I once wrote up a short version of Ablaze with Heiji in the current situation and Hakuba being 'connected' with the earth god Jigami. (No shrinking was done in that story.) It's not what I'm gonna do with the real version, though...I don't want the plot to be like Cursed.

"W-What 'bout the people I care about?" Heiji spluttered.

"If you're referring to that Tokyo boy, then he might be fine." That didn't mean he was certainly going to survive the apocalypse..."If it's anyone else, then you'll have to find a way to protect them yourself."

"Ye're bein' selfish, Koujin!" Heiji growled at the fire god. "Why does only Kudo 'ave a chance of livin'?"

"That's just the way the end of the world goes." Stupid, unfeeling Koujin...


Toichi had once taken the elemental artefacts for analysis, Kaito remembered. The rock especially might have been valuable because it might have held Pandora! Yet, it didn't. Kaito's heart sank as he recalled the sheer disappointment with not seeing a gem in Jigami (the artefact) at all.

However, while he'd searched the trio of artefacts again at the Kyoto shrine a few weeks ago, he'd released Izanagi (the artefact) and breathed in a little...Strange dreams of tantei-han and a red-and-gold-robed man had been tormenting him ever since.

~Spirited Away.../Arrival From the Future~[This chapter (and Reversal (I'll Fix You) both have two titles because I like them both. You can use either to refer to them.]

This was not good. A gang of devils (all identical and stereotypical-looking) had appeared and grabbed Kudo!

"Oh no, ya don't!" Hakino yelled at them, shooting a ray of fire at them. They just ducked and continued to lift their hostage up and away like people lifting a crowd surfer at a concert.

Conan had grabbed one of the devils' clawed hands to steady himself so that he could get off, but something strange was happening...A pale yellow glow was coming from his hands! The devils that were being affected by this were slowing down and eventually frozen in midair. (You can kind of guess what happened after that.)

"That's what I was trying to tell you about," Koujin admitted in Hakino's head. "He's a queer case – not a god, yet still has a gift. I cannot remember its name though."

As the last devil plummeted to the ground, Hakino couldn't figure out how he was going to save Kudo. The bespectacled detective prodigy began his descent – but only for a little bit. Kaito Kid had appeared out of nowhere and rescued him just like he did that other time! [I'm referring to Movie 14.]

The dark-skinned boy puffed out a sigh of relief...then wondered exactly how Kid saved him. The gentleman thief was standing in front of him while Kudo was being drifted down by a cloud in the shape of Kaito Kid, that's why.

"W-wait, you're Izanagi!" Hakino spluttered, forgetting to control himself.

The white-costumed thief shook his head, a tiny smirk on his face. "I'm not Izanagi, I'm Kaito Kid. But yes, I'm – what would you call it – connected to him." That was probably a better term for what was going on. "Tantei-kun, be more careful next time…or maybe be prepared to use your aether," he told Conan.

"That's what it was called! Aether!" Koujin recalled at exactly the same time the thief said it. Hakino just sweatdropped. Really, Koujin? You had to forget something like that? he asked the fire god.


Hakino was almost asleep at his desk until he realised that there was a spiky-haired doppelganger to Kudo in his class. (Not full-size Kudo, the shrunk version.) This one didn't wear glasses, though.

After class, he caught up to this boy, wondering who on earth – or even one of Koujin's four dimensions – this guy was. It turned out his name was Fuyuki. [Remember where this name comes from? If you don't, then it comes from The Magic League.]

Relaying his thoughts about how the spiky-haired child looked too much like Conan-kun (he had to stop himself from calling Conan Kudo again…); Fuyuki replied with, "I'm from the magica dimension. My counterpart for this dimension is a teenager called Kaito." Hakino's jaw hit the ground…and strangely enough, Fuyuki had the courtesy to push it back to where it should have been.

"How does dat work?!" Hakino snapped at Fuyuki.

The small Kaito – Fuyuki - just cracked up with laughter. "You're still believing that only one version of someone exists at one time, yes?" Shrunken Heiji nodded, a defeated look on his face. "That's wrong. There's one of everyone for each dimension."

'I should have explained that to you earlier then,' Koujin chastised Heiji.

"Why are you here then?" he (Hakino) interrogated the Conan-minus-glasses-lookalike.

The reply was a simple finger put to lips. "You're a detective. Figure it out."

Fuyuki walked off, leaving one perplexed Hakino. "I can't figure out anything without clues," he grumbled to himself.

25/12/12 - Koujin is the god of the kitchen and cooking stove as well as fire. Just a note.

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