Damaged Spark
Chapter One: Last Night of Freedom
(Decepticon Base)
"Skywarp! What did you do!?" An angry voice flooded into the purple and black seeker's room.
Skywarp jumped and quickly whirled around to see a very angry Starscream standing at his door, which was once locked.

The Second in command probably pried it open, for Primus' sake.

"Yes, Screamer?" Skywarp grinned, watching warily as the SiC slowly walked up to him with a huge glare on his face plate.

"What did you do?" He demanded, seething.

"What? I didn't do nothing! I'm innocent! I mean, I was framed!" Skywarp rushed, waving his servo's in the air as a sign of innocence.

"Just for that, you get first watch instead of Ramjet!" Starscream scolded, turning on his heels and stomping out of Skywarp's room.

"FIRST!?" Skywarp cried out loudly in shock. "Primus, nooo!" He whined, falling on his chest plating on his berth.

"I don't want to go scout!" The teleporter whined, rolling on his berth.

"Warp, your such a sparkling." A monotoned voice said in the room.

"WAAH! TC! Don't sneak up on me like that!" Skywarp huffed in annoyace as he rolled into a sitting position.

"Then don't let your guard down, it's simple." Thundercracker replied with a roll of his dark red optics.

Skywarp frowned and glared at his pedes. "Don't you have first watch?" Thundercracker asked, an obvious smirk on his face plate.

"Shut it, TC! You don't have to fragging remind me about it!" Skywarp shouted, standing and marching past his trinemate.

Thundercracker paused, then smirked, and turned to follow the teleporter, "But if I don't, you won't go." The blue seeker basked in the glory.

"..." Skywarp didn't reply, but sent his fellow seeker a glare.

"Oooh, silent treatment." Thundercracker gasped, and pretended to be hurt by the thought of it.

Skywarp, not being able to hundle it much more, suddenly disappeared with a pop in the air and a flash of blinding light.

Thundercracker winced as his vision went blurry for a split second. "I hate it when he does that." Thundercracker sighed and went on his way.


Skywarp stood at the west exit, and took his time to walk closer out the door. He looked back to see Ramjet grinning at him.

"Thanks, Warp!" He mock-saluted, and walked away.

"Fragging fragger of a mech-fragger!" Skywarp hissed, feeling much like a certain second in command.

The purple seeker transformed, and flew off into the air. Even though Skywarp's in a bad mood, he can't help but smile as he flies over the blue ocean and inbetween the snow white clouds up in the sky.

He zooms through the clouds and does some loops before cutting his engine and begins to fall.

Skywarp's spark starts pulsing faster as he comes closer to the blue ocean water. He fires up his engine and his thrusters and he pulls upward just before he could cut into the deep water.

The gas pushes the water apart as Skywarp flies just above it, and the water spalshes away from him.

Skywarp pulls up more and easies back into the sky and into the clouds. He does a twirl and pierces through a big cloud, and bursts through the other end. Skywarp vents a long sigh, his spark content with being so high up in the sky.

Skywarp saw the land coming into his view and he raced towards. Once he reached land, he transformed back into bi-pel mode and took out his weapon, a new one he got, called the Bouncer Bomb.

"I can't wait to try this baby out on the Autobots!" Skywarp grinned, feeling oddly happy right now, forgetting about his anger problems he had just a short while ago.

Skywarp continued on his way into the forest, stepping over fallen trees, or pushing past them. He smiled when he noticed the Autobot Base.

"Strike when the enemy isn't looking." Skywarp whispered to himself, watching for any signs of life entering or exiting the Base. He kept his post, and kept watch for any Autobots.

It wasn't for a short while, until he noticed something or someone lurking around in the darker part of the forest he was camping in for the time being.

Skywarp activated his Bouncer Bomb and slowly crept in through the trees as quietly as he could.

Seeing a flash of yellow, Skywarp jumped out and tackled it, "Got you, Autobot!" He yelled with a huge devilish grin on his face plate.

"I'm innocent!" He heard a voice yell, rolling on top of him. Skywarp glared and looked into the huge radient blue optics of the young scout, Bumblebee.

"I caught one!"

"I caught one!"



"Stop it!" They both shouted at the same time, glaring energon daggers at each other.

"Bumblebee! I heard shouting, are you oka- whoa! Decepticreep!" Skywarp's glare flew up in surprise and stared at the other Autobot.

"Jazz!" Bumblebee shouted, squirming in Skywarp's grip.

"Brought back up? Coward!" Skywarp huffed, getting pulled off of the bug by an angry Jazz.

He looked up to see them both smirk down at him. "Slag." He cursed quietly and was dragged towards the Autobot Base.

"Jazz, disable his Communication link and teleport device." Skywarp's optics widened and turned to see Optimus Prime standing above him.

"Heya, Prime!" Skywarp sneered, trying to kick Jazz away from him.

"Bring him to the brig for the time being." Optimus ordered, walking away from the three.


"Ratchet, We have a Decepeticon hostage." The medic heard over the link.

He sighed having to have worked over time let him to be a bit grouchy. "What do you want me to do about it?" He asked after a pause, crossing his arms with a stubborn glare.

"Optimus was hoping that you would take care of him" He said.

He blinked then sighed. "Alright... I'll take of the Decepticon then.." Ratchet gave in, walking towards the door.

"Thanks... Meet us in the Rec Room." The link died as Ratchet left the bay.

He wasn't happy since now he had to work over time. 'They just never give me a break.' Ratchet thought miserably, charging into the Rec. room.

Optimus, Ironhide, Prowl, Jazz, and Bumblebee all stood, waiting for him.

"It's a seeker, this time. Skywarp, I believe. We put him in the brig for now, but you could go collect him now." Optimus said, nodding at Ratchet.

Ratched grumbled, "Why me, Prime?" He asked, not expecting an answer. He left on his way to the brig, where they held on the captured Decepticons.

Ratchet entered slowly, he spotted the young seeker, and punched the code to unlock the door. The door slide open, and Ratchet stepped inside.

"Come on, you miserable Mech. Lets go." Ratchet mumbled, picking him up. He easily tossed the seeker over his shoulder plate and managed to carry him all the way back to his room.

Ratchet threw Skywarp on the cool ground of his room.
The seeker was tied up and had tape around his mouth.

"You are quite the unlucky 'Con, to be paired with me." He said, pulling out some sort of chain out of his sub space. "You should be greatful that I won't do anything to you, yet." Ratchet vented, walking towards his berth.

"Enjoy your last night of freedom, little seeker. For when you awake tomorrow, you..." Ratchet went quiet, not wanting to ruin it for the seeker, not yet, at least.

Instead, he lay on his berth and got comfortable, watching the seeker intently.

To get the information they so badly need for energon and weapons, they had to interrogate Megatron's men, which never went so well.

"Why do I always have to be the bad one here? Can't they just leave an old Medic alone?" Ratchet grumbled, offlining his optics, but unable to fall into recharge.

Ratchet lay on his berth, listening to the quiet sounds coming from the seeker. He onlined his optics to see a sight of the seeker, who somehow managed to fall asleep in the most weird position, on his couch, upside down.

Ratchet snorted quietly, and managed to finally slip into recharge. Later into the night, Ratchet started to have a nightmare, a nightmare of when he was younger. The olden days of when he first became a Medic... The most fierce and cruelist Medic that belonged on the Autobot's side.

'I guess my dreams of never having to do those types of things ever again wasn't even a dream...' Ratchet found himself thinking, more awake after his nightmare. He onlined his optics, ready to check on the Decepticon, but when he rolled over to see, he didn't feel anything under him, and fell to the ground.

He cursed loudly, nearly waking the slumbering seeker. Ratchet eyed Skywarp, before getting back in his berth, and was close to falling back into recharge.

Ratchet wanted this one last moment of being himself, before he went back to acting even more worse than a Decepticon...

'Everything we stand for will be ruined tomorrow. I'm the bot who will ruin it all for us. That brings me such joy.' He thought sarcastically before his systems offlined to recharge.


(Rec. Room)


Bumblebee turned from his spot on the couch which was facing the TV. "So, what's going to happen to him?" Bumblebee asked as innocently as he could.

"Who?" Jazz blinked.

"The Decepticon." Bumblebee replied, shooting Jazz a weird look that said 'Retard!'.

There was a huge silence in the Rec room, everyboy stopped what they were doing, be it playing games, talking with others, watching TV, whatever.

They all turned to stare at the youngling, Bumblebee.

Truthfully, some of the Autobots had no clue what was going to happen to the seeker. They were never told but they know that they shouldn't, because there's something wrong with what happens.

"Ironhide?" Bumblebee questioned, "Your older, and your always in the meetings with Prime. "So tell me, what happens..." Bumblebee asked, staring up at Ironhide.

Ironhide shook his helm, looking remorseful.

"Just wait until your older, Bee. You'll know then." Ironhide vented, gently patting Bumblebee's helm, before leaving the Rec. room in a downed mood.

Bumblebee simply watched Ironhide leave, before turning his attention back to the TV, which played cartoons. He was so kept up in the cartoon, that he didn't notice some of the higher up 'Bots left the room...


Hmm, a story my friend (Cutix101) and I decided to make... It's a random cracky pairing, Ratchet x Skywarp... So yeah, expect failed horrible OCness.

I'm writing the parts with Skywarp, and she's writing the parts with Ratchet.


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