(I plan for this to be only 2 or 3 chapters. : ) I loved the game Rhythm Thief, and I hope they make a sequel)

"Inspector Vergier! Inspector Vergier!" shouted Loic from the hall. He ran towards Inspector Vergier's office and skidded to a stop in the front of his door. Vergier, who was reading his reports on his messy table, looked up in annoyance as the constable huffed and puffed. Vergier growled and spoke, "what? What is it?"

Loic tried to calm himself, and it only took minutes to do so. He placed his hand on the edge of the door to hold himself up, "it's… its Phantom R." This caught Vergiers attention and quickly stood up from his chair, "spill it Loic, where is he? And where is he headed? I must know everything in order to be successful in capturing that rhythm thief," he walked around his desk and toward Loic, he won't get away this time, Vergier thought.

Loic studded a bit until he made out the words that he wanted to say. The serious inspector raised an eyebrow, and then his expression turned from serious to shocking, "take me," he said interrupting Loic, "I want to see this for myself."


Loic led the inspector to a room, where only one cellar stands, at the police department. The only thing outside the cell is a chair and desk with a lamp placed near the top corner of the table. Standing in front of the door, he looked at Loic and he nodded. Vergier took a peek inside, and inside the open cell, is the notorious Phantom R, laying face down on the bed and his hat on the floor beside him.

Vergier glanced at Loic once more and he nodded again, "he sure fits the description and he looks exactly like him," the constable whispered. Vergier rubbed his cheek, looking back at the person behind bars, then cautiously walked in. he observed the person laying flat on his face. As he walked further down, he noticed that the cell door was open, was this open the whole time? He thought, stopping in front of it. He looked down at the boy for awhile, and then cleared his throat, "so… you are Phantom R?"

Phantom R opened his eyes, seeing nothing but the bed sheets and gave a firm, "mmm hmm," without even looking him, "and you must be inspector Vergier," he muffled. Vergier cleared his throat again, "how do I know you're the real Phantom?"

"Ask me anything that Phantom R would know," he sighed, still burying his face on the pillow.

"Hmm… alright. What…. What artifact did you steal during the time at the Louvre?"

"The Bracelet of Tiamat,"

"That was too easy. Okay, how many artifacts have you stolen, including the most recent?"

He told Vergier the exact number of artifacts he stole, almost naming them all afterwards, "I'd name them all, but that would be taking up too much time out of your busy day, inspector," he said finally. Vergier stood there frozen, "you stole that many?"

"Actually, only a few of them I stole, the rest were done by…" he paused for a moment, then sighed and stayed silent. Vergier waited for the answer, but because of his impatience he decided it was best to move on, "I'll be asking you that later," he looked around the room more and then back in the cellar. He noticed something and smirked, "usually the real Phantom R is accompanied by someone, or something. I don't see you with your little companion here," he said, thinking that he really was a fake, until the boy said something that made him think otherwise, "you mean Fondue? heh, I bet he's having it way better than I am. I couldn't let him come to a place like this, he doesn't do well being cooped up in a cage. I sent him away, so that he can be free."

He grumbled and came up with many questions for him, all were answered correctly. Vergier closed his eyes out of frustration. Before he came to his final conclusion, Vergier leans on the edge of the cell door and asks, "Let me see your face."

For a moment, Phantom R didn't move a bit until his hand reached for his hat. He sat up and Vergier blinked at him. He placed his hat on and as soon as he did, Vergier knew that their was no mistaking it, he really was the real Phantom R, "I don't believe it," he whispered to himself, "you're… you're."

He smiled then took off his hat before plopping down on the bed, face first, again, "Raphael… that's my real name," he muffled through the pillow, but loud enough for the inspector to hear. Vergier, who was shocked by all of this, formed a smile on his face. It looked like tears were starting to roll down his cheeks, finally, finally! After all these years he's finally been caught! Behind bars and everything! He wanted to dance around but being a professional and all, he remained calm and collected, "I see… Raphael." He thought about transporting him elsewhere, but still having a few questions in mind, Vergier decided to keep him in there until all his questions were answered, "well then, In the mean time, you'll stay in this cell until further notice."

Raphael just laid there, making no movement or even lifting up his head to look at the inspector. Vergier was expecting something to happen, but he let it pass. He closed the cell door and was about to walk out when a thought popped in his head. He stopped and slowly looked back at the boy, who still made no movement whatsoever. Vergier slowly walked backwards to the cell door and stood there for a moment, not keeping his eye off him. He opened the door slightly and waited for some reaction to it. Nothing. He closed it again. Nothing. Vergier narrowed his eyes and opened the door fully, then stepped back and waited.

Still nothing.

"You can leave it closed or open," said Raphael, "but I'm not going to leave here anytime soon." Vergier was quite puzzled, he wondered why exactly did he let himself get caught, is this a trick? Vergier thought. To be on the safe side, he closed the cell door, but did not attempt to lock it. The confused inspector walked out and ordered Loic to stand guard.


The next day, Charlie ran the streets of Paris until she got to the Paris police department, wearing her clothes that made her look like a boy. She turned corners and dodged constables until she got to the room where Raphael was being kept. She stopped at the door and looked in the cellar, breathing heavily. She saw the boy lying on the bed, with his arm rested above his eyes as the other hung down, "so… so it is true…" she said between breaths. Raphael recognized the voice and smiled weakly, "ahh, came to visit me?" he said. she pouted and walked right in.

Charlie walked around the cell with her arms crossed, "they told me the story. They didn't have to put any effort in capturing you; in fact, they didn't have to do anything at all. You just waltzed right in and decided not to leave."

Raphael said nothing. Charlie stopped at the cell door and nudged it a little, "still open," she said to herself. She swung it open to see if he'll jump on his feet and try to head out, but nothing happened. The same as her father, she was confused herself, "why did you turn yourself in?" she asked. Raphael just turned to his side, his back facing her, "are you going to answer me?" she said with a little bit of annoyance in her tone.

"Does it matter?" he replied, "I'm here aren't I? Behind bars, just like you and your father wanted. If I'd known a long time ago, I would have turned myself in way before I broke into the Louvre."

"Known what?"

Raphael didn't answer, "okay, I'll make you a deal," said Charlie, "you tell me what this whole turning yourself in, is all about, and I'll stop my father from questioning you, for today."

"It doesn't matter," he grumbled as his hand curled up into a fist, irritated by the fact that Charlie was trying to nose her way for some information, "stuff like this should be for the constables. Not some "private eye" wannabe."

Charlie's face turned red from his rude comment, "at least my future is bright enough for me. Someday I will be private eye and known to be the best of the best, and you'll just be stuck in a cage, alone, for the rest of your life!" she shouted then stomped towards the door.

As soon as she was about to head out, Charlie heard Raphael speak, in a low and quiet voice, almost like he was whispering. Having some pretty good hearing, she stopped to listen, "ive always been alone, even the day I existed… I wish I never existed."

She stood there for a moment, not making a sound. Her head started moving, turning to look at him behind those bars. there was just something about what he said, the tone of his voice, the way they came out, it made her feel deeply sad and worried for him to the point where she wanted to sit beside him, and talk. Because truly, this wasn't the boy she, her father, and the constables, chased around, Phantom R… what's wrong?