Hi, everyone. This is my first fanfic, so please go easy on me.

Spencer looked up at the ceiling. All he could was WHY? How could his own parents do this to him? Spencer strained against the straps restraining him firmly to the cold metal table. How could they sell him?

Spencer tensed when he heard the frighteninglg familiar sound of a door screeching open. He listened the the sound of scruffling feet and glared at the masked face above him.

"I see you're awake, kid" the masked man said, " ready for the continuation of your training?" Spencer yelled muffled curses through the duct tape on his face. The man just smirked and walked over to a table covered from corner to corner of what Spencer could only describe as sexual torture devices.

Which brings Spencer to his current postion, chained to the wall in his "Masters" garage. He was naked in a upside down eagle postion. His face was covered in dirt and blood from where "Master" shoved his nose into the concrete ground. His pain-filled tears streaked his face as he begged "master" to stop. But "Master" loved spencer's crys for mercy. He told him to scream louder as he trust into him faster and faster.

When he finished he left Spencer on the cold ground exposed and covered from head to toe in bruises, blood, and cum. "Master" stood back and admired his work. Then he smirked and went inside to get something to eat.

"Someone save me... Please?" Spencer whispered to the empty air. He knew no one could hear him... He knew no one was looking. He was doomed to be forced to live in pain. Who could ever love him?

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