Area no Kishi

Disclaimer: Area no Kishi does not belong to me. This fanfiction is purely based on ideas that come to my head. ~_~ It also has characters from Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Naruto, One Piece, and other anime/manga I watch/read.

[Nanimori High School – Sunday – 6 P.M]

Aizawa Suguru, the captain of the Nanimori High School Soccer team stood on the field with his coach and a brown haired girl with the rest of his team mates sitting on the grass before them. The whole lot were sweating and tired. "That was a good practice session!" praised Coach Ibaki to his players. "We have the city tournament coming up and I want you guys to seize the cup!" he exclaimed. "Last year, we lost the first game and we were out of the tournament but it's going to be different this time! We've gone through a tremendous amount of training and Suguru, who was on a tour against America, last year, is back!" The players started cheering as their coach ended his speech.

"Thanks Coach Ibiki!" Aizawa Suguru took one step forward as he thanked his coach. "Our first game will be against Tanuki High. They're type of soccer is defensive and good enough to make it to the semi-finals last year. They'll also be underestimating us and we'll have to use that to our advantage! We'll strike them down without mercy!"

Aizawa Suguru was the ace for the U-19 Japanese National Team since last year. He was said to be a genius when it came to soccer. His name spread throughout Japan when a new member to the team scored a hat-trick against Argentina during an exhibition match at Tokyo Stadium. It was his last year and he wanted to leave with a bang!

Coach Ibiki and the manager, Nana Mishima walked forward. Nana carried a large cardboard box while the coach had a notice board. "I will now assign your positions. Respond loudly and come receive your uniform from Nana after the names are all called out." he stated. "1 – Goalkeeper – Reo Kurebayashi; 16 – Defender – Nakatsuka Kouta; 15 – Defender – Hirikawa Akata; 22 – Defender – Sasagawa Piera; 13 – Defender – Sasagawa Ryohei; 17 – Midfielder – Yamamoto Takeshi; 8 – Attacker – Matoba Kaoru; 9 – Midfielder – Araki Ryuichi; 5 – Attacker – Junpei Hino; 3 – Midfielder – Yuuji Sawamura; 2 – Midfielder – Hayate Gokudera; 4 – Midfielder – Rokudo Mukuro; 6 – Attacker – Hibari Kyoya; 11 – Attacker – Sadawa Tsunayoshi; 10 – Midfielder – Aizawa Suguru. (C)"

Everyone who was sitting on the ground, as well as the captain, Suguru, had been called out. The coach headed back to his office and the players began to take their uniforms from inside the cardboard box and began wearing it. The uniform came in two colors, one black and one white. The white had "Nanimori" written vertically along the right hand side of the jersey with blue, stripped patterns on the left side. Everyone stood in awe.

After wearing their uniforms, the team began helping Nana sort out the things and clean the field. "Thanks, everyone!" she said, happily as the team helped her out.

Fifteen minutes later, everyone had been placed where it belonged and the team headed their own ways to get a good night rest. Suguru had disappeared before they began cleaning; after all, he didn't have time to waste. The national U-19 Japanese team had another match coming up and this time, it was against Brazil.

[Nanimori Town District – Monday – 10 A.M]

"It's been a while.." A blue haired boy wearing a black leather jacket with sunglasses over his eyes followed by a blonde girl walked out of the bus that stopped before the train station. He was carrying a blue, stripe patterned bag on his back and holding onto a sports magazine. The magazine featured a player with spiky hair wearing the Japanese national football jersey. "I'm finally back home, Nii-chan."