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The cool water feels nice against my sticky skin. With June nearly over and July rapidly approaching, it doesn't seem to matter how cool I try to stay, it's just always hot out.

I close my eyes, allowing the water to trickle down my face, and run my fingers through the matted curls of my hair before sighing deeply.

The house is silent outside the door, making the water hitting the tub seem louder than usual in contrast. They're probably all still sleeping. I don't blame them. I've tried sleeping in a couple of times lately, but by habit, my body has never let me sleep past seven o'clock in the morning. Comparatively though, that is an extra two hours I didn't have while working in the bakery.

It's sometime around eight right now. I laid in bed for nearly an hour, sweating and thinking and dozing in and out of consciousness before deciding to jump into the shower.

It's still a little odd... just using this shower without permission, since it's far from "mine," but I was told to make myself at home and I figure waking someone up to ask permission isn't really following that instruction.

I take the bar of soap, running it over my chest and underarms before the sound of the door opening and shutting quietly followed by running water startles me into a still position. With wide eyes, I hardly breathe and have to use the wall to help support all the weight resting solely on my good leg.

"H-Hello?" I question, gripping the edge of the curtain with my finger to peak past.

"Hey," the whispering voice answers and what must be the startled expression on my face smoothes into a smile.

I poke my head out of the curtain to find Katniss bent over the sink, her toothbrush in her hand as she spits into the sink, taking a swig of water to remove any excess paste. She winks at me through the mirror when she catches my gaze before turning around fully.

"You scared me," I chide. "I didn't know who it was."

"Who'd you think it was?" she smirks, her eyes trailing over the bare arm which pokes past the curtain. "You're up early."

"No, I slept in," I chuckle. "But you're up early."

"I noticed you were gone. Then I heard the water running. I was hoping you might be up for some company..."

I frown a little, glancing toward the closed door and then back at her. She rolls her eyes, lifting the baggy sleep shirt over her head before allowing it to fall into a puddle on the floor.

She has nothing on underneath it and although the sight is far from new, I still find myself gaping at her nakedness as a familiar tingle starts to build in my groin.

She glances down at herself, running her hands over her bare stomach and down the side of her legs, smirking as I let out an involuntary low moan.

"I-I could use... a little company," I say, clearing my throat and her smile widens as she takes a step forward.

I pull the curtain open a little, smiling down at her as she climbs in under the cool spray of the water, gasping a little in surprise. She bends over immediately, adjusting the temperature and I don't miss the way she deliberately brushes her back against my front. I run my fingertips over her hips, pulling her closer to me as the water starts to steam around us.

She turns quickly, resting her hands on my chest as our bodies stand flesh to flesh. I can feel the hardened peaks of her nipples against me and as she starts to gyrate against me, they move in light circles. I gasp, gripping the wall and backing up a little for more support. Katniss moves her one hand over the top of mine, lacing our fingers together as she paints kisses up the side of my shoulder.

"I actually need to shower," she murmurs, reaching past me to grab the bottle of body wash before motioning me to hold my hand out. I do as she says and she squirts a quarter size of blue gel in my palm before repeating the motion in her own. "But you can help if you'd like..."

I waste no time, immediately rubbing my palms together to build up the suds before running them along her collarbone and down to her chest.

She does the same, working her hands down my arms and chest in long strokes as I continue to tease her small nipples, kneading her flesh in my palms. Instinctively, her hips buck into my own before her hand trails lower, underneath my belly button before reaching out and grasping me in her palm.

"Ohhh," I groan quietly, biting my lip hard to keep from calling out, knowing fully well there's a bedroom right on the other side of the wall. Katniss works her hand up and down the length of me, squeezing tightly at the base and paying a great deal of attention toward the tip. She trails her fingernails across the underside, causing my hips to buck instinctively before she sinks down to her knees in front of me. She looks up with largely rounded eyes as she allows the water to rinse away the suds before placing a quick kiss on the head of my cock.

"Katniss," I warn, though it sounds more like a hiss as she lowers her mouth onto me more fully. Her hot tongue swirls around my flesh as she pumps it in and out in a smooth tempo.

The one leg I have to support my weight begins to tremble under her ministrations as my hand reflexively curls in her thick hair, helping to guide her movements.

"S-shit," I sigh, my head falling back against the moist tiles as she runs her nails up and down the inside of my thigh before coming to rest across my balls. "Katniss... I don't... ugh."

"Hmm?" she asks, the vibrations of her mouth causing my dick to spasm.

"Oh God," I moan and it takes all my control and effort to push her back lightly off of me. "I just... I think I need to sit or something," I breathe out quickly, my chest heaving.

Katniss laughs airily, taking the hand I offer to help her up before we rinse ourselves under the water and turn it off.

She tosses me a towel to dry myself with, but once I've got my false leg reattached and start to put on clothing she snatches them out of my reach, sending me a mixed look of confusion and annoyance.

"What are you doing?"

"...Getting dressed?"

"Yeah, I know, but why?"

"I..." I look towards the door with confusion. "I'm not going to walk out there... like... this," I say, gesturing to the towel that definitely protrudes in an unnatural way.

"My room is right across the hall," she whispers. "They're sleeping."

"You don't know that..."

"Peeta, you spent the night," she speaks slowly. "What do you think they think we're doing?"

I blush but don't have the chance to respond before she's opened the door and ran across the empty hallway leading to her room. She pokes her head out past the door a moment later, motioning for me to come.

Reluctantly, I follow her lead, pushing the door open with great force before slipping inside and shutting it tightly.

"See?" she teases, pulling the towel away from my body. "Not that bad."

I don't have time to answer before her lips are pressed with mine. We stand there, leaned against her door heavily for a long moment before she breaks away, running a hand through my wet curls.

"You said something about needing a seat?"

"Please," I sigh, falling back onto her bed. She falls down on top of me, with one leg positioned in between mine, painting kisses down my torso before meeting my still throbbing erection.

"Now..." she grins mischievously. "Where were we?"

"You should turn around," I say before my mind can register that I've actually said it. She glances up at me in confusion with her palm wrapped around the base of my dick.


Shit. It's been... something I've thought about for a while now... pleasuring Katniss at the same time she does me, but I've never actually had the nerve to ask her if she'd be interested in doing it. The image floating around in my mind is enough to make my cock swell uncomfortably.

"Uh... you don't have to... I was just thinking maybe if you wanted to... I could do something for you... too?"

Katniss studies my expression for an agonizing second before her furrowed eyebrows lift up and she smiles a little at the proposition.

"Okay," she agrees with a nod, slowly turning herself around and swinging a leg over me so that she straddles my chest. She balances her weight on her knees, lifting her hips up a little, closer to my face before reluctantly lowering down.

My hands reach up to grasp her hips, running themselves down and up her smooth thighs as her coarse hair tickles the tip of my nose and chin.

"Is... that okay?" I can hear the hesitation in her voice.

"Perfect," I breathe, placing a kiss along the inside of her thigh. She runs her hands up and down the length of me hesitantly and I can feel the tenseness that the air holds.

For once, instead of always waiting on her to make the first bold move, I move my lips closer up her thigh and onto the spot where her clit just barely pokes out. Teasingly, I flick the tip of my tongue across it, causing the immediate reaction of her legs clenching around my face.

Fuck me.

As one hand continues to run its way up and down her butt and thigh, the other snakes between her legs, above where I suck and nip at her with my tongue to push a few fingers inside of her.

"Ugh," she breathes, her body shivering a little as I begin to pump in and out rhythmically in time with my mouth and slowly I feel the warmth of her own mouth encase me again.

It seems more intense; warmer and tighter and more sensitive when she flicks across the head, now that I'm not watching her every move. When she trails her hand over my hipbone I feel myself jump in response, growling low against her.

My stomach muscles clench under her ministrations and it's not long before I start to feel the familiar build up pooling inside of me.

"Ugh, Katniss," I breathe out, continuing to push my fingers inside of her. So warm, God, she's so warm. "It's... gonna happen soon."

"Mmm," she moans, nodding her head a little as she continues to move up and down the length of me, egging me on and driving me closer to orgasm.

My eyes shut tightly and I focus on the feel of her clit against my tongue, how hard and soft it feels at the same time and how when I hit it in just the right spot, her entire body grows still and her toes curl on either side of my head. I can feel her legs beginning to quiver with the effort it takes to stay planted over my face and she starts to buck a little forward, a clear indicator she's not far off from her own orgasm either.

"Right there," she breaks away to tell me, her breath hitching. "Yes Peeta, keep doing that."

"Ugh," I groan, following her instructions but still unable to keep my own hips still as she grips me, moving in time with her hand so effortlessly I can't tell where her mouth stops and hand begins until she grips me tighter.

And I can't take anymore...

My body stiffens and I hold her impossibly closer to me as I cry out, intense waves of pleasure rocking over my body, sending shivers that reach from my shoulders all the way to my toes. My eyes roll to the back of my head as she continues to suck, lapping at the head hungrily until there's nothing left to give her.

Her hips continue to move unsteadily against me, as if in a silent reminder to not forget about her and as she runs her hands soothingly across my lower body I continue to tease her clit in time with my busy fingers. I hear her breathing shallow and her head falls back, spewing her hair in long curls against her back and falling down her shoulders, tickling my sides.

"Oh god Peeta, yes," she whispers harshly, gripping the blankets in her fists below us. Her knees buckle as she lets herself go and I watch every muscle in her body tighten for a long moment before she turns to jelly on top of me.

She stays laying motionless on me for a couple of seconds before sliding off onto the bed a little self consciously and curling up beside me.

It's too hot for blankets, and with the added exertion I feel the back of my neck already begin to clam up, so we lay over the blankets, willing our breathing to slow and staring up at her pale ceiling.

"Do you have to leave soon?" Katniss asks quietly, her finger running itself up and down my chest.

"Probably," I murmur back, though I make no move to get up. My chest still heaves slightly and I can hear my breathing coming out in quiet pants past my lips.

"When are Bannock and Clarissa expecting you home?"

Home. Such a foreign thought still, to think of their home as being my home. Yet it still causes goosebumps to break out along my body and my heart to swell inside of my chest because it is my home. And there's someone there who's expecting me. Who wants me to come home.

When the idea of moving in with Bannock and Clarissa was first presented, I wasn't sure how permanent of an arrangement it'd be. It's not that I didn't think they didn't love me - them housing me even for a weekend proved that - but, they had their own life and own responsibilities and schedules. How long would be too long for me to expect them to house and feed me? It made logical sense to me, that living with Bannock and Clarissa would not be long term - that once Ms. Coin found a suitable home for me, they'd be relieved to be rid of the added pressure I provided. It made so much sense that for the first week and a half, I didn't unpack the few things I brought along with me.

I didn't want them to think I expected more than they'd be willing to provide.

But then one Saturday afternoon, when Clarissa came up to my bedroom with fresh laundry - an action that made me feel very self conscious and not at all like I was pulling my weight around the house - she looked around with confusion at my barely lived in room before asking if she could help me unpack. I'd stared at her for a long time, wondering if the implication in her words were actually there or if I was simply imagining them. Either way, we spent the afternoon folding and hanging my clothing, arranging the bed a little more comfortably and setting up an area in the corner designated to my drawings - which both Bannock and Clarissa loved.

It took little to no evidence for the protective services to come to the conclusion that "Mother" was an unfit title for Aileen Mellark to hold. After Rye's and Father's and my answers to Ms. Coin's questions lined up, they also determined that she should be tried in front of a judge under the charges of abuse and neglect.

Her trial was last December, and that was the first time I'd seen her since the night I answered the questions for Ms. Coin then slept over at Katniss's. It was terrifying being back in the same room as her, because when she turned to look at me her eyes held nothing but coldness and in the back of my mind there was always that lingering thought gnawing constantly at me...

What if they let her go?

What if they make me go back?

I'm not safe anymore.

Mother plead insanity and her lawyer did a great job of conveying the truth to her stance. There is something wrong with Mother, we've known that all along. Perhaps that's why we put up with her for all these years? Because deep down, we knew there was something rooted in her that caused her to act out the way she did?

The judge ruled in her favor and instead of being sent off to jail, like Katniss and Bannock and everyone else had hoped, she was placed in a psychiatric ward and rehabilitation center. But it's okay with me. There, she can receive the help she needs to maybe get better, something she wouldn't have the chance to do if she were locked up in prison. Katniss says that's what makes me so rare, that I'm the only person she knows who'd rather their abuser got off easier than the punishment they deserve, but I don't think that's true. I think that if she had been in an identical situation, she might say the same thing.

I still see Dad, but the services and court ruled him just as unfit for parenting as Mother, so I'm not allowed to live with him anymore, even though Mother is gone. When I turn eighteen - in just two days - technically I'm allowed to do what I want. But, I've grown rather accustomed to living with Bannock and Clarissa and although they told me they'd support whichever decision I chose, Clarissa cried at the thought of me leaving.

They've become the closest thing to "parents" that I've experienced. They helped me through the hard nights when all I could do was cry, through the nightmares that even still sometimes creep up on me. We celebrated the first real Christmas I've had since I was young together, and even went on a weekend trip away during spring break. They're excited to see me and want to know how my day is going. But most importantly, they truly love me and I feel safe in their home.

"I should probably get going soon," I say in answer to Katniss's question, sitting up more fully in her bed and stretching out my tired limbs. "Plus, it's a big, big, big day today. I'll have to spruce up."

Katniss chuckles, crawling out of bed beside me and slipping back into the t-shirt she'd fallen asleep in last night. With such an eventful morning it seems like most everyone should be awake by now, but it's only ten in the morning and the Everdeen house is peacefully quiet.

Katniss walks me down to the door, turning the coffee pot on along the way and wrapping her arms around my middle while my hand rests on the handle.

"You sure you don't want a ride home?"

"Nah," I say, brushing the gesture off. "It's nice out anyway. Not too far of a walk."

"Okay," she smiles, wincing a little as I open the door and a thick ray of light shines in. "I'll see you in a bit."

"Yes you will," I agree, already heading down the driveway, but I turn to give her a little wink. "Graduate."

When I walk through the door, Clarissa can be seen in the kitchen, hunched over the table looking in what appears to be a cookbook. She wears an apron tied in a perfect bow against her back, a freshly pressed one with tons of colors and looks like it's hardly ever been worn.

"Hi, Clarissa," I greet and she jumps a little, smacking the book closed and looking up at me in surprise, as if she hadn't heard me coming in.

"Hey, Grad!" she grins widely, walking down the short hallway leading to the door to wrap me in a hug. "Congratulations!"

"Thanks," I laugh, running a hand over the back of my head. "But, I haven't done it yet. There's still time for them to change their minds."

"You're bad," she smirks, smacking my chest a little.

"Where's Bannock?"

"Over at the bakery," she says, watching my expression carefully. "Uh... Dad needed a little extra help. Sort of swamped, with graduation and all."

"Of course," I mumble, glancing out the window that shines directly on the house that used to be mine. The bakery is lit up but it's impossible to see clearly inside of it. After the court ruling, I wasn't allowed to work at the bakery anymore. It wasn't a huge deal - I still bake quite a bit here - it's just different and there are unexpected moments where I miss it.

"You okay?" she asks with furrowed eyebrows.

"Yes," I smile, trying my hardest to sound reassuring so she won't worry. Not today. Not when it's supposed to be happy. "I'm just going to go change out of these clothes and I'll be back. I've been wearing them since last night."

"Okay," she smiles, watching me descend up the stairs before turning back toward the kitchen, continuing whatever it is she was up to before my arrival.

I shut the door leading into my bedroom and fall down onto my bed with a deep sigh. It seems like it was just last year and Rye was graduating and I was feeling sorry for myself before Katniss and Prim celebrated the first birthday with me I can recall in detail.

I remember Rye telling me that this year, it would be me and we'd all be celebrating my accomplishment, and Mother snorting in amusement. Internally, I guess I'd been sort of laughing at the prospect as well, because Mother would have never allowed it. I'm sure she most likely wouldn't have even shown up to the ceremony.

When I open up the closet, the very first thing I see is my cap and gown, freshly ironed and hanging up in a bag with a sticky note that has the drawing of a smiley face wearing a graduation cap on it. The small gesture makes my heart clench to the point of discomfort in my chest and I continue to stare at it for a long time before finally pulling the sticky off and setting it on my desk, so I wouldn't have to keep opening up the closet to see it.

I decide to wear a buttondown shirt that Katniss bought for me after I moved in here. She bought me a couple of them, but the green one is my favorite because that's her favorite color. It looks nice enough to wear to graduation, coupled with a pair of dress khakis and a deep brown belt.

"Peeta!" I hear Clarissa call out as I fit a sock to my false leg. "I need some help, can you come here a minute?"

"Coming," I call, standing up and heading for my closed door.

The house is unnaturally quiet as I make my way down the stairs and I've barely turned the corner down the hallway when several voices break the silence.


There's a cake placed on the table, lit up with candles and wrapped around it in a semi-circle are the smiling faces of Clarissa, Bannock, Rye and Dad.

I'm stunned silent and take a hesitant step forward, looking around to everyone, slightly confused.

"We figured the cake would still be around for your birthday," Rye says with a grin. "So it's sort of a Happy Graduation/ Happy Birthday cake."

"Okay, blow out the candles before the wax melts the frosting," Clarissa says, placing her hands on each of my shoulders and motioning me toward the table. I sit down in the chair pulled out for me and look up at everyone, glancing between their excited faces before blowing each of the eighteen candles in front of me out.

"Thank you," I finally say as Clarissa begins to cut into it. "It's more than I expected... it's... really great. Thank you."

"We're having your favorite dinner tonight," she says, handing me the first piece of cake. "Well, as long as it turns out all right. It's my first time making it."

"It'll be delicious," I promise, lifting my fork into the cake, but waiting until everyone has a piece. "Thank you."

"Make sure you invite Katniss and her family over tonight too," Bannock says as everyone takes a seat around me. "We can celebrate together."

"Okay," I smile, biting into my piece of cake and humming low in appreciation. "This is delicious!"

But not better than Katniss's.

"I realized I never really knew what your favorite kind of cake was," Bannock replies, chancing a glance up at me. "So we had to guess."

"Good guess," I grin and he sends me a wink.

"I guess we'll just have to taste-test all the kinds to find out his real favorite," Rye says with teasing exasperation and we laugh as everyone chimes in.

I'm glad to see Dad over here, taking part in the celebrating. Although I understand why the authorities decided to do what they did, it was harder than I expected, leaving my Dad to stay with Clarissa and Bannock. But it was only then that I realized to what extent I did not know my father and now we can begin building our soiled relationship, so I realize it's a good thing.

He collects the plates as everyone finishes their cake and moves around the house

sporadically to prepare themselves for the graduation tonight.

"Need any help with those?"

Dad turns to me with a raised eyebrow before chuckling a little and shaking his head from side to side.

"You're the guest of honor. You aren't supposed to do any of that stuff."

"I don't mind," I smile.

"I know," he says before placing an awkward hand on my back, giving me a firm pat - the kind that used to make me wince with the expected impact but just feels warm now.

"I'm really proud of you, Peeta," he says gently, forcing his lips up into a smile. "And I want you to know that I love you."

They're possibly the most important words he's ever said to me, and before I realize it I'm wrapping my arms around him, encasing him in a tight hug that makes his body grow rigid before he returns it.

"I love you too, Dad."

With the summer days growing longer, the sky is a dusty shade of blue well after nine o'clock as I sit on the porch outside, counting the street lamps until they disappear beyond my range of vision.

The ceremony wasn't bad like I thought it might be. I'd pictured it going several different ways, but it wasn't like I'd expected. It was quick, with a few speeches from different students and the principal before they began calling off our names. Everyone cheered really loud for Katniss as she walked and as I climbed up onto the stage to get my diploma - focusing on every step I took so as not to trip in front of everyone - I swear as I looked out into the crowd and saw people clapping, they were smiling genuinely back at me.

That was good.

Tomorrow, Katniss and I are supposed to get together with Finnick and Annie and everyone else for a small celebration of our own since tonight was dedicated to our families. The Everdeens are still over, hanging out inside. I think Clarissa might have taken out some of the board games she keeps in the coat closet by the door. She loves to play board games.

I just needed some air. For some reason, even though everything that happened today was impossibly good, I could still feel myself starting to grow anxious and needed some time to just sit outside, possibly to absorb it all in.

But all I can focus on is counting these street lights.


I turn around to see Katniss hanging halfway out the door. She offers me a soft smile, playing with the tassel of her cap with her forefinger and thumb.

"Hi," I smile back.

"What're you doing out here all by yourself?" she questions. "You do know there's a party going on inside in our honor."

"I know," I chuckle. "Sorry, I just needed a little air for a minute. I won't be long."

I hear the door shut fully and then Katniss's shadow hovers above where I stand. She lowers herself to the porch step beside me and tosses her cap into my lap.

"Are you okay?" she whispers, following my gaze to where it rests on the dark bakery. I haven't even been inside since that last day there...

"Yeah," I promise with a nod. "I am, actually. It... wasn't as hard as I was expecting."

"But..." she trails off.

"I just never pictured it being like this."

"Better, right?"

I turn back toward her worried face and place a kiss on the center of her forehead. She places her hand on top of my own, lacing our fingers together before giving me a familiar squeeze.

"Much," I agree quietly.

She eyes me curiously before lifting her hips up slightly off the porch, connecting her lips with mine. After a quick moment she tries pulling away and lets out a small squeak when I weave my fingers through her hair, holding her closer to me. Her hand wraps itself around my neck and she scratches the back of my scalp in a way that makes goosebumps break out along my skin.

The screen door opens loudly and suddenly, breaking us apart in an instant to meet the knowing eyes of Prim, who smirks down at us, nodding her head a little. Her hands are cupped, held snug against her stomach as she inches slowly in our direction, stepping off the porch step to be in front of us.

It's then that I notice my baby bird's head poking out past her slit fingers. I guess Salman can't really be called a "baby" anymore. He's grown so much from the tiny helpless thing I found tangled in the bushes last year.

"We were bored in there," Prim says, her voice an octave higher as she glances down at the bird. She opens her hands a little, extending them toward me to take him. I grip him in my hands, surprised with how much he wiggles in my grasp, eager to break free from the confines it provides.

"He's become quite the flyer," Prim mumbles, eyeing Salman before her eyes flit up to my face. "I think the cage is getting to be a little too small for him these days."

I watch her carefully as she takes her bottom lip in past her mouth, shrugging a little, as if answering an unasked question.

But it's clear to me what she's hedging toward and I can't say I didn't know the day was coming. As much as I've grown to love and care about Salman, the plan had always been just to help him while he needed it, to nurse him back to a point where he could take off on his own.

I've known for a while now that he was rapidly approaching that point. I guess it was me more than him who wasn't ready to let go just yet. But the timings as good as any and it becomes apparent the more I fight to hold onto him, the more he tries to get away. It's like he knows it's close, that if he just tries a little harder, he'll be able to fly away.

And he'll be okay. I know he will. The worry I once felt about this moment has vanished and in it's place lies hope. His instincts will take over and after that, he'll figure out what's best for him to do.

But I probably won't see him again. Or if I do, he'll start to blend in with the other birds that are so commonly found around here that I might not even realize it's him. But that's okay too. It's the best thing for him and once he gets going, I know that thought will be solidified in my mind.

"I think you're right, Prim," I say, standing up from my spot. Katniss follows my lead, rising to her own feet as we all stand with our arms leaning against the railing off the side of the porch. "Thank you for taking care of him for me all this time."

"Goodbye Sal," Prim whispers lightly, placing a kiss on top of his head which barely pokes past my fingers. Katniss places a finger on top of him, stroking his head a little before pulling away and wrapping an arm around my own.

I open my palms up and without hesitation, he flies.

He doesn't get very far, flapping his wings for just a few seconds before gliding to the ground and hoping around a little. Baby steps. But then he makes his way over to a tree in the yard across the street. Then a little further down. And suddenly he's gone.

It's dark now and the streetlights shine harder against the pavement as crickets start to sound and sprinklers turn off.

"Ready?" Katniss murmurs and it's only then I realize Prim has disappeared again.

"Yeah," I say, gripping her hand tighter and pulling it up to place a quick kiss against her knuckles. She smiles squeezing our palms together before leading me towards the door.

And the feeling I get is so impossibly good its hard to remember a time when things felt bad.


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