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Sam: Babe?
Puck: hey, baby. im getting ready. just doing some push ups and sit ups so i can look super sexy for u ;)
Sam: you're already super sexy, babe. :) come over. i'm all showered and ready.
Puck: well i wanna be extra sexy 4 u tonight ;) awesome. on my way.

Puck showered and got ready for his special night with Sam. He couldn't believe this was going to happen that night. The day he finally gets to have Sam like he always wanted to. He made a few push-ups and sit ups just to make him look sexier than usual and even put some oil on his chest, abs and biceps. He walked out of his room with only boxers on as he made his way to Sam's room. He opened the door and smirked as his eyes found Sam instantly.

Sam got out of the shower after rough times with both Mike and Lucas. He looked at himself in the mirror and sighed. He felt…sure. It was an odd feeling, but there it was. He was sure he wanted Puck…he was falling for the mohawked boy fast. He smiled at himself. He was ready. Ready to make love with Puck. Sam took his towel off and put on a pair of loose boxers, making his way to the bed and sitting on it. He was nervous. This was…his first time…with PUCK. It wasn't the same as Damon or Finn or anyone else…it was Puck. He started having doubts until he heard the door open, looking up, a wide smile appearing on his face. There he was, his prince charming—Noah Puckerman. "Hey," he said, noticing how shiny Puck's abs were. "You look…beautiful," he said with a small nod.

Puck "Hey.." He closed the door and walked towards Sam. "Thanks.. All for you." He said as he gently pulled Sam up so he was standing before he could hold both of Sam's hands in his. "First.. I want you to know that.. I'm kinda nervous. I know I shouldn't be but I am. You know why?" Before he could let Sam speak, he continued. Puck was just that nervous. "Because you mean to me.. And if I suck tonight.. I dunno." He held his breath, hoping Sam understood him.

Sam stood up when Puck pulled him, smiling immensely when their hands joined. Sam listened to Puck, completely falling for the boy word by word. Sam shook his head, thinking about his question. He nodded, leaning in and placing a deep kiss on Puck's lips, closing his eyes. He touched their foreheads and nuzzled their noses, whispering, "You mean so much to me too, Noah…and I'm ready for you, baby."

Puck kissed Sam back, melting at every touch their bodies and even their lips were making. He looked intently into Sam's eyes, sighing happily. He smiled as he kissed Sam passionately and slowly pushed Sam on the bed, positioning them to the center of it. He settled in between Sam's legs, not bothering to separate their lips.

Sam met Puck's kiss with just as much force, seeing his beautiful eyes in front of him. He wrapped his hands around Puck's neck when he got on the bed, wanting to keep the boy down with him. Sam broke the kiss slowly, taking in a lot of air. "I'm… I'm ready babe," he whispered.

Puck nodded and slowly pulled Sam's boxers off, tossing it to the floor. He kissed Sam's lips before kissing down to Sam's neck then chest, flickering his tongue over both of his nipples. He kissed down to his abs, nibbling on each pac. And down to Sam's groin, licking Sam's tip before kissing his way down to Sam's hole.

Sam let go of Puck and moaned each time Puck's lips touched his body. He felt in complete ecstasy as Puck licked his tip. "So amazing…" he whispered, closing his eyes as Puck kissed his hole. "I…i feel like a virgin," he whispered, turning his head to the side.

Puck grinned, loving how Sam was reacting to his little ministrations. "Virgin for me, baby." He whispered against Sam's hole before he slowly licked the entrance of his gaping hole. His hands were on Sam's inner thighs, pushing them open wider and caressing them at the same time.

Sam smiled, arching his back when he felt Puck's licking his entrance. "Oh my god," he moaned his back falling down slowly.

Puck stopped licking and gathered up some spit before fully attaching his mouth in between Sam's ass cheeks, spitting in Sam's hole. He slid his tongue in the blonde slowly and steadily, swirling it around Sam's wall to look for his prostate.

Sam arched his back again, his feet trembling at the passion Puck was giving him. "Yess baby…just like that…" he whispered, feeling Puck lick his prostate. "Oh god!" he said, sitting up in a shock, his hands at Puck's mohawk, stroking it slightly. "Right there baby, yess," he said, breathing deeply.

Puck took a mental note where he hit his tongue when Sam sat up in shock. He moaned when Sam stoke his mohawk slightly and nodded lightly. He let his tongue over Sam's prostate again, flickering his tongue over it.

Sam moaned again, looking up at the ceiling. "Yes baby, right there…." he whispered, pulling Puck's head up from his hole and giving him a deep, long kiss. Sam grabbed Puck and let them both lean back onto the bed, kissing him passionately. "That was amazing babe,' he whispered, nuzzling their noses together. 'But…I..I'm ready, Noah," he whispered, wrapping his arms around him.

Puck was slightly surprised when Sam pulled him by his mohawk and kissed him. He moaned into the kiss and let Sam led him lean back on the bed with him. He kissed Sam back passionately and nodded as he felt arms wrap around him. "Okay, Sam." He simply said before pushing his boxers down to his knees, kicking it off and to the floor. He gathered some more spit and spat it out on his free hand, smearing it over his cock together with his precum. He hovered over Sam's body, in between the blonde's legs and looked into Sam's eyes. "This is it.. Baby.." He smiled, letting his tip touch the entrance of Sam's gaping and ready hole.

Sam smiled, letting go of Puck. Sam adjusted himself, spreading his legs a bit more, ready for Puck. He just looked at Puck getting ready and felt himself getting nervous, but he'd get over it. "I'm ready, Noah. But…hold my hand…" he whispered, reaching out to take Puck's hand in his. "Okay…go…make love to me," he whispered, trying to loosen himself up a bit.

Puck smiled and took Sam's hand, squeezing it a little. "I'd love to." He placed pure emphasis on the word 'love' as he wanted to make Sam know that he really meant this and everything that has happened between them. He licked his lips as he slowly pushing his cock in Sam, groaning as the head of his cock made it in, and made sure to never leave Sam's eyes out of his gaze.

Sam blushed. Love. He was afraid of the word all his life, but this felt so amazing, and he was falling in love with Puck. He closed his eyes slowly, feeling Puck stretching him out a bit, but it felt really good. "Mmm, babe, that feels good," he whispered.

Puck slowly slid in more of his cock in Sam. "So fucking good, baby.." He dipped his head and kissed Sam passionately, giving him every ounce of feelings he had for the blonde boy as he was finally all the way in him.

Sam wrapped his arms around Puck to keep him down with him, kissing him back. He moaned deeply into their kiss, feeling Puck in all the way. "You feel amazing," he whispered, nuzzling their noses. "Go ahead…"

Puck "Not as amazing as you, baby.. So tight." He moaned softly then nodded when Sam told him to go and move. He slid out almost all the way just leaving his head in Sam and pushed back in him ever so gently, remembering to hit Sam's prostate in the process. He closed his eyes as he leaned his forehead on Sam's, inhaling the air Sam was exhaling.

Sam moaned louder and louder, keeping his eyes open and watching Puck's. Sam's gaze was full of love and amazement, his lips in a perfect O when Puck hit his prostate. "Baby…my noah," he purred.

Puck slowly opened his eyes when Sam called him his Noah. "My Samuel.." He said back with a smile as he looked down at Sam with half lidded eyes, continuing to thrust his hips slowly making love to the boy he always wanted to fuck. But now, he just wanted to make love not just fuck. "Sammy.." He moaned out softly.

Sam moaned slowly, feeling amazing with each thrust Puck made. He squeezed their joined hands and smiled, starting to kiss Puck again. "I'm…i'm kinda close Noah…" He whispered before taking Puck back in for a deep kiss.

Puck squeezed Sam's hand back nodded, slipping his tongue in Sam's mouth and explored his mouth like it was the first time. His free hand went in between their bodies and grabbed Sam's cock. He thrusts faster but a lot deeper, hitting Sam's prostate in every thrust as his hand started to pump Sam's leaking cock. "Mmm.. Baby.." He moaned out.

Sam moaned into Puck's mouth, tasting Puck's tongue in his mouth plus the pleasure of his cock being pumped. "Shit baby…fuckk," he whispered, feeling himself about to cum. "Are….are you close?" he whispered, biting his lip. "Together…okay?"

Puck really couldn't talk that much because he wanted to cum the first thing his cock went all the way in Sam. But he held it out long enough for Sam and for him too, wanting to take this experience longer. He nodded vigorously to both of Sam's questions as he thrusts even faster as he kept pumping Sam's cock. "O-one.. Twoooo…" And with that Puck's body began to violently shudder, stilling inside Sam.

Sam was right on the edge of cumming on him and Puck, but wanted to wait for Puck so that it'd mean more. When Puck started counting, Sam nodded, feeling the pressure right at his cock's head as Puck stroked him faster. "Three," he moaned, his cum shooting out over their chests, at the same time feeling Puck spill inside him. "Oh my god noah," he moaned, feeling himself being filled up. "I..I love you," he whispered, breathing heavily as he came back to himself slowly, closing his eyes.

Puck came together with Sam, moaning out loudly Sam's name. "Saaaam!" He rode his orgasm by thrusting in Sam a little more before collapsing on top of Sam. He nuzzled the side of Sam's neck, catching his breath as he took in the other boy's oh so familiar scent. He was surprised at the declaration of love by the blonde boy. He was scared of feelings and this was one of the greatest yet.. LOVE. "You do?" He whispered.

Sam nuzzled Puck's head, stroking the boy's body when he collapsed. He opened his eyes slowly, wondering. Did he love Puck? Or was it just the moment? "I…I love that you made love to me…and I'm falling in love with you…slowly but surely," he said, kissing Puck's forehead.

Puck sighed quietly and nodded, smiling as he felt Sam kiss his forehead. He slowly pulled out his cock from Sam's hole and stood up from the bed to go to the bathroom.

Sam frowned. Did he say something wrong? Shit…he knew it was too soon. Fuck fuck fuck. He mentally punched himself in the face. "Puck?" he asked, a slight whimper in his voice.

Puck cleaned himself off in the bathroom and went out to go back to Sam with a wet cloth. "Yeah?" He asked when he heard Sam call him out. "What's wrong, babe?" He sat down next to Sam and cleaned his stomach for him. "I.. I think I am too… You know, falling for you." He shyly said as he finished cleaning Sam's stomach. "I've never felt like this about anyone before. And surely, I've never made.. love with anyone before." He finally looked down at Sam's eyes, smiling as he took one of Sam's hand into his.

Sam saw Puck coming back with a cloth and smiled. He moaned lightly when Puck cleaned him, listening to his words. Sam nodded slowly, taking their joined hands and kissing Puck's. "It was as amazing as I thought it'd be…maybe even better," he whispered, moving to the side of the bed. "Come on, this time, i'm going to hold you babe," he winked, patting the bed.

Puck grinned at Sam's words. He tossed the wet cloth in Sam's hamper and slid next to Sam on the bed. He shook his head as he laid down, facing Sam. "I wanna sleep like this.. I wanna see your face first when I wake up." He whispered as he reached for the comforter and laid it over them, tangling his legs with Sam's.

Sam started blushing and smiled, biting his upper lip. "You're adorable," he said, wrapping his arms around Puck, feeling their bodies together again. He leaned in and kissed Puck slowly and deeply, taking Puck's hand in his. "I love you, Noah," he whispered, breaking their kiss.

Puck shook his head chuckling softly. "Not a adorable as you though.." He threw Sam's compliment back at him because it was true. He kissed Sam back slowly but definitely more deeply, squeezing Sam's hand. "I.. love you too, Sam." He placed a longing kiss on Sam's cheek before he nuzzled his nose against Sam's.

Sam laughed happily, moaning when their noses nuzzled. "Goodnight, my prince," he whispered, letting sleep overtake him

Puck "Good night, my first love.." He whispered, half hoping Sam heard it but half hoping he didn't hear it as well. He copied Sam and drifted off to sleep.

The end.

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