A/N: So as stated this is a little one-shot for my friend Angelgirl651 and is just sort of crazy. I don't own so don't sue. And lastly: Enjoy!


"Bana! Na! Banana! Na! Bananana na nana nananananana. Bananana na nana nananananana. Bana! Na! Banana! Na!" Cloud shook his head side to side while singing and threw his hips left to right and left again. He was on top of the bar, the tables, in the hall and kitchen… This was priceless! Now… who to show?

Cloud was so relieved the others all wanted to go out today, he so totally needed some Cloudy Time. Then Yuffie showed him the tape.

"So, so, so, Cloudy-boy. Didn't think anyone would know would you?" Yuffie smirked, the expression odd on her face. Cloud breathed deeply.

"Show whoever you want Yuffie. It won't change a thing." It was only him dancing; he was even still fully clothed. The image changed quickly to him shaking his hips up on the bar in only a bedazzled pick man thong. He blushed and groaned.

"I'm at your mercy."


A/N: So this is just sort of random plot bunny to hopefully make an angel smile xD Hope you liked it.