So I have a good amount of stories at Portkey that I haven't posted up here and a lot of my newer stuff has more 'naughty' scenes than these older ones do, so I decided to post them up.

This particular story was written by me in 2003, it has not been read (by me) since I last posted it up (counting these posts now too), it has also not been rewritten in any way. So, this is how my writing was about nine years ago. It is complete!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm keeping with each chapter most of the original author notes at the beginning and end.

Title: Lovingly Seduced

Author: Aya

Summary: Ginny's been dared to seduce a beautiful blonde Slytherin god, but he turns out to be more of a challenge than expected. Now she's got a crush and she always gets what she wants!

Rating: R/NC-17

Disclaimers: Nothing belongs to me

Spoilers: Harry Potter 1-4

Pairings: Draco/Ginny

Category: Romance

Note: This time it isn't the guys with the bet of how many girls they can f***. The tables have been turned. So if girls that have sex the way guys have sex gets on your nerves or irks you in anyway GO AWAY.



"Are you telling me that that beautiful blonde Slytherin is a virgin?" Ginny asked in shock as she looked from Pansy then to the glistening, sweaty teenaged boy, who'd just walked, no Draco Malfoy never 'just walked' he glided or sauntered, into the Great Hall from a Quidditch practice. He looked ready to eat and boy did he make her mouth water.

She ran her tongue along the top of her lip as she watched him stride to his table. Her stomach turned with a confused emotion-want? Disgust?

Ginny raised an eyebrow as she watched him. She had to admit it wouldn't be an easy task, but she loved the challenge. How could he be a virgin? "Oh boy would I love to straddle him and ride forever."

Pansy smirked at Ginny, knowing full well that the challenge had been accepted without the terms being set. "Who wouldn't? Yeah, he's a virgin. That's what I'm telling you! Draco is untouchably hot, hell, I even want him."

Ginny grunted in awe. "How can someone that gorgeous be a virgin?"

Pansy snorted and lifted her feet onto seat bench of the table she sat on. "He says no one here is good enough for him," she paused and resisted the urge to sigh girlishly. "And he's probably right."

"Yeah, right! No one is better than anyone else."

Her black boots clumped down a second time as she glanced towards Ginny and smiled as the redhead continued to eye her Slytherin friend with interest. "You know Gryffie, you aren't that bad!"

Pansy smirked down at her. Remembering how she'd recruited the only Gryffindor to her sex game. Ginny had been hurt after seeing Hermione and Harry making out in the corner of the library. She'd been hurt and furious and it was then that Pansy knew, after the Chamber and Harry, that the youngest Weasel would make a lovely fiery asset to The Lusties, as Pansy had called her small little group of five Slytherin, three Ravenclaw, two Hufflepuff, and she knew it would soon be the one and only Gryffindor. She had pounced. Pansy found out she was right, once she'd seen the glow Ginny had after she'd gotten Harry and dumped him like he was waste. It was lovely, riveting, and vengeful. Revenge was the sweetest candy Pansy knew.

"Same for you Slytherin bitch!" Ginny grinned up at Pansy from her seat on the floor.

Pansy sneered. "So, what's your count to date?"

"Five, how 'bout you?" Ginny grinned happily.

"All of Ravenclaw!"

Ginny raised her eyes. "Even the girls?"

"A couple! We don't go for girls! I just did them for fun!"

Ginny snorted. "Well, I guess if you couldn't get him, then I should try! I am after all the best beginner you've ever initiated! I got Harry didn't I?"

"Oh please! First of all you just started and Harry was cake! All you had to do was accidentally drop your towel in front of him at the Burrow and he was all hard, hot, and heavy within seconds! Now, Blaise, he was a challenge! God that man is good! I had him about ten times!"

"Zabini? A challenge? Please he's as much of a whore as you are!"

Pansy shook her finger at Ginny. "Ah, ah, ah…remember the code! We don't call it whoring we call it tasteful pleasure! We don't get paid for what we do, we date the male in question for a few weeks, and then we fuck them. I do however have to admit that you got three of the hardest boys. I couldn't even get them!"

"Like I said! It's why I'm the best beginner and soon will be just 'the best'!" Ginny grinned smugly.

Pansy cocked her head. "Shit you're cocky, but not much experience. Your stories are wonderful though! How you explained Harry following you like a lost puppy after you were finished!"

"I'm just glad he was my first! Harry really wasn't all what I expected him to be! I mean he was great in bed and all, but he's just way too clingy," Ginny licked her lips a second time, shoving down the wave of guilt that swept through her as she told Pansy what everyone else believe, as she watched Draco accidentally spill a drop of water down his chin. "Pansy…" she said suddenly.

"What?" Pansy's eyes trained on the side of Ginny's face.

She knew that look Ginny got when she was on a task, when she wanted something. Pansy knew the girl had drive and she always got what she wanted.

"Do you need the word?" Pansy asked.

Slightly breathless Ginny never let her eyes stray from the beautifully sculpted face of Draco. "Yes."

She licked her lips and leaned forward. "Dare!" Pansy whispered in Ginny's ear.

Ginny grinned evilly and slowly stood up and sat next to Pansy on the Gryffindor table. She pushed her red hair behind her shoulders and eyed Draco with lust glistening in her eyes. "Mine," the word dropped from her lips like a drop of savory sugar.

Pansy rubbed her hands together in anticipation grinning mischievously back and forth between what she would call fire and ice. Ginny was sure to melt Draco, Pansy had no doubt. The problem was that until Ginny succeeded no of the other group could get any. Pansy hopped Draco wasn't immune to the charms that vibrated from Ginny's body, charms she wasn't even immune to.

"Let the games begin!" she said patting Ginny on the back.

To Be Continued…