It was Monday, as we were going to school. All of us were hoping that Francine will join our team. Moments then, we arrived at the bus stop.

"Hey, guys."


"You have the Gold Tenizer?"

"Yeah. I kept on worrying. I just want Francine to join the team."

"I know."

"Let's just hope for the best."


Later, the bus arrived & we all climbed in it. Later we arrived at school as we were going to Mr. Mufflin's class. Later on, as I was writing my assignment, I kept on looking at Francine, just thinking about the Gold Ranger thing over & over again. Later, it was time for lunch & I decided to talk to her now.

"Francine, I need to talk to you."

"What is it?"

"Well, remember you saw us yesterday?"


"Well, were these heros called-"

"Power Rangers, I know."

"Oh...but also, we happened to have a new member."


"I'm looking right at her..."

Francine's eyes widened with shock. She couldn't believe it.

"Francine, this Tenizer will transform you...into the Gold Ranger."


"Mm~hmm! So...are you going to join our team & become the Gold Ranger?"


"Francine, please! This is really important."

Francine thought & thought...but then, she shook her head. Not 'no' but 'yes'!

"Yes...I would join the team."

"Yeah! Welcome to the team, Gold Ranger."

"Ha ha...very funny."

"Well it's true."


"Francine, here's your Tenizer."


"I can't wait to tell the others."



The others were waiting at the bus stop, since the day was over. Then, Francine & I ran over to the others.

"So, what's the verdict: yes or no?"

Francine raised her hand to show that she was wearing the Gold Tenizer.


"Man, Francine. Aren't we glad that you're on our team...if you weren't, then we won't be able to have Gold Power."


"*Giggles* Well, at least I'm here now."



"Oh, great. Those meddling children have a Gold Ranger now?"

"Yes, your majesty."

"Yeah, that girl, Francine is the Gold Ranger."

"Curses! Hmm...wait a minute. They have an extra Ranger now. That's means one more Ranger to destroy."

"Uh...what does it mean?"

"YOU FOOL! Don't you understand...if we have the Gold Ranger there, too. We can exactly get the Gold Zord."

"What zord is that?"

"The Sphinx Zord. That zord has great power. But not as great as the Cat Zord, but it's a start. I want you to destroy both the Pink & Gold Rangers...HA HA HA!"