder and slivers of broken glass away from it. A blur of ragged black fur launches through the window behind this minor makeshift explosion and lands in a prowling stance. Teeth bared and showing milky white eyes with a slight bit of red hinting demonic origin, this devilish, feral hound glares at the girl shivering in shock and fear. Quivering she begins to feel the paralyzing effects of sheer fright overcome her. The hound slowly advances upon her, tattered ears laying prone against its skull and the skin and fur missing on his body showing the pinkish tinge of muscle and bleach white bones.

In a rapid blur of movement it launches with corded muscles at the teenage girl. Screaming, she dives away from the van in attempt to avoid this flying mass of rotting flesh. Hitting a jagged outcrop of rocks and cement, the girl leaves a giant gash going down the length of her pale white leg. A constant flow of blood begins to seep from the open wound that is now carved deeply into the marble-esque flesh. Gasping in pain, the stench from this monstrosity begins to overcome her. This smell of rotting flesh, death, and decay that has ever grown as a constant in the past 3 weeks of her life, and every step of advancing motion this hellish fiend takes in her direction, that stench becomes more acute and sharp as it causes her to gag, as that familiar feeling that she could taste the rotting of that bestial monstrosity being forced upon her.

A few moments later, sharp reverberant screams begin to sound from the surrounding darkness. Black shadows from just beyond the lights edge of the overhanging street lamp begin to dart towards the center, as the girl lies back on the ground hopelessly. The beast snarls and lunges at her biting into her neck and tearing open her jugular just as she screams out her dying breath. Quickly, the mottled forms of her old classmates sprint, surrounding her almost as if they were hunting as a pack, into the light as the arterial spray of her blood from her neck begins to expel from her body in a pulsating rhythm. Surrounding her, creating a mosh pit like dog pile of bruised, corroded, and rotting flesh… The one driving motion and voice within their minds, the machine like impulses that they have, is the impulse to feed, to get a sustenance they in fact truly don't need until they are gorged on flesh and have ingested far more than their distended stomachs need to be filled many times over.

They are the dead.

The industrial cities of mankind rear at the dark plumes of death that the red faced devils housed within the ovens of industrialism consistently belch out with rapid succession. A hazard to health as well as a virtual breeding ground for disease and pestilence, the sun was eventually blocked by a wall of darkness, fear, and pollution. Stripping Earth of her mantle of beauty, no one held that sense of childish wonder that seemed to be the mother of innovation and creation in those blearing and sunken eyes that try to see through the blackness. Mother Earth has grown ever dark, even in mid-day where the blazing chariot used to peak in its endless cycle…

Previously flourishing city "wildlife" is all but dead, withered trees and wilted flowers lie in the gardens that used to be kept tame and hidden from that lurking shadow that is death. Without the sun, nothing could live, and as it dies, it withered away and left a horror film appearance scarring the world and the landscape around it.

The domestic, previously tame, and loveable animals turned feral and attacked each other and their masters in a frenzy that could only be produced and maintained by those possessed by Beelzebub, king of flies, or perhaps Nyarlthotep, one of the fallen gods all but forgotten to lore and mythology of the dying human race and is known only to the denizens that dwell within the vast ocean and the infiniteness of space, and of course those few devilish, devout followers of the occult that worship this obscure goddess. They eventually formed packs of vicious demon-like dogs that were given the name of a hell hound from the evil tormenting ways they hunt down their prey causing despair and fear in the strongest hearts of men. The ferocious attacks they make, leaving their hunted destroyed and shredded in a gruesome fashion, are another simple reason why they were dubbed this appropriate name. Going mostly unnoticed by what was first deemed as the bigger threat to us, they went unchecked and their population grew exponentially.

But that is not where our story begins, nor where it ends, It begins in a southeastern part of Manhattan in the early hours of the morning dawn, and ends… Let us just say it shall end where and when humanity decides to give up on their hopeless and futile attempts to survive, or finally put an end to the disease that plagues them.