I know it has been like forever since I have written a story but I recently found the joy that is the show Judging Amy and had this idea. Judging Amy and Gilmore Girls both take place in Connecticut and I know the time frames are off but try to stick with me here. In the episode "Emily in Wonderland" we see Emily's reaction to Lorelai and Rory's first home, but what if she had found out while they were still living there? Now I have not seen that many episodes of Judging Amy but I was kind of thinking this would be set toward the beginning of the series, and way before the start of Gilmore Girls (like right before they move into their current house, when Rory was about 10). Now just go with me on this, OK?

It was October 8th, Rory's tenth birthday and Emily had a surprise for her precious granddaughter; horse riding lessons at the prestigious country club that she attended. The problem was that Emily couldn't stand the idea of just telling Rory at dinner that night, she wanted to tell her and then go to the stables and see her granddaughter ride her first horse. Emily had decided that she was going to show up and surprise Rory; she just didn't know quite where she lived. She did however know where Lorelai worked; and that was exactly where she was headed. Lorelai was preparing for a wedding the coming weekend, as the newly appointed Director of Events this was her first chance to prove herself to Mia. She was talking to the bride over the phone once again about the centerpieces and was rubbing her head to try to delay a headache when her mother came in the front door. Lorelai stammered out an excuse to the frantic bride and went to stop her mother from intruding into her workplace. "Mom, what are you doing here? Dinner isn't till tonight." Lorelai blurted out. "Hello to you too, Lorelai. Well this is quite a place that you have here." Lorelai spotting her boss Mia and responded by attempting to get her mother towards the door as fast as possible. "I know that mom, and you still didn't answer my question. What are you doing here? You never come to Stars Hollow, not even when Rory invited you last time we had dinner." "Actually I came to see Rory, but I did not have an address so I came here. You frequently mention your work when you make your occasional visits; I thought I might see it for myself." Emily resisted her daughter's attempt to get her out the door and went instead toward the seating area in the lobby. "Mom, Rory isn't out of school yet. It is Monday and she would never miss school. She should be here soon though." Emily sat down on one of the wing-back chairs and declared that she would wait. Lorelai nodded and went over to Mia "I'm so so sorry. She came to see Rory, and she didn't tell me she was coming or anything. And Rory isn't out of school yet so she decided she would wait until Rory gets here…" "Lorelai it is fine. You can calm down Rory will be here soon and once she sees her she will probably leave." Mia told her calmly. "Thanks Mia. I really owe you for this. She can be so…" "Lorelai it's OK, just go talk to her." Lorelai huffed out a breath before going back over to her mother. "Rory usually gets here at three. But it really depends on the bus so she may be a little later than that." Lorelai rambles as she looks at her mom. Emily just nods as she continues to inspect the Inn that Lorelai so cares for. They sit in silence until Rory comes in. The little girl that both of them adore walks in quietly and she scans the room for her mother. Her eyes light up when she finds her but her look turns to one of puzzlement once she sees her grandmother there too. Rory goes to hug her mom then turns and gives her grandmother a kiss on the cheek. "How was school today sweetie?" Lorelai asks as Rory sits down. "Great, everyone sang to me at lunch and Sookie's cookies were awesome. Oh and I finished my new book already." Rory tells her mom proudly. "Already you just got it this morning?" Lorelai says to her daughter, almost forgetting that her mother is there. "Yeah, it was so good I couldn't put it down." Rory says before focusing her attention on her grandmother. "Grandma what are you doing here? Aren't we going to your house for dinner tonight?" Rory asks confused by her Grandmother's presence. "Yes we are having dinner tonight but I wanted to give you your present now." Emily says sweetly to the child. "Yes another present. Mom already gave me the new Harry Potter book, but I haven't opened anything else yet. We still have 9 more to go, right mom?" Rory asks sweetly. "Yep, 9 more; one present for each year you've been my little girl." Lorelai says with a big smile. Emily rolls her eyes at the idea before explaining her gift. "Rory I want to take you to do something special for your birthday this year. You are 10, and I believe that means that you are old enough to learn how to ride a horse." Rory squeals with excitement at the idea and looks to her mom for approval. "Mom, can we go please? I know you had the afternoon all planned out but pretty pretty please? Can we go?" Rory begged. "Rory it is fine we can do everything I had planned another time, it's not every day that your grandmother can take you riding." Lorelai responds to her daughter. "But we do need to go change. Do you mind if I come along mom?" Lorelai adds. "Not at all." Emily responds quickly. Rory gets up to go change and Lorelai follows. Emily, not wanting to be left behind gets up too. Rory leads the way to their house and Lorelai doesn't think anything about it till she hears her mother's gasp. That is when Lorelai realizes that her mother has seen the renovated storage shed that they call home. It is very unconventional but it works for them, but she knows her mother hates it and the independence it means for her and Rory. Rory goes in and heads straight to the bathroom area where she closes the curtain to change. Lorelai and Emily are stuck in the every-other-room-in-a-normal-house and Emily takes in her surroundings. Two twin beds in one corner, a bathroom with a curtain for walls in another corner, a couch, fridge, and TV in another corner; there is rosebud wallpaper and pink everywhere. It is completely inappropriate and Emily is astonished at just how much her daughter hates her; enough to live in this dump of a place. Rory changes into nice looking play clothes and then Lorelai goes to change too. When the girls are ready they leave, all of them silent; Emily because she is astonished, Lorelai because she does not want her daughter to witness the fight she knows will happen, and Rory because she can tell something is going on and she brought a book. Emily drives them to the country club and takes them to the stables. They stay relatively quiet through everything and when Rory's lesson is over Emily talks the girls into going straight to dinner since they are already in Hartford. Lorelai's house is not mentioned during drinks with her father or when Rory opens her presents. But during dinner Emily makes a backhand comment that neither Richard nor Rory understood. Lorelai however asks to see her mother in the hall. "Mom I know you must be furious but I had to do it." Lorelai starts by trying to explain herself. "Lorelai you know that is not at all true. You did not have to take that poor girl away from here and to that shack you call a home. Do you really hate me that much?" Emily says angrily. "Mom I do not hate you. I couldn't raise her here, not with the nannies and the maids and you keeping her from me. I couldn't do that to her. I couldn't let her be raised by other people." "Lorelai you were too young to understand but that is how things are done." "Not with Rory. She is such an amazing little girl she deserves much more then I can give her, but I know she also deserves to have a real mom instead of a tribe a hired help who barely show interest in her real self." "Lorelai just stop now. Dinner is getting cold." Emily responds before walking away. Dinner continues in silence and Richard drives the girls home, silently handing Lorelai an envelope she knows will contain a check; just like he does every holiday and birthday. Lorelai puts on her happy face and gets Rory and herself ready for bed.

3 weeks later

Lorelai has been waiting for the other shoe to drop ever since Rory's birthday. She knew her mother was going to do something but she never imagined it would be this big. "I can't believe she is doing this." Lorelai declares to her best friend Sookie as she basically chases her around the kitchen with the letter in her hand. "What gives her the right to call you an unfit mother? You and Rory are like the best mother-daughter team I have ever seen." Sookie says exasperated. "She thinks she can just waltz in and take my daughter like she's Cruella and Rory is a puppy." Lorelai shouts. "I have one week to get a lawyer, and figure this out, and… Oh my god. Sookie I just can't believe this." "Lorelai you can and will fight this. The whole town is behind you. Nobody will be taking Rory away from you, especially not you mother." "Thanks Sookie, that means a lot. I got to go. Rory will be home soon and I still need to find the Martin Scorsese of lawyers." Lorelai says before leaving the kitchen.

That is it for now. I know all Gilmore right now but I will get into the Judging Amy part next chapter. Till then…