(this is chapter 5)

Left alone again, with nothing but his sorrow, however, the song he just heard played in his head again, and again, and again. He thought about Marie and how badly she missed him. Everything started flashing in his mind, thinking about those days he spent in that cell. Charlie's and Vergiers words echoed. He heard others too, the Duchess, Alfred, his friends, the fake Napoleon, Jean François, and Maries, those voices he heard a long time ago before he gave himself up.

He closed his eyes and instead of shutting them out, he listened until all he heard was himself.

He heard his own goals, his own plans, and even his promises. He heard his own thoughts inside that cell of his and held a hand over his heart and talked quietly to himself, "when I was fifteen, I was smaller than other kids my age, and I guess I still am. I'm small and weak, unlike him. I'm nothing like my father."

Raphael walked forward, not thinking about where he was going or even how he'd get there, he just decided to keep on moving, "but that's okay. I don't need to have superman powers to be strong, my heart already is," from that moment, he began running. A little slow at first, but his pace quickened, "I guess I stopped because I was too afraid to keep going, to find more about the truth… but, I'm not afraid anymore," he said as he looked on ahead. His eyes were no longer showing sadness and pain, but courage and strength.

A small light like before emerged, growing bigger as he kept running towards it. He gritted his teeth and ran faster than before, "I'll protect those important people that I hold dear to my heart, we are what make each other stronger. I'm counting on them, and they're counting on me."

He got closer and closer, the rays of light reaching him like a hand reaching out to grab a hold of. "Do you know who I am?" he said loudly as the light engulfed him, "I am-"


His eyes shot open, sitting straight up, his breathing was heavy and tiny drops of sweat trickled down his head. He looked around the room and noticed that he was back at the same cell at the same place. Raphael blinked, and then felt his head, face, and upper body. He looked at the bars and touched one, his fingers didn't go through, "I'm… I'm alright," he said through a chuckle and a smile.

He turned around and saw a guard sleeping there with an untouched croissant on his belly and lots more inside a little box on the table, "he must have fallen asleep just when he was about to eat it," Raphael said quietly. He looked at the clock in there, telling him that it's noon.


Vergier, who was on a scene near the bridge, ordered his constables to arrest a criminal for bank robbery. They retrieved the money and he ordered them to send it down right away. He smirked at his and the constables success on capture.

Afterwards, everything seemed to be back on track.

He walked inside the department, everyone greeting him and congratulating him. He, closed his eyes, smiled and enjoyed it as he walked by, going towards his office.

He heard his door make a squeak noise and grinned, still walking with his eyes closed, ahh, I guess some decided to wait by my office to congratulate me. Well, guess I'll have to act surprised.

Vergier opened his eyes and stared at the man with a familiar hat in front of his office, with a hand on his door knob and the other hand holding his brief case. His mouth held a full croissant in the middle, holding it upside down.

They were both surprised at one another, the young boy, not knowing when the good inspector was coming back, and Vergier, surprised to see Raphael outside of his cell.

They stared at each other, not one of them making a move. Vergier, who was still smiling, looked down at the brief case, then back up at Raphael, "… that is mine…" he said.

"… Yep…" Raphael replied through the croissant.

"… You are taking it…"

"... Maybe…"

They stared at each other again for a while. Suddenly, Vergier began to charge after him. Raphael leaped up in the air and over the inspector. Vergier swiftly turned around, "Raphael! What is the meaning of this?!"

He stood up holding his hat on his head, "you can call me Phantom R," he smirked, turning around, "you know that right? Besides, I just wanted the diary,"

"… You know you could have just taken it without the brief case,"

"I know, but I didn't want it to get dirty,"

Vergier growled and charged at him again. Raphael jumped backward and tossed him the croissant, "sorry about eating the whole box full. Oh! And congratulations!" he said, running away from him. Vergier stopped, almost dropping it, "GUARDS!" he shouted.

Soon Raphael was being chased all over the place by the constables. He dodged, twirling and jumping as they boldly came by, "don't let him escape!" he heard Vergier say.

Geez, thought that he'd let me go after being imprisoned here for a long time. The exit was just a few steps away. The doors slid open and he saw Charlie, without her hat, walking in with a crumpet.

She gasped as Raphael stopped just a few inches in front of her. Just like her father, Charlie was surprised also, "R-Rapha-"

"Phantom," he interrupted her, "it's Phantom R, when I wear the hat."

Charlie's eyes sparkled, knowing that he was really back to his old self. The constables were quickly coming closer, and he knew he had to get out of there as soon as possible if he ever wants to save his father, stop Napoleon, and see Marie again, "so… you hungry?" he said to Charlie. She spoke back, "well I ate my lunch a few seconds ago… hey wait a minute," she said, seeing the brief case then glaring at him.

"Oh good! So then I guess you won't need this," Phantom R said, taking the crumpet from her hand, and then gracefully passed by her, "see you later Charlie, and thanks for everything."

He ran out the door and to the left, almost out of sight. Vergier and Charlie ran out the door and pointed at his direction, "GET HIM! ARREST THAT RHYTHM THIEF! HE STOLE MY BRIEF CASE!" yelled Vergier.

"HE JACKED MY CRUMPET AND STOLE MY HAT, that's in the brief case," said Charlie right after Vergier.

He looked at her, "Charlotte, what's your hat doing in my brief case?"

"Um… I didn't want it to get dirty on the way to school, but I forgot it," she said innocently.


"Looks like the constables are after me again," Phantom R chuckled, Napoleon, after I save my father, you better watch out. And Marie… please, wait for me.


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