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"Don't you remember me, Rina?"

The woman with dark-green brown haired asked her.

Rina looked at her face, she did look familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on who she was exactly. Suddenly an image popped into her mind, someone's face was hidden, she had dark green hair, and then an image of blue flames? a pain went into her temples and she cringed. She held both sides of her head and fell to her knees. The Exwires went to her in worry, and Rin also.

"Rina! what's wrong?!" Rin asked.

"I'm..o-okay now." She said, she raised her head to look at Senari again.

"Looks like you're not quite ready to fully remember." She said in a mono-toned voice. "It's better anyhow, for the time being."

Rin helped her stand up and slowly walked her to her bed. He focused his attention on Senari.

"You said you were gonna explain what's going on here to everybody, so stop yacking and get to talking!" he said irritably.

Senari sat in Yuki's chair, and began.

For half an hour she told everything of the events that have occured, the connection to Rin's arrival in the world, and the Black Soul demons.

For a moment the teenagers were quiet and took glances at each other.

"For your safety, its best to not leave the school grounds, these guys are no push-overs, they will soon make their move and attack to the most-weak hearted human they set their sights on," she explained; "Be on constant guard."

Izumo raised her hand.


"Is that a Demon Sword? is it yours?" she asked.

Senari looked at the sheathed blade.

"Yeah, this is Yami no Kyūseishu, (1) my sword, it suppresses my powers."

Shen gasped.

"Oh, its just like Okumura-kun's sword!" he said.


"Um, Senari?" Rina began.

She turned her face to Rina.

"I know you're trying to keep us safe, but me and Rin were planning on seeing Father Fujimoto's grave, could we still go?"

Senari frowned.

"No, its way too dangerous..unless..."

She closed her eyes in thought.

"I come with you, to ensure you are safe." she concluded.

"That sounds good." Rin smiled.

"When do you guys plan on going?" Senari asked.

"This weekend." Rina replied.

"I haven't been to your house in awhile, it be great for me to him after all these years." she made a small smile.

Rin looked at her with suprise.

She got up from her chair, and picked up her sword.

"Well, I'm going to grab a bite, I'll find you two when the time comes to leave here."

"Wait a minute!" said Rin. "How did you know the Old Man? he demanded.

She paused and gave him a blank look.

"It's...a long story, I'll explain when we get on a bus or something."

She made her way to the door.

Izumo's face lit up, she just realized something.

"Hold on! now it's coming to me, your sword, its a weapon to suppress Black Soul powers isn't it?!"

Everyone gazed at Senari and gasped.

"So that means.." Bon began, Rin noticed for the first time, his expression started to show slight anger. "You're a Black Soul?!" he exclaimed.

She stood there for a few moments, and sighed.

"I was hoping none of you would find out." she said worriedly.

Rina's thoughts were racing in her head.

Then, she's just like me? she fights with her sword too? so she's the kid of those demons?

Bon made soft stomps as he walked toward her, the group could sense some hostility coming from him.

"So why the hell should we trust you? are you planning something? if you are you better spit it out!"

"Bon!" Rin yelled. So, he is just like the other Bon I know when he feels threatened.

Senari made a slight frown and stared at Bon, all the calm from her eyes disappeared, her pupils turned to slits.

"You better back off a little, come any closer, and I'll cut you to shreds." She said in an icy tone.

Bon did back off a little, but her threat didn't faze him.

"Please, my instincts kick in when I'm threatened, as my eyes change also."

"Come on, you idiot!" Rin grabbed his shoulder and tried to pull him back. "Let it go!"

"Please Bon." Rina faced him.

The anger from his face dissipated as he looked at her.

"You've put your trust in me, Senari should be no different, we have to trust her." she pleaded.

He put his attention back to her, and his frown returned.

"But answer me..are you or not a Black Soul?"

Senari was silent for a moment.

"Yes. But not fully. I am half-human." she replied.

"Oh." Bon said.

He put his palm on his face and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"I'm..sorry, for accusing you." he said.

Senari made a small nod, then left out the door.


Everyone left, only Rina and Rin were in the rooms, getting ready for bed. After Rin brushed his teeth he went to his room, and sat on his bed in thought. He wasn't tired, all the events that happened raced in his head. He replayed the attempted training on the roof, and blacking out, losing himself, almost hurting Rina. He grunted in anger, and cursed himself for his weakness.

I haven't learned a damn thing on how to control myself, even when I try, I somehow end up hurting the ones around me.

He hit the blankets with his fist in frustration.

At this rate, I'm an easy target for those bastards!

He was lost in thought that he didn't notice Rina was standing outside his doorway.


He looked at her, surprised she was there.

She walked in.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"Um...yeah." He fibbed.

She crossed her arms and raised her brows at him.

"Your'e lying."

He turned away from her.

"So what of it?"

"I want to ask you something." she said.


"Could you stand up?"


"Just do it."

He got up.

"There's something I want you to try." she said.

Suddenly she wrapped her arms around his waist. And it really started to make him blush like crazy! XD

"Ouh uh what are you doing?!"

"I want you to wrap us together in your flames."


They both went quiet for a second.

Rin was stunned for a moment.

"Why?! you want me to set you on fire? I might kill you!"

Rina raised her head to face him, her blue-violet eyes were gleaming yet again.

"No, not unless you trycontrol them."

He stared at her, wondering is she had lost her mind or something.

"I trust you."


He made a quiet sigh to himself, put his hands on her shoulders, and closed his eyes to concentrate.

He slowly, let his flames come out, and then it gently, engulfed the both of them, the flames were not hot, they were gentle and warm, it was like sitting in front of a fireplace.

He let them die out, and then Rina let him go slowly.

"You did it Rin,..you passed!" she said happily, and once again she hugged him.

"Wait, what the hell do you mean "I passed?" what was that?!" he said confused.

"You were able to control your flames, without hurting me or yourself!" she gleamed.

"But that was just because you told me to!" he said, annoyed.

"No Rin, you told your subconscious to do it."

He didnt know what to say to that.

"Rin, you just taught yourself something, so many people, even demons have difficulty in learning to obtain, it's called having faith in yourself."

Tears started to brim in her eyes, and she wiped them away.

"You see, if you have faith, you can achieve all kinds of things, without fear, and we'll be able to step forward to whatever goals we have set on our minds."

Her words, hit Rin and sunk in, he looked at his hands, the anger he felt towards himself moments prior had vanished, a new warmth was in the room, all doubts no where to be felt. He smiled to himself. He hugged Rina back.

"Thank you Rina, without you, I don't even think I would even be alive if it weren't for you." He was not going to, however, tell her that tears were forming, so he hid them back as best as he could.

"You're welcome, Rinny." she giggled.

He let go of her.

"By the way, Shurren told me if your'e still up to it, the training will continue whenever you feel like trying again." she said.

Rin made a stern face at her.

"Yeah, tell him I'll meet him on the roof again after I wake up tommorow." He was ready this time!

"Okay. Good night." she said, and left the room.

Rin clinched his fists.

I am so ready!