Here's a new story for all the Spuck shippers out there! But don't worry, there are other ships in here too like: Quick, Puckurt, Harmony/Puck and many more. It's from an RP I was in and died soon after a month.

Plot: The triplets of each family join a competition on Phallus Womb Island ran by Mr. Will Schuester. How does one win? By having sex as much as they can. And the prize? 3 million dollars! Puck joins just to have fun, get drunk and fuck around but ends up getting know a blonde boy named Sam Evans. SMUT GALORE.


I do not own Glee, the characters or anything. I just want to share my love for Spuck.

Sam made his way to Puck's room, room 501, wearing black basketball shorts and a white muscle shirt—no boxers. He..was confused about Puck. The guy was cute, sexy, and…kind of adorable. He shrugged it off as he walked into the boy's room, licking his lips. "Well hello there."

Puck liked the people at the island. They were all friendly and damn horny for sure. He was starting to unpack his luggage when he heard a voice behind him. He turned around and it was the Sam guy. He smirked and nodded. "Sup." He simply greeted and went back to his luggage. "I just got some clothes here so yeah, I guess it will be quick." He said as he was bent down, his ass hanging up for Sam to see.

Sam smiled, looking at Puck. The boy was well-built, had a nice face, gorgeous body… He shook his head. "Y-yeah…what do you want me to do?" he asked, looking away from Puck when he bent over. Sam couldn't help but take a peek though—nice, round, plump ass, ready for a good fucking. "Um…" he said, looking around. "Nice room…"

Puck laughed at Sam's compliment on his room. He stood up and looked at the blonde. "I just moved in. I haven't decorated that much but thanks." He chuckled and nodded Sam to come over where he was. "Help me put my clothes up on the closet?" He raised an eyebrow at Sam's body structure. This guy probably plays sports, considering his outfit and his body is rip but not as ripped as his.

Sam nodded. What the hell was wrong with him? Sam had made himself come off as horny and wild…and now it wasn't working. He walked over to Puck. "Yeah, no problem," he said grabbing some shirts. His arm swiped Puck's and he blushed. That kid definitely worked out.

Puck smiled when Sam's arm touched his. He thought the boy's skin was smooth. But then he could slightly feel the tension coming from the other boy. "Alright." He let go of the pants he was holding and looked at Sam. "What is up?" He raised an eyebrow.

Sam 's eyes bulged open. He stood there a little frozen, taking in the question. He put the shirts back on the bed and turned around with a smile. "Nothing! Nothing at all.." he chuckled. "Come on, let's get your stuff done.." He turned back towards the clothes, biting his lip.

Puck saw the little tint of pink on Sam's cheeks when he looked at him. He chuckled and shook his head. He moved behind Sam and grabbed his waist as he slightly ground his crotch on the blonde's ass. "Are you still sure there's nothing at all?" He whispered into Sam's ear, breathing heavily so the blond could feel his breath.

Sam yelped when he felt Puck grab his waist, especially the crotch on his ass. "I…um.." he needed to keep his cool. Cool Sam. Not the Sam he was back home. He needed to be horny Sam. He gulped, turning around, grinding his own crotch against Puck's, his hands on the boy's chest. "I guess you could say I'm really horny," he said with a wink, leaning in to kiss Puck roughly, biting on his lower lip.

Puck moaned against Sam's lips at the friction of their clothed crotched was making. He leaned back a little to look at Sam with his eyebrow arched. "Didn't seem like it when you entered my room." He fully backed off from Sam, wanting to know what the blonde will do.

Sam acted startled when Puck walked back. Isn't this what he wanted? "I guess I can change my mind," he said seductively, walking closer to Puck and kissing him again, slowly getting on his knees.

Puck smirked and watched as Sam went down on his knees. He licked his lips as he ran a hand through Sam's blonde hair. "Wanna see Puckzilla now?" He grinned as his free hand rubbed himself through his jeans.

Sam nodded, unzipped Puck's jeans and bringing them down to his knees. "Commando? Nice," he said, licking his lips. Puckzilla was definitely long and thick. Probably just as juicy. "So good," Sam said, kissing the head of Puck's cock, licking around the head, teasing the slit.

Puck moaned quietly when Sam started to tease his slit. "Someone's a tease huh?" He smirked as he gripped on Sam's hair, pulling him off his cock and with his free hand he grabbed his cock and slapped it on Sam's cheek. "What do you think of Puckzilla now, Sammy?" He asked huskily.

Sam chuckled against Puck's cock, starting to take it in. He yelped when Puck pulled him off. "what the hell?" he said, looking up at the mohawked-boy until the cock slapped him. Sam smirked slyly. "Very strong, just like it's owner," he winked, taking a hold of Puckzilla and putting it in his mouth, licking it all over, beginning to bob his head on it.

Puck laughed at Sam's reaction but was really impressed with Sam's determination to really get his cock in the blonde's huge mouth. "Mmmmmm." He purred as both hands were now grasping Sam's hair. "Your fucking mouth is amazing. Perfect for Puckzilla." He bucked his hips onto Sam's face.

Sam was a little surprised when Puck bucked his hips, but moaned when he hit the back of this throat. He took Puck out of his mouth and licked the cock from head to base and back, giving Puck teasing eyes. "Fuck my face," he said, taking Puck back into his mouth with a loud moan. His hands moved to Puck's ass, playing with it and spanking it lightly.

Puck swatted Sam's hands away when Sam spanked his ass slightly. He furrowed his eyebrows and stepped away from Sam. "Nu-uh. I ain't letting your team score, Evans." He snickered as he tucked in Puckzilla back in his pants and went back to his clothes.

Sam groaned when Puck swatted his hands away. He looked confused. "O…okay…" Sam said, a frown appearing on his face. "Sorry…I guess…" There it was again. Sam was showing his vulnerable side. He stood up quickly and turned away from Puck. "…do you still need my help?"

Puck furrowed his eyebrows at how Sam was talking. He turned around and looked at the boy's back. "Are you okay man? Why do you talk like that?"

Sam shook his head, trying to recompose himself. "It's nothing. So is that a no?" he asked, turning around and almost tripping over himself. "Sorry," he said. He cursed himself, knowing how this would turn out if he didn't get out fast.

Puck grabbed Sam on his shoulders and moved him to sit down on the bed. He took a chair and placed it right in front of the blonde. "Okay, what the fuck is up? And don't tell me it's nothing for the third fucking time."

Sam tried to resist Puck and stand up but he couldn't. He admitted defeat and sat down. He shook his head. "I have to go," he said, getting up from the bed and starting to walk out the door. He stopped at the doorway and turned around, eyeing Puck. "You're really cute." he said with a nod, biting his lip.

Puck was starting to get frustrated but when he heard Sam said he was cute, he smiled. "You're cute too." He rolled his eyes and stood up, pulling the blonde away from the door and in his room before closing it. He pinned Sam against the wall, wanting answers. "You're not leaving until I hear some answers." He said sternly. "Even if I have to fuck you to get them out." He growled as he bit down on Sam's neck, leaving a mark, while he bucked his hips against Sam's erection.

Sam blushed when Puck said he was cute. He looked down, about to leave when Puck pulled him back and against the wall. Sam yelped when Puck bit on his neck, feeling his cock starting to harden again. "Puuuck," he moaned into the boy's ear, loving how sexual the boy was getting. He'd love it if Puck would fuck him. He grabbed Puck's head and leaned him away. Sam's cheeks were burning red but he smiled. "I guess you could say I like you, even if I just met you," he said, leaning in and kissing the boy deeply.

Puck grinned at Sam's moan but then growled when Sam pulled his head away. He smirked as he saw how tinted the blonde's cheeks were and kissed Sam back deeply as well. "Oh yeah? Not even for the stupid points?" He mumbled against Sam's lips grinding his erection harder on Sam's.

Sam smiled against Puck's lips. "Yeah," he whispered, liking the feeling of Puck's erection on his own. "Do we have to right now?" Sam whispered, his eyes focused fully on Puck's. They looked so beautiful. "When I like someone…well…i'd rather not have sex with them yet," he said with a smile, trying to hide his blushing.

Puck was a little taken aback. "Come on. You don't even know my personality and shit." He said and his eyebrows rose when Sam said he'd rather not have sex with someone he likes. "What? Then.. What do you want to do? I mean.. What do you do with the person you like? I mean I fuck the living out of the girls I like.." He was a little confused.

Sam chuckled. "Then let me get to know you, Puck," he said with a small smile. "Can I go now?"

Puck was really getting confused. He didn't understand. But Puck stepped back and even opened the door for Sam. "Fine."

Sam sighed, starting to walk out the door. "Text me, sexy," he said with a wink, knowing his hornier side came back. He kissed Puck deeply and teasingly, slapping his ass before leaving, a smile glued to his face.

Puck chuckled against Sam's lips and jumped a little when Sam slapped his ass. He slapped Sam's ass before the blonde could walk away too far. "I don't even know your number!" He yelled, rolling his eyes and smirking as he closed the door.

Sam stopped in the middle of his track. "Shit," He said, running back to Puck's. He yelled his number into the door, hoping Puck heard and left back to his room.

Puck laughed loudly when he heard Sam yell out numbers through the door. He guessed it was the blonde's number. He shook his head still laughing as he took out his phone from his pockets to type in Sam's number and saving it before getting back to unpacking.

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