Hey oh your all here Im vinyl scratch and today I'm gonna tell you a story you'll never forget now it all started one morning in Ponyville...

"vinyl be quite I'm trying to sleep!" yelled octavia from the chilled house "I'm doing the dishes octavia!" I yelled back "with wubs mwahaha!"


There was a knock at the door "huh?" I mumbled to myself "who's there show yourself!" I screamed

"hey vinyl it's me maccoroni long time no see hey!"

"yeah totally how ya bin!" I asked my old friend from fillydelphia yes you discovered my secret I'm from fillydelphia but little did I know something wasn't right with my friend she told me to meet her at sugar cube corner at three pinkie had something special for us so I went to sugar cube corner at ten to three you've heard enough in the next chapter I'll tell you what happened to me.