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auld lang syne – times long past

sealed letters, past times

Just because this year is finished, Scorpius, doesn't mean we can't continue.

Sure, this year was the best year of our lives, even though we were consumed with study and stress, I still fell head over heels for you, didn't I? It was something that I couldn't fathom – for God's sake, I had a view point on life that was 'life comes before love'. You came and changed that completely. Stupid old me. Stupid old you.

Who knew? Your father hated... despised my parents. No one could guess that our romance could even exist. You, the crazy jock, dark and mysterious with that wonderful hair. Me, studious and shy, never looking anyone in the eye who I didn't know. You were the exception, Scorpius. Your eyes look like outer space – millions of constellations of stars, so, so bright. Your eyes kept me to you, and those intense stares we used to have, until you finally introduced yourself to me. Of course, I did know you before; I did my research in the library.

It shocked me to find out that I had a crush on the one person that should've hated my guts. Didn't customs pass down from father to son? But, no, Scorpius, you were surprisingly kind (gentle and delicate is pushing it a bit far, you're too crazy and intense for that) and my first love. Didn't that mean something so special? Don't tell me someone else could replicate that.

Like I was saying, the world's not going to end because our school years are over. In fact, it's just going to get better. I want to travel the world, Scorpius, and I want you to come with me. Let's just go; let's just be crazy! I want to be with you, Scorpius, let's make new memories! Pictures, words, places, kisses, please, Scorpius!

Don't you just get the feeling that your life isn't complete? I have that feeling most of the time, the only time I don't have it is when I'm with you! Can't you see? I'm in love. I've changed, and it's all because of you. When will this stop? Probably never.

You're an impossible thing, Scorpius Malfoy. But impossibilities do exist, very much so, honey. You made it possible for me to love, that's something to be applauded for.

The past is history, yes, that's true. But let's make even more amazing times.

– Rose Weasley, xoxo

PS – place an imaginary wax seal here, Scorpius. Use your imagination.

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