Klaus had been watching Caroline for a while. After their lovemaking that night, they whispered sweet words to each other before they gave in to slumber. It was Klaus who woke up first and the first thing he did is let his eyes linger at Caroline's naked back.

His one arm felt the heaviness of Caroline's head resting on it. With her back on him, he can see her milky flesh flow endlessly in curves and perfection until her waist, where their thin blanket starts to cover her. Slowly, he lifted up his one hand and let his fingers glide down the smoothness of her skin, tracing the curve of her spine.

While he admired her beauty, Klaus' mind wandered about last night.

Caroline told him she loves him last night. Over and over.

He still couldn't believe how anyone can tell those words to him. He could not even remember the last person that isn't his family who told him such words. Caroline's eyes didn't lie last night. And this thing Bonnie did, only proved more of what Caroline truly feels about him. Slowly, a gentle smile formed in his lips.

He pulled away his fingers only to replace them with his lips. He placed slow, soft kisses on her bare skin, starting from her exposed nape and then to her shoulders and then her arm.

It took a few more seconds before Caroline moved. Her back slowly twisted as she turned around. Her face, who was buried a while ago on his forearm, came into view. Klaus' smile went wider as his eyes met a grinning Caroline.

"Good morning" she said.

Klaus gently pushed away a few strands of hair which covered her face. He then pulled her closer against him and leaned down to kiss her lips.

"Good morning love" he whispered.

This morning is definitely the best morning for Caroline. Waking up in Klaus' embrace can already make the day for her. Waking up in his kisses sent her heart flying away, far away towards the rainbows and the unicorns.

She's staring back at Klaus' lazy eyes while their naked bodies are in a warm embrace under the sheets. After he kissed her good morning, they just gazed at one another and basked in the wonderful feeling of being in each others' arms.

"You're beautiful" Klaus uttered.

Caroline smiled. "I already lost my count on how many times you told me that." She said.

"But you are" he whispered.

Caroline lifted her hand and slowly cupped his face. His stubble tickled her back a while ago. Now the feel of it in her palm is comforting. She let her fingers brush his cheek, his nose, his chin and then his lips. Her smile grew wider.

"You've already spent a thousand years as a vampire right?" Caroline asked all of a sudden.

"Uh-huh" He said.

"And I'm seventeen. You know that right?"

Klaus grinned. "Uh huh." He said while his hand moved back and forth her bare back. "Why love, does that bother you?" he asked.

"Well" Caroline started, still caressing his cheek. "Now that I think about it... it is really creepy." she said.

Klaus only chuckled and laid his back on the bed, pulling away from Caroline.

"But..." She continued. She moved with Klaus and placed half her weight on him as she let her long leg lay over his thighs. Her breasts rested comfortably over his chest and her fingers traced the birds in his tattoo. "I don't mind at all." she laughed. "God, I can't believe I'm in love with man a lot older than me" she said.

Klaus stared at her once again, the smile on his lips slowly faded. His arms went around Caroline only to move her right on top of him. Caroline broke into giggles.

"Say it again Caroline" he said, caressing her hair.

"Say what?" Her voice is like a song to his ears.

"What you said last night to me. I want to hear it again. Say it"

Caroline raised an eyebrow. "Oh, that you're an impatient child who couldn't wait three days before approaching me?" she said.

They both grinned at each other. "Not that, love" Klaus said. "The other one"

Caroline's eyebrows furrowed. "What exactly? Hmm... you're the most evil hybrid and I don't know how could you ever kiss so good?"

Klaus' eyebrow raised. "Oh did you say that to me?" He chuckled. "That's a nice thing to hear sweetheart but... no, not that."

Caroline pouted her lips. "Then what is it?"

She stared back at Klaus for a second and with a smile slowly reappearing on his lips, Caroline knew at once.

"Ugh! Oh Klaus you are such a child you know that?" she said, giggling.

"Say it" Klaus told her once more.

Caroline was grinning as she shifted her body to be more comfortable over his. She felt his hands hold her on her lower back. Gently, she played with his unruly hair and gazed lovingly at his eyes while her smile slowly faded.

"I love you Klaus." she said in a voice so low only Klaus can hear. "I love you. You hear that?" She kissed his lips. "I love you... I love you" she breathed the words so softly. She sighed. Suddenly, now that she blurted those words again, she felt the emotion overflow in her chest. "God, ugh Klaus, I love you so much it's hurting me"

Klaus held her face and kissed her so long and so hard. Caroline's lips trembled in his sweet taste.

"And I, you Caroline" he whispered on her mouth. "I love you." he breathed.

"Caroline isn't answering her phone" Bonnie told Elena the next morning. "And she's not at home. Where is she gone?" she asked while the two of them were making pancakes at the Bennett house's kitchen.

"Could it be that she's with Klaus?" Elena asked.

Bonnie drew a deep breath. "The effect of the potion is gone by now. I couldn't believe we're not with Caroline when that happened."

"I know." Elena said, pouring themselves some coffee.

While Elena moved, something dropped from the pocket of her jacket.

"Hey, is this yours?" Bonnie said, picking up the piece of paper from the floor.

Elena took it from Bonnie. "Y-yeah, it's mine." she said, her voice slightly weak, making Bonnie raise her eyebrow. Elena sighed. "It's a letter from Elijah. It says he'll be gone for a while out of town. Anyway, let's call Caroline again."

Klaus and Caroline were sitting, laughing, and talking, still naked on the bed when the door burst open. Caroline immediately covered her body with the sheets and hid behind Klaus.

With a raised eyebrow and a suddenly frowning face, Klaus turned to his brother standing at the doorway.

"That door is closed for a reason Kol" Klaus said, with a face totally not amused. "You may want to try knocking first"

Kol grinned wide at the view of Caroline and his brother in front of him. "Your door has a lock for a reason brother. You may try locking the door first"

Klaus rolled his eyes. "What is it Kol, what brought you here?"

"To see this exactly." Kol grinned wider. "Oh brother, you don't know how happy you just made me. I'm sorry Caroline darling for this intrusion. I see you liked the dress my brother gave you." Kol winked. "I won't be long. Goodbye now, I have to go see someone"

Kol then was out of sight, gone like the wind.

Klaus was about to stand up to close the door when Elijah came in view. Klaus wore his pants before he walked to greet him.

"I'll be in the bathroom" Caroline whispered to Klaus, covering herself with the thin satin sheets which fell down the floor once she entered the bathroom door.

"Niklaus" Elijah said once the door closed behind Klaus. "I heard about the good news brother."

Klaus smiled. "Don't worry Elijah, I will visit you one of these days. I'm sure you will have fun."

Elijah nodded. "I am going now. Please greet Caroline good morning for me. I'll be in touch brother."

Unlike Kol, Elijah took his time walking down the hallway until he's out of sight.

Klaus returned to the room greeted by a vibrating phone on the floor. "Elena calling" is on Caroline's phone screen.

Smirking, Klaus called out Caroline.

"Caroline sweetheart, your dear friend Elena is calling. You won't mind if I answer, do you?"

Elena was holding up her phone in her ears, her face gaping at Bonnie who's wide-eyed with curiosity.

"What?" Bonnie asked eagerly. "She picked up her phone? Where is she?" Bonnie asked.

Elena shook her head. "Klaus" she silently mouthed at Bonnie while her finger is pointed at the phone.

"Oh" was all Bonnie could say.

Elena cleared her throat. "Klaus" she said on the phone, her voice slightly louder. "It's... you. Can I speak with Caroline?"

Bonnie only watched as Elena's eyes widened while she listened to the phone. Bonnie raised an eyebrow at Elena.

"Bathtub" Elena mouthed.

Bonnie was a bit shocked, but after a second she couldn't help but break into laughter.

"Oh my god, I practically broke them up for three days, didn't I?" Bonnie shook her head.

Elena smiled at her friend. "Well at least we know now." She said, while waiting on the phone. Elena's eyes then moved far behind Bonnie where she saw something moved.

"Hey Bonnie, why is he here?" Elena asked.

Bonnie turned around and there at the living room is another original vampire. Kol was sitting on the sofa comfortably, shifting channels on Bonnie's TV as if the place is his.

Bonnie sighed. "I know why. Just talk to Caroline, Kol and I have uhm... something, to talk about"

As soon as Elena nodded, Caroline spoke from the other line on the phone. "Hey Caroline..."




It wasn't long before everyone else learned about Klaus and Caroline. That same day, another one of her friends found out they were together, in a strange way though, and in a quite shocking way too.

When Caroline and Klaus finished their sexy bath time together in the tub, Caroline put on a plain dress she once left in Klaus' room. She remembered all those times when she had to sneak out and hide from everybody and smiled inwardly knowing those times are gone. When she walked out of the room, Caroline took all her time walking gracefully upon the mansion's marble floor, until she saw a figure come out from one of the rooms. The guy tiptoed silently as he tried to close the door without any sound. Caroline saw him look around before he walked away. But before he could get far, Caroline was able to flash in front of him.

"Matt?" Caroline asked. "What are you doing here?"

"Caroline" Matt blurted, surprised as well. "I was uh, I was with-wait, what are you doing here Care?"

It took a moment before Caroline answered him. "Uh… I'm with Klaus." She said. "I spent the night here." She said as-a-matter-of-fact-ly.

"You and Klaus?" Matt asked, suddenly in disbelief. "But you hated him?"

Caroline swallowed for courage. "No, I uh, I don't. We're together for a while now." Caroline confessed, her voice low and gentle. "I'm sorry Matt, I am so sorry I didn't tell you earlier." Caroline bit her lip. "But why are you here?"

The door from where Matt came out then opened, revealing Rebekah, a thick blanket covering her naked body.

"Matt, you forgot your coat… oh… hello Caroline." Rebekah flashed a smile while she holds the coat in her hands.

Caroline gaped at Matt who looked guilty and only gave Caroline an awkward smile.

Damon learned about Klaus and Caroline through Elena. Since the time he found out about it, all kinds of snark-y comments about them have come out from his mouth already. One time when he and Alaric found Klaus and Kol at the Grill, Damon already called Klaus loverboy. The two had an exchange of banters, they were like children really. Alaric shook his head at them while Kol only shrugged and left them to join the pool game.

Their childish banter evolved into a serious matter eventually though. With alcohol not so difficult to reach and a mutual dislike for each other, a heated verbal fight between the two is pretty inevitable. In the end, Damon was the first to shut up, after Klaus said something about wanting to pull his guts out once he gets a reason to.

"You know Damon, Caroline and I have talked about many things." Klaus told him. "She told me stories. Most of them about dances… school… people. I was surprised when I found out her story included quite a lot about you." Klaus uttered.

That statement was the one which shut Damon up. He gazed back at Klaus and saw nothing funny from his eyes. Alaric threw a guarded look at the hybrid while Kol paused from his game to watch his brother.

Klaus snickered after he drank from his glass. "I wasn't just surprised, honestly, I was angry. But Caroline told me it was all in the past and she has forgiven you already. It's funny though, I don't remember her telling me you've said you're sorry." He said so simply, but his voice echoed danger and threat in every tone.

Damon filled his glass with bourbon and drank everything all at once. Then he turned to Klaus.

"I know all of the things I've done before." Damon said, without any hint of mockery from his face. "And I regret most of them, including that thing." Damon dropped his gaze.

"Now why don't you tell that to Caroline?" Klaus lazily said to Damon. "In a few days, she'll be gone from this pathetic town." He continued.

Damon smirked while he shook his head. "Agreed loverboy." He said before drew a heavy sigh. "Thanks for reminding me" Klaus heard him whisper.

That was enough for Klaus. He let out a chuckle. "Congratulations though. I heard you got the girl."

Alaric turned back to his bourbon while Kol shot his 5th ball in the game.

Caroline said the news personally to Stefan, who she found brooding in the Salvatore mansion. He's kind to her and accepted the truth readily.

Tyler was surprised when he found out but he knew he doesn't have a right to say something about the matter. He's the first to bid farewell to Caroline since he's going abroad for college after graduation. He told Caroline he broke up with Hayley and Hayley went back to the Alps. Caroline heard her family owned a few sheep back in there and she's the one who's going to do the shepherding. Tyler wished Caroline safety and happiness and if ever she needs something from him, he'll always be ready to help.




The days passed by so quickly. Graduation was over, all parents are proud, all aunts and uncles are proud and so much is ahead of them all.

And finally, it came, her last day in Mystic Falls before she goes out to see the world.

Yes she agreed to Klaus. She may have passed all her college applications but she decided, college can wait. Studying the world with Klaus, is all she can see in her future.

Tomorrow before sunrise is when she will leave everything. The next time she'll be in town, she would be a different person already, more knowledgeable, more intelligent, more experienced, and more confident. Her bags are packed, already taken care of by Klaus' hybrids in fact, in which Caroline rolled her eyes off in response.

Caroline decided to spend the day alone, walk around town and maybe do a little bit of shopping. She was having some tea in a café across the park when Rebekah appeared all of a sudden.

"Rebekah" Caroline greeted.

Rebekah flashed her a smile and sat across her. "I was at the Grill. Matt's still busy and then I saw you. Hope you don't mind?" she said.

Caroline threw her a guarded look. "No, it's fine."

It took a few more moments before any of the two said something. Rebekah was the first one to speak.

"So, tomorrow huh?" Rebekah asked. "You're leaving town with Nik tomorrow I've heard. Where are you headed?" Her grin is on her face.

Caroline moistened her lip. "I don't know actually. Klaus said he'd surprise me." She said, sipping on her tea.

Rebekah chuckled. "I still couldn't believe it." She started, making Caroline snap her head up to look at her.

Suddenly, Rebekah grew serious. Her usual cocky grin is gone out from her face.

"My brother Nik is a complex man Caroline. He can be rough sometimes, then sweet, then mad, and I'd say really mad" Rebekah laughed. "Thousands of vampires fear him, witches fear him, werewolves now bow to him when he wants to… He is powerful Caroline, but he's also hated."

Caroline remained silent, listening intently.

"I'm glad you're able to see my brother past through that." Rebekah continued. "Nik is a lonely man. He's always been alone. People close to him has left him. Our father never wanted him. I tried to leave him, once, or twice. Even Stefan has left him.

"I know about that potion your friend Bonnie gave you. And you don't know how comforting it felt to see my brother be genuinely happy after all those years, those centuries. I have already decided long ago that someone like my brother cannot be loved by someone that is not us, his family. But something in him has changed Caroline." Rebekah sighed, her eyes never left Caroline. "Thank you" she whispered.

Caroline stared back at Rebekah. The words she just said to her, those words meant so much. She somehow thought her heart had melted with all those things Rebekah just told her.

With all sincerity, Caroline smiled, and for a moment, they both exchanged a look understanding one another.

"So…!" Rebekah then spoke in a more enthusiastic voice. "What are you doing here anyway? Shouldn't you be with your friends? Spending your last day with them or something?" She said in a lighter and happier tone.

Caroline sat straight as she let out a chuckle. "I just thought it would be nice to walk around town by myself. But I'll be having a party later tonight at my house with them. Our graduation party, but it's more of a farewell party actually." She grinned.

"Oh, yeah, Matt told me about that." Rebekah stated.

Caroline stared at Rebekah. She realized Rebekah is actually a good company when she's nice and not that all evil original vampire bitch. She never even thought how good a sister she actually is. Ever since Rebekah and Matt got together, Rebekah had never been so human.

"Are you going then? To my party later tonight?" Caroline asked.

Rebekah furrowed her eyebrows. "Are you inviting me Caroline?"

Caroline grinned and shrugged. "Yeah, well, I think Matt will enjoy it more with you there"

The smile Rebekah just gave her is warm and sincere. Caroline's heart sank as she suddenly felt she had just lost something. Maybe if there's a little more time, she and Rebekah could be really good friends.

"Make sure Nik takes you to Brazil, you'll love it there." Rebekah continued, with now a different beam on her face. And for the next hour they only talked about places, people, boys, clothes, and so many other things.

It was sunset when Klaus fetched her from the café. Caroline remained there after Rebekah and Matt left her.

"Having fun?" Klaus said when he appeared.

"Hey" Caroline greeted him sweetly. She gazed up at Klaus with loving eyes. After that talk with Rebekah, she only felt her feelings for Klaus more stronger.

She kissed him.

"Don't you have a celebration to go to?" Klaus said as he grabbed her hand.

"Well, yeah, but that can wait. There's something else I want to do here. And I want you to come with me."

Klaus raised an eyebrow. Caroline was only giving him a secretive smile as she led him. They walked away from the café, walked away from the road, they walked and walked until they are deep in the woods.

"The woods huh, still won't tell me what you are up to?" Klaus teased when they finally stopped walking. "It's starting to get dark in here" He continued as he caught Caroline in embrace from behind. "It'll be dark, and deep, and dangerous. Things can happen here love" Klaus whispered huskily in her ears.

Caroline bit her lip. She spun around to face him.

"That, exactly." She whispered back. "I've been thinking about this for a long time now."

Klaus stared at Caroline with surprised eyes, but then desire and want came floating instantly thereafter in his gaze.

Caroline pulled away from him and started removing her jacket, then her shoes, then her shirt, while still staring at him. Klaus watched her with utter amusement, and eventually, with lust.

"Fancy a hot hybrid sex in the woods?" Caroline whispered to him in the most seductive voice she had ever used.

By the time Caroline had pulled down her last piece of clothing, she was immediately pinned against a tree. Klaus is kissing her so hard and so passionately. And there in the woods, Klaus and Caroline made love to each other in a way they had never done before.

Late that night, Caroline's house is vibrant in celebration. Elena and Damon came, then Bonnie. Matt came with Rebekah, then Stefan, then Alaric. Bonnie had invited Kol, whom she had been dating for days, but the latter chose not to join them (preferred not to actually) since he and his brother had something to discuss before Klaus goes. Kol, however, promised Bonnie a separate graduation celebration with only the two of them.

They all shared booze, they danced to the music, they celebrated with all their hearts. It's their graduation party after all, and so much more is ahead of them all.

Still, it's a farewell party too. After all the fun of celebration, tears came flowing down Elena and Bonnie's cheeks as Caroline told each of them all what she will miss. Even Matt shed tears. But Caroline's mother cried the most. Caroline too, had cried so much. Caroline embraced each of them, told them words of love and thanks.

Before dawn comes is when she will leave them all, promising to return of course, after some time.

When the night is over and after all of them had wept, only a few remained awake to see Caroline go. Stefan left early for some reason. Bonnie is asleep, as well as Elena. Damon stood at the corner, wide awake. Alaric too. Rebekah was sitting eyes open on the couch with Matt's sleeping head resting on her lap. Liz had been hugging her daughter with awake, yet sleepy eyes there on the couch.

A few minutes has passed when the sound of an approaching car flipped Liz's eyes wide open.

"He's here mom. I should be going." Caroline whispered to her mom.

"I know Caroline. I know." Her mom whispered back, the pain in her voice is apparent. "Are you really sure about this Care?" her mom asked, hopeful.

Caroline smiled. "Yes mom" she said, standing up. "Don't worry, I'll be okay. I'll visit I promise."

Once again, Liz hugged her daughter tightly. After her, Damon came to Caroline and told her something in quietness. What he said to her, he said it sincerely and it has touched Caroline truly. She smiled at Damon.

"It's all over Damon." Caroline said. "It's fine, you've changed, I know, I saw. Just don't hurt Elena or I swear, it'll be the end of you."

Damon smiled back. "Once Klaus hurt you, you better get the white oak stake and come to us alright, we'll make a foolproof plan to end him right away." He said with a smile, not a smirk.

"I'm here you idiot. I can hear you." Rebekah uttered at the back, rolling her eyes.

Caroline turned to look outside and saw Klaus having a conversation with her mother. Alaric came to her next.

"I know you know what you're doing Caroline." Alaric told her. "If anything bad happens, call us at once, and make sure you have an escape plan alright?" Caroline nodded and laughed and hugged him tight.

Caroline frowned for a while wondering why Stefan wasn't there to bid her farewell.

Liz finally came in the door, and once again, she hugged her daughter good bye.

"Mom, please tell everyone I'll miss them okay? I'll keep in touch I promise." Caroline said.

Caroline looked at everything around her, her sleeping friends, the smiles on everyone's faces. She looked at Rebekah who was sitting still not to wake Matt. Rebekah smiled and nodded at her. She drew a deep breath before she spoke her final goodbye.

Caroline stepped out the door and there in the blackness of the night before dawn, stood Klaus leaning by the car. She broke into a wide grin as she quickly strode towards him.

"Are you ready love?" Klaus asked as he caught her hand.

Caroline grinned and kissed him on the lips. "Can't wait any longer" she said.

And together with the dawning sunlight, Klaus and Caroline rode off, away from Mystic Falls, and off to the rest of the world







only to stop for a bit at the bridge.

"Wait, what's that?" Caroline asked Klaus. In front of their car, in the middle of the bridge, against the soft rays of the rising sun, is a silhouette of a motorbike, and a Salvatore with a wide grin on his face.

"Oh my God, Stefan!" Caroline almost shrieked. "What are you doing here? And how dare you leave without saying goodbye?" She said once her window slid open.

"I hope you don't mind love" Klaus said, grinning, as he stopped the car right beside Stefan and his bike. "Our friend here humbly asked me if he could go along with us. He told me you won't mind."

"What?" Caroline's eyes opened wide in surprise. "I-I don't mind at all! Oh my god Stefan! This is wonderful, but… did you plan all these?"

Stefan chuckled while he brought his bike to life. "Yeah, well, I've been thinking about this for a while." He said. "I already told Damon days ago, and I think everyone knows about this too."

Caroline raised an eyebrow. "Yeah everyone except me Stefan" she said, incredulous.

Stefan grinned once more. "I thought I'd surprise you"

Caroline shook her head, smiling as wide as ever.

"I won't be away for long though." Stefan continued. "I'll return to Mystic Falls after a few years. And don't worry, I won't get in the way of you two" he teased.

Klaus laughed. "You better be Stefan." He said. "However on second thought, we could show Caroline how to have fun"

Stefan snickered while he wore his helmet. "Chicago it is then huh"

Caroline bit her lip as Klaus took her hand and kissed it while he started the engine.

And with that, the car and the motorbike rode off into the dawn of the day, away from Mystic Falls, and off to the rest of the world.





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