Damaged Spark


Chapter Three: Starving Spark


Skywarp fell into a recharge, his tanks felt like they would purge, he was so low on energon, he needed to drink some so badly...

He let out a groan as he slowly came online, his tanks thumped in pain and hunger and he rolled over, ignoring the pain that came when the chains awkwardly dented his armor.

He checked his internal clock and frowned, noticing that the medic was not back yet. Maybe it was the Decepticons... maybe, Starscream and Thundercracker were looking for him... But then again, Starscream seemed so mad at him, before he was sent out.

Skywarp felt his spark pulse lightly, he grimaced from the pain and rolled back over. He vented in slowly, and jumped ever so slightly when he heard a knock on the door. His tanks churned as he watched the door, the shadow beneath the small crack standing there, waiting.

"Hey, Doc-bot?" Skywarp jumped again from the sudden loud voice. He watched as another shadow came up beside the first one.

"Sides, Ratchet's in the City, remember?"

Skywarp's optics widened slightly as he recognized the voice of Sunstreaker, and the older twin, Sideswipe. He sneered, remembering that the two of them created something that was called Jet Judo... the slaggers.

"Oh..." Sideswipe finished lamely, voice muffled because he was on the other side of the door. "Hey, Sunny, didn't Prime put that seeker under 'the care' of Ratchet?" Sideswipe grinned suddenly.

Skywarp froze, and felt the energon in his frame run cold.

"Don't call me Sunny, and weren't you there when he announced that? Idiot." Sunstreaker replied, smacking Sideswipe upside his helm.

"Ow!" Sideswipe cried, rubbing his helm with a pout. "What's your problem, Sunshine?" Sideswipe smirked at the nick name he gave his younger twin.

"Shut up!" Sunstreaker yelled, seething.

Skywarp lay there, listening to the two of them bicker and complain about each other so casually.

He paused, and went back into thought about Thundercracker and Starscream.

"TeeeCeeeeee! Screamer!" Skywarp called, grinning while he tackled the two of them who were talking.

"Skywarp! Don't call me Screamer!"

"Yeah, and don't call me TC."

Skywarp blinked as they both glared at him, seething. He smiled after a minute, and disappeared in a flash, barely managing to dodge their attack.

Skywarp shuddered, and his optics went offline. He rid the memory away, not wanting to admit that he already started to miss his trine.

He missed the wind that would caress his form as he danced through the sky, bursting through clouds, flying just above the water... Seekers were meant to be in the sky, not kept from it and shoved in an Autobots room...

Skywarp sneered, and tugged at his chains once more, fustrated from all of this. He whimped as he felt the chains dig into his armor, and thrashed more, despite the pain.

"Heeey, Skywarp, are you in there?" Skywarp flinched when he heard the older twin call out him name, practically hearing the smirk coming from him.

He stayed silent, frozen. "Sides, you know what Ratch' will do if he found out if you did anything to his seeker." Sunstreaker sighed, but had a hint of amusement in his voice.

Skywarp scowled, 'His seeker? I don't belong to anyone.' Skywarp sneered, growling deep in his throat.

"Hmm, fine. But I'll hurt you later for that." Sideswipe muttered as he turned and left, his twin following his steps.

Skywarp vented again, relieved that the two terrorizing twins were gone. He hated them both, actually, all his fellow seekers hated the Autobot twins. Skywarp shook his head, a small smirk planted on his face plate.

His smirk had vanished when he heard quiet stomping on the ground, getting closer and closer. He looked back under the space of the door and saw a big shadow under it. He shuddered, already knowing who it was, but hoped that he was wrong.

The door opened and a few beeps, and revealed the one who was standing their, Ratchet.


Ratchet stared at the little seeker who was still strapped down. He wondered what he should do, seeing that the seeker's life slowly draining from him. His ruby red optics were dim.

The medic stared long and hard at him thinking of what he should do to the seeker. He was wondering if he should torture him or give him a drink. Torturing isn't the way of the autobots yet he had special permission to do what was needed to take down the cons.

He sighed walking towards his table. He had scrapes and dents all over his armor from the mission he was forced to go on with the youngling, Bumblebee. He had a lot of time now, after repairing Bumblebee. He looked over, and saw energon from the morning, was still sitting neatly on his desk. He walked over calmly, and picked the cube up.

He looked over at the seeker who was still immobolized, the dents from the tightly wrapped chains around his body. Ratched gave into the last of his kindness, and walked over to the seeker.

"Take it." He said, holding it out.

"No." Skywarp refused while looking away from the medic. Ratched twitched a little from the rejection. He put it close to the seeker's faceplate, almost hitting the con in the process.

"I said take it." He ordered, glaring. The seeker looked away from him, still refusing the offer even though he clearly needed it.

Ratchet crushed the cube out of anger, the shards flying to scatter on the ground and some on the seeker. He felt angry from the rejection. The anger only rose from the horrible day he was having.

The emotions the medic was feeling were slowly turning numb. The thoughts of being nice where diminshing at a rapid rate. He smack the seeker hard with his servo.

"You dare refuse me, Con!" He snapped tossing the left over shards away. He moved in closer to the Decepticon, smirking as he licked his lips.

"I guess I'll just have a little fun with you, then." Ratchet smirked grabbing Skywarp's wing, making him whimper.

"Oh? Whats this. A little sensitve, are we?" He whispered, helm near the seekers helm. His servo rubbing his wing, touching every inch of the senstive parts he could find. He pinched the small tip of his wing.

Ratchet's smirk only widened as he saw small tears form. "Come on, 'Warpy. Aren't you going to tell me what I want to hear?" He asked with his other servo sliding down the seeker's cockpit and over his stomach plating, It stopped just above Skywarp's cod piece.

"Now be a good boy and give me what I want..." He said, rubbing the protective plating, all while sinking his denta into the seeker's wing he had in his other servo. He drew energon, before he let go of his wing. The cry of intense pain and pleasure filled his helm, almost welcoming. Ratchet smirked, licking his lips to get the rest of the seeker's energon.

"So you ready for more, Con?" He smirked down at him. The seeker looked at him with his wide pale, almost pinkish optics, frightened. Ratchet didn't like how Skywarp looked so vunerable. The way the he was acting was scaring him ever more.

Ratchet glared at Skywarp, smacking his helm. He settled for giving him a harsh beating since he was feeling a little violent from his earlier battle. He wanted to cause him pain and pleasure. He would hit him then touch him in places where it would be more pleasureable.

Ratched paused mid-attack, noticing how the seeker was beginning to drift in and out of counciousness.

The medic grumbled as he left his room, and walked down the hall to the Rec. Room where he could get a fresh glass of Energon for the seeker. He ignored some of the stares he got, and filled the cube up, glaring at the glowing substance. He then turned and made his way back to his room.

He keyed in the code and entered his room, noticing that Skywarp's optics were even more dim. He walked over and opened his mouth to pour in some of the energon then grabbed the seeker forcefully.

He leaned in brought his lips to the seeker's, forcing the glowing liquid down his throat. After he got it out of his mouth, he pulled away from Skywarp.

"I can't have you dying on me.. Especially since we haven't even gotten to the fun part yet." He smirked, taking some more of the energon. He fed the seeker more energon, making sure that his precious toy will be fine, for his next check up.

Once Ratchet finished, he smirked as the red came back to the seekers optics, looking alive.

"Good. Now that you're a little more awake, it's time I go on with my next plan..." He said with a small smirk, crushing the cube of energon in his hand. The glass shattered and fell to the floor to join the other shards that still lay there.

Ratchet deiced to beat the seeker some more, only having to grow bored of the idea of giving him pleasure. He stopped, looking down at the bloodied seeker, as he wondered what else to do with him.

"Are you going to tell me what I want to hear yet, Con?" He sneered, examining him. Many dents were all over his body. His wings were a little damaged.

It took everything he had to not violate the seeker. He stared long and hard, thinking of what he should do next. He looked at his many equipment laying around on the ground. There was nothing useful so far, at least, not yet. He then turned back to the con.

"Well, are you going to tell me or not?" He demanded, crossing his arms as he intently stared at the broken seeker.


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