This is another of the offshoots from The Magic League-Heiji's story as Hakino. I decided to alter it a lot, though, so you're all in for a huge surprise!

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters. I do own the name Hakino Kari though.


The eternal flame that burnt in the ancient temple of the elements was called Koujin. No prizes for guessing how it got that name – it was named after the Japanese god of fire. But if anyone got too close to the eternal flame, there was no guessing what might happen…

Heiji, Kazuha, Ran and Conan were in Kyoto, doing some sightseeing again. [See movie 7 for their first time.] The boys passed a very small shrine (that looked like a park) and didn't pay it any attention until…

"Heiji! Conan-kun! Come see this shrine!" Kazuha yelled to them.

They wandered around in the sanctuary, following the path, until near the end, where they spotted a pavilion with 4 pedestals – red, yellow, green and blue. Heiji was closest to the red pedestal, and since he had been ambling, he ran up to the others, tripping over Kazuha's foot in the process. This sent him over the rope and directly on to the eternal flame!

Heiji got shifted to the caretaker's house somewhere in the sanctuary. (Heiji couldn't remember where it was situated exactly, he hadn't looked for landmarks.)

Once he finally bothered to gaze at his injuries, he couldn't believe how much damage he'd taken from that accident. The burn marks, which covered the dark-skinned detective's right shoulder and part of his upper arm, seriously hurt (of course). But there was something eerily strange about them. Heiji couldn't tell what was going on with the tingling sensation his burn was giving. All he could do was scream at Kazuha…he did lots of that.

"Ahou! My parents 're gonna freak out if they 'ear what 'appened!"

"You were the one who tripped!"

"You were in da way!"

Eventually, Ran had to pull Kazuha off Heiji because it seemed like he was getting worse. Then his burn began to glow intensely…


Kazuha couldn't find Heiji. All she could find was an Osakan kid that had the appearance of a younger Heiji. The kid also happened to have a huge burn on the right shoulder, and injuries that looked distinctly like healed kendo injuries – but she ignored all of that.

Conan couldn't help suppressing laughter, but Kazuha death glared the bespectacled detective before asking, "Who are you, little boy?"

Heiji furtively glanced around. Kudo shook his head as the now-shrunken Osakan's gaze fell on him.

Spotting the autumn leaves drifting behind Kazuha, he finally replied, "I'm Hakino Kari." The 'kari' meant cutting (an obvious reference to kendo), the 'ha' and 'ki' came from the Japanese words for leaf and tree respectively.

"That's an odd name," the aikido master remarked.

As they went back to their hotel, Kazuha announced that she would take care of Hakino until further notice, and that Conan and Hakino would be able to stay in the same room.

"That was a lame name you gave yourself."

"It was on da spot…just like yers, Conan Edogawa."

"Well, who would give themselves the surname Kari? It sounds like a girl's name."


After more chatting, they realised there was no explanation as to why Heiji's burn glowed in the first place...or why it was glowing now. The shrunk Osakan's hand was now ablaze…

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