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"I, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III have been lying to you, the American people. Almost a year ago today, I went on national television to tell everyone that the woman on the sextape was not Amanda Tanner, but my wife Mellie Grant. Although the first part was not a falsehood, the latter is." Fitz stood up straight behind the podium and listened to the shocked gasps turn into bantering questions of "Who is she Mr. President?", and "What about your wife?," and "Why are you just now staying something?"

To his left, he could hear Cyrus Beene curse, which was understood because the speech they planned spoke of the economy and the war on terror, not the infidelities of the president. From his peripheral, Fitz saw Cyrus walk out of the press room. The flashing of cameras turned his attention back to people in front of him and his speech.

"As for now, the woman in the tape will remain anonymous, what I will say about her is that she is the love of my life and I am doing this for her and myself. I refuse to continue to live in a loveless marriage and continue to lie to the people who expect absolute honesty from me. I am doing this now instead of a year ago because as of yesterday, I am no longer married. I hope that you appreciate my honesty and if at the end of my first term, if you do not want me, I will not seek reelection, but I feel I still have much to do in this presidency and another term is needed to complete this. Thank you for your time and God Bless America."

Without answering any of the new questions thrown his way, he exited the room to the left and walked down the hallway to the Oval Office. It felt like a weight had been lifted off of him as he sank into the leather chair behind his desk. This past year had been hell for him. He just hoped that all his hard work would pay off and his Livie would return to him.

Olivia had been working late, as usual, on a very trying client. To say this old woman was annoying would be an understatement. But because she was a friend of her grandmother's, Olivia decided to take her on as a client. The older woman, Agnes, wanted the team to get her buildings code changed so that she could have more cats. Agnes already had three, but claimed that she needed at least four more. Every day she would come into her office with a different cat and sit in the lobby asking questions all day long.

"Olive, why don't you have a man?" Agnes asked as she tugged on her gray wig and adjusted her pink shawl. All day she asked questions like this, barely even concerned about her case.

Immediately, Olivia regretted coming this way. She knew these questions awaited her everyday as she tried to work. The older woman was always in her business and it took everything in her not to forget her manners.

"Once again Ms. Shapiro, my personal life is not up for discussion," Olivia ground out through gritted teeth.

"My grandson, Benjamin, he's about your age. He's a doctor too. I think you two would make such a cute couple. I'm gonna give him a call and tell him to pick me up today so that you two can meet," Agnes continued, completely ignoring Olivia. She just kept on stroking her cat and humming Ma Navu, a Jewish hymn.

Olivia signaled for Abby to come babysit so that she could take a much needed break, making a mental note to not be in the office when her grandson showed up. The case was taking way longer than usual because the building's owner was squeaky clean and they couldn't find anything on the manager. It looked like they would have to do this the old fashioned way; by the book.

So here she was, past ten p.m sitting at her desk reviewing codes and laws that she hadn't seen or used since law school. She had taken a ten minute break, leaning her chair back and putting her feet up on her desk. She rested her head in the back of chair and closed her eyes for the first time in 23 hours. Between this case, her other clients, and him, she hadn't been able to settle her mind down enough to even take a nap. Just as she was about doze off, she heard a knock come at her door.

Letting out a deep sigh, she sat up straight and yelled out, "come in." Stephen stood at her doorway, a somewhat shocked expression on his face. This caused Olivia to sit up a little straighter and shake off whatever sleep was about to take her over.

"What's wrong, I thought you and Abby were going out tonight?" Olivia questioned. Stephen and Abby had started going out about two months now and seemed to really be enjoying each other's company.

"Have you been turned on the television today?" He asked in a way that did nothing to ebb her concern.

"No, why?" she asked with growing worry. Her mind went to the worst possibilities. Automatically she thought Fitz was shot and the pain accompanied by that thought made her chest feel heavy and her throat tight.

"Well, the President made a very interesting speech today," Steven responded as he walked over to the television to turn it on. Some of Olivia's anxiety was relieved only to be replaced with more with the force of a freight train.

"I, Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III have been lying to you, the American people. Almost a year ago today, I went on national television to tell everyone that the woman on the sextape was not Amanda Tanner, but my wife Mellie Grant. Although the first part was not a falsehood, the latter is."

Olivia watched and listened as Fitz publicly left his wife and all but announced their affair to the world. Olivia started breathing faster, hyperventilating almost. She had no clue he was going to do this and was furious that she was blindsided this way.

"I take it you didn't know he was going to do this," Stephen commented, still standing near the television.

She shook her head as she flipped through the channels, seeing the same thing. Fitz in his blue suit giving the speech that was sure to rock the nation. She couldn't help but notice that no matter where he was in his speech, he seemed more relaxed and at peace. She wished she could feel that as well, but she was now on edge about being discovered. When his speech was done, the news stations would replay the tape and speculate as to who it was. Only one station mentioned her, but many thought it was a different White House aide.

Her personal cell phone started ringing and too distracted on what was going on the screen ahead of her, she failed to look at the screen in her palm before answering the phone.

"Pope," she answered in her usual greeting, her eyes still glued to the television.

"Hi," his deep voice came through the receiver. He sounded shy and unsure, as he should.

She covered the phone with her hand before turning towards Stephen. "Could you give me a minute?" she asked, nodding her head towards the phone signaling it was a personal call and she needed privacy. He nodded and walked out. Before resuming their conversation, Olivia turned off the TV then gave Fitz her undivided attention.

"What the hell were you thinking? Could I at least have gotten a heads up?" she seethed into the phone.

"No, because I know you would have tried to change my mind," he retorted, a little more forceful than his hello.

"Damn right I would have. Do you know what you have just done? Not only did you ruin your life, you could've ruined mine as well."

"I did what you were too scared to. When I told you I loved you, did you think I was joking, when I said I wanted a real life with you, did you think I wasn't serious? I did what I had to do to give us a chance." Although he started off strong, he faltered towards the end and his voice got softer.

"And what if I don't want an us," she asked even though her heart leapt at the prospect.

"Livie," he almost pleaded, hurt that she would deny them a chance at being a real couple.

"No, don't Livie me, Fitzgerald. You took this risk without my having any knowledge. What did you expect? That I would drop everything and run to the White house to be with you?"

Olivia could hear him sigh into the phone and for a second, she let herself imagine a life with him. She thought of their house, maybe a kid or two, waking up next to the man she loved every day. But she quickly pushed those feelings aside.

"Kinda," he joked, trying to lighten the mood. "Liv, all I want to do is be with you. I've already divorced Mellie and told the country about the affair. All that is missing is you. Please tell me that I'm not too late."

"I...you're...it's too late. I've already met someone else," she lied, hoping to get some sense into him.

"Who?" he questioned with rage and fierce jealousy.

"You don't know him, his name is Benjamin and he is a doctor." she inwardly groaned, but no other name besides Agnes' grandson had come to mind.

The past five years she had put Fitz first in her life, but she couldn't do it anymore. If word got out it was her or if she began seeing him again, life as she knew it would be over. Her privacy would be gone and therefore the confidentiality of her clients would be compromised causing her business to go under. She and her team would be jobless and she wouldn't be selfish in that aspect. What she would be selfish in was her feelings for him; no longer giving them to him. It had been a year since she had seen or spoken to him and she wasn't going to go back just because he divorced his wife.

"Are you happy?" he asked, obviously hurt at the prospect of losing her.

"Yes. Now will you please get over me and go be the president this country deserves."

"I will never get over you Olivia. I love you and I always will," he breathed into the phone before hanging up.

"I love you too," she whispered into a dead line after some moments while tears welled up into her eyes for the end of what could've been.

Five minutes later, Stephen came into the room and sat across from her in one of her office chairs. He looked at her for a few moments, his head cocked to side, trying to gage which direction she went in.

"You made the right decision Liv," Stephen finally spoke, trying to back her up.

"Did I? He left his wife, there was nothing standing in our way except for me. He showed he was more than willing to be with me and I just threw it back in his face," she revealed, the tears coming back.

"There is an entire country standing in your way Liv. He's the president and no matter what he does, they will never accept him marrying his mistress, a black one at that," Stephen offered.

Up until now, her race had been more of a novelty than a hindrance when it came to Fitz. To be honest, she had never really considered it. Fitz had never made her feel uncomfortable about being black and because their relationship was in private, she didn't experience the negative feelings towards interracial relationships. But now that she had thought about, it was just another reason why they couldn't be together. Although the country claimed they were way past racism, she knew that the white President being with a black woman would be a hard pill to swallow.

"You're right. Can you give me a minute? Besides, you need to get back to Abby," she tried to smile, finding that she failed.

"Okay, but remember I will always be here to talk you off the ledge," he promised before he shut the door and left her to her thoughts.

Olivia resumed the position she had before Stephen first walked in and tried to relax. She still wasn't convinced that she made the right decision. As much as her fingers itched to call him back and profess her love, she couldn't. She knew that Fitz would put a detail on her to make sure she wasn't lying about being in a relationship. Looks like she'd actually have to make nice with Ms. Agnes after all.

Fitz let out a frustrated yell and let the tears flow at will as he felt the worst pain rip straight through his heart. He had never felt this way before in his life. The other times that Olivia had left, he never truly believed that it was over.

Now, with her seeing someone else, he was extremely doubtful. Wiping the tears from his face and running a hand through his brown locks, he got up and poured himself some scotch as he thought back over all the things he had done in the past year to get her back.

It had been six long months since Olivia walked out of his life again and this time Fitz knew it was going to kill him. He wasn't eating or sleeping and was snapping at anyone within a ten feet radius. He even yelled at Jerry for leaving his shoes out. It made him feel bad, but he was so irritable. His anger had gotten him through the first three months of losing her but that soon gave way and what was left was sheer and utter loneliness and hurt.

After the first six months, he had enough. Between Mellie badgering him to get her pregnant and Cyrus trying to run the country for him, he was fed up. Fitz decided it was time to take his life in his own hands and make the decision he should have made years ago. This went past his love for Olivia and his growing disgust for his wife. He needed to be a man and take control of his own life. How was he expected to run a country when he couldn't even make decisions for himself?

So he made the choice to start divorce proceedings. He called his lawyer and urged him to use the utmost discretion in handling this matter. Then he got one of his agents to dig up any dirt on Mellie they could find on before and after he met her. What he found was surprising to say the least and he knew he would have no problems moving forward with the divorce proceedings. So as soon as he had ducks in a row, he hit her with the news. At month eight he made his move.

""You needed to talk to me Fitz,""" Mellie asked with mild curiosity as she took a seat on the couch in the living area.

"Yes, you'll find everything you need to know in that folder there," he gestured, pointing towards the package on the table. As she took the papers from their container and comprehension dawned on her face, Fitz continued, "See, I'm done pretending to be in love with you, and I'm done being yours and Cyrus' puppet. It would in your best interest to sign those and leave."

Mellie gave a humorless, almost evil chuckle and threw the papers everywhere with just a flick of her wrists. Ritz watched as the papers reigned down and knew that's Ike would quickly disappear when he told her what he had on her.

Really? You thought it was going to be that easy. You thought I'd leave quietly so that you and your whore could live happily ever after in my house. Well, you are sadly mistaken."

I dint think it was going to be easy..."

You got that right. I'll air out all your dirty laundry Fitz. You don't want to go to war with me because after we're through, you'd be lucky to get a job at McDonalds because your political career would be over," she spat at him, sitting back and folding her arms as if she won.

How is Matthew?" Fitz watched as that one question transformed her entire demeanor.

Who is Matthew?" She asked completely confused.

Of course you wouldn't know his name," he said, waving his hand and dismissing her ignorance. "The child that you gave up of course. I know you thought I wouldn't find out since you were sent away to that convent as soon as your parents realized that you were pregnant," Fitz told, smiling smugly, and that wasn't even the worse of what he found out.

How did you...?" she tried to piece together a coherent sentence, but was too dumbfounded to do so.

"Oh what, you thought because you gave birth at that place and never signed a birth certificate there would be no trails? You should know better than that Mel, there's always trails. So you and Cousin Peter, although since you were adopted it's not as gross, fell in love and you had a baby at fifteen." He paused to let it sink in that if she made this difficult, any hopes of her running for any form of government would be impossible.

"Oh, and there's that little hit and run that Cyrus covered up for you two years ago. Oh yeah, I found that out too. If I weren't already disgusted this would have done it. You hit a ten year old and fled. What kind of coward does that? Not only will your love child that you abandoned, who is dying to meet you by the way, and the fact that you killed a young child come out, but also the fact that you fake miscarriages for sport and that you have been carrying on an affair yourself will as well. Try me Mellie, I dare you."

Totally defeated, Mellie just picked up the papers and a pen and signed on the dotted line. After that she got up, gathered her things, leaving the kids as per their agreement in the divorce, and left. He would not have his children be raised by a murderer and a cold, heartless bitch.

The final four months were spent finalizing the divorce and divvying assets. He was beyond fair; Mellie got the beach house in Florida, a lump sum of $100,000, and a chance at a future. Now the only thing that was missing was his Livie.

He came back to the future with a realization. He was going to do everything in his power to get Olivia back. Even if that meant he didn't play fair. He immediately got on the phone and called on of his agents.

"Yes, get me everything you have on a Benjamin...no I don't have the last name...follow Ms. Pope and figure it out." He hung the phone and hoped he was doing the right thing.

In the morning, Olivia came into the office with donuts and cat treats. As she suspected Agnes was sitting on the couch in the lobby with a new cat, this time she was knitting something. Olivia made her way over and sat down next to her. She forced her hand to stroke the cat in the older woman's lap as she plastered a fake smile on her face.

"Ms. Shapiro, how are you this morning," Olivia asked with all the pleasantness she could muster.

"I am great Olive, thank you for asking." Olivia cringed at the name, no matter how many times she corrected her, it never failed that she got it wrong.

"That's good, so...how is that grandson of yours?"