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Sitting all day in the sun burned the sad little Cubone's skin. No luck finding his mothers spirit today. Maybe she didn't want to see him. He was a terrible son after all. He failed her when she needed him. Soon his attention was drawn to the girl, she was finally returning home. He decided to wait a while longer before going back inside. Unsure if he wanted to go back in at all.

She walked inside upset. She hadn't had any luck finding someone who had lost a Pokémon, let alone and orange Cubone. Maybe he was a wild Pokémon? It wasn't impossible, she just didn't realize so many lived in town. Normally they would flee to the forest. But he seemed to be alright around people. Speaking of the Pokémon, where was he? She began to search the house calling for the Cubone, hoping he was still around. She left her window open upstairs! She hoped he didn't run away! She ran up the stairs and into her room, finding not only the window open, but the door as well. She poked her head out and called again for the Cubone. Something then landed on her head.

When Ichigo saw her calling with her head outside, he knew that she was looking for him. He jumped down and found himself sitting on the top of her head. Lucky he was small. Otherwise, he didn't think she would have been too happy. 'Thank you!' Ichigo piped, before deciding once again, to jump down and leave. After all, he said thank you and waited for her to come home, he didn't want to stay too long here. His mom wasn't in this town. But as he leaped, she caught him in her arms. He struggled again only to be held tight and hugged. She was relieved he didn't leave he guessed. She carried him back inside and set him on the bed before closing the window. 'Just great,' he thought to himself. She wasn't going to leave him an opening to leave like that again. Even though he was good today, she didn't want to take any chances.

The girl decided to make her Cubone guest comfy since he was going to stay the night. It was while she was getting ready a small bed fit for a Pokémon, a red light shined from her pack. Her own Pokémon, a young Torchic, had decided to come out. She had gotten her first Pokeon less than a week ago and was going to get started as a Pokémon trainer soon. Her Torchic was rushing her to get packed so that they could go start their adventure. But now she had to find the little Cubone's owners if he had any. But her Torchic gave her an idea suddenly. She could test if he had an owner by trying to catch him. That might break a few Pokeballs though, and she wasn't sure if she could make herself weaken the Cubone even if it didn't have a home. She gave a sigh and asked her Torchic what she thought. The Torchic chirped with joy at the idea of having its first battle and helping to catch a new Pokémon. So it was decided. She was going to try catching the Pokémon! She ran out the door the grab her bag which had all her empty Pokeballs and other Poke gear inside. Now back to get the Cubone!

Ichigo heard the door open and slam shut, he went to the front window to see her running to a small storage shed next to the house. He prepared to dash out the door as soon as she opened it. He heard her run and come to a sudden stop to open the door. '...three, two...' he counted as she turned the handle. He ran out the door as soon as the small crack was just big enough for him to get through. She yelled something to her bird pokemon, and it stated to chase him in attempt to get a good shot in. Ichigo's eyes widened in disbelief as the Torchic attacked him. Torchic was fast. It seemed determined to hurt him. 'I just want to leave!' the Cubone growled. Torchic didn't seem to care. Ichigo was tired of this! The next time Torchic made to scratch her claws into him, he grabbed hold with his free hand. Now the Torchic tried to shake him off, but he held on as tight as he could. Then, he felt his grip slip a bit. He then tried telling the Torchic to stop, but she was too caught up in shaking him off, she didn't care what he had to say. Not twenty seconds later, the Cubone went flying into the air. Scared, Ichigo desparately tried to find something solid to grab hold of and catch himself. Having no such luck, he landed on his head receiving a small crack on the skull helmet.

Just a block away, the girl stood stunned at the result of her first battle as a new trainer. But now the poor Cubone was lost again and probably hurt too. She turned to scold her Torchic who was quite proud of herself. It seemed impossible to stay mad at the Pokémon for long. The girl just hoped the Cubone was alright after the fall. She could look for him, but he probably hated her now!

Ichigo was alright, but found himself in a very familiar alley way. Searching his memory, he realized this was the place he met the Raichu! He was instantly cautious and silent. He took small steps and between them he looked left and right for the Raichu.

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