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Prologue: Start of a New Beginning

~ A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein

Mina sighed for the umpteenth time that day. Life was never fair to her but hey she got used to it! Looking at her sensei sitting opposite from her, she held in her rage when he was looking at another skimpy-dressed woman. Why did she have to put up with him? Why did she even come with him? Oh right, he black-mailed her so she didn't have much choice over that matter. She shouldn't have read that preposterous book of him! That low-life scum of her mentor threatened to tell Tsunade-shishou...

Sighing again, she ignored the lustful looks of the other men who were eying her like a piece of meat. If they only knew who she really was than they wouldn't even dare to glance in her direction.

Pitiful.. She thought annoyed, glaring at them which made most of them squeal in fear as they felt the killer intent pouring from her. It wasn't much, only enough to get her message through.

"And then I was like whoosh and when he fell on the ground he cried like a baby, begging for his life." Jiraiya interrupted her thoughts with his loud booming voice who stood up, making one of his ridiculous poses.

The women - she was even ashamed to call them the same race as her, but in this matter she didn't have much choice either - were giggling or in their case choking from laughter. Kami, will this torture never end?

Did she already say that life never was fair to her? If so then she would like to clarify it again.

When one of the women squealed like a banshee she had enough of this mess. She stood up, hands slamming against the table, almost breaking it with the force she put into it and screamed her sensei's name out, "Jiraiya!"

Jiraiya, hearing the Hokage's voice, straightened his back and looked at her. She smirked inwardly in triumph as the Hokage's voice did its trick again.

"I thought this was the day were we would be celebrating my achievement?" She asked sarcastically, casting him a very annoyed gaze.

He grinned sheepishly, scratching his head, "Uh... Gomen?"

She scoffed at him, pointing at his seat and used her borrowed Uchiha-glare which made him squeak like a little girl. He quickly obeyed her command fearing that she might explode.

All the anger disappeared from her face and was replaced by a sickening sweet smile, one that made the poor silver-headed man shudder in fear, "Jiraiya-sensei, weren't you the one who forced me to celebrate my achievement?" She took hold of his shoulders, squeezing it hard. Very hard.

Jiraiya winced as Mina kept putting more force into it. Unfortunately, he knew he would pay for it. A furious Yondaime who could move in a flash was the last thing he wanted, even if he did witness her sadistic sides from time to time. And that she was on par with Tsunade, the Slug Sannin, was something he loathed enormously. Women were a heavenly gift from Kami but also the Goddess' of Pain. How many times did he had to suffer from a mob of angry women? How many times did Tsunade knocked him unconscious? How many times did Mina lecture him about his unholy acts like a perv?

Too many times to count, but that didn't mean he wouldn't try again. Many of his fans were waiting for the new Icha Icha series and he would not under any circumstances disappoint them! Even if it would cost his life.

Icha Icha was his life along with beautiful, naked women.

Oh, thinking about those godly, bouncing breasts and nice asses made him drool. A sight that would've scared away any female.

When Mina saw the look on her sensei, her eye brow twitched and she gave up squeezing his shoulders, knowing it wasn't affecting the perverted hermit. Sighing again, she rolled her sleeve while putting chakra into her fists and...


Jiraiya was seen flying through the inn, taking many tables and chairs with him and scaring the shit out of the insiders. Everyone was wise enough to leave her alone until she cooled off.

Especially all the men who had eyed her like candy averted their eyes to some other woman who didn't have that chakra-enhanced strength. They didn't want to suffer the same fate as the silver-haired man who flew through the hole she made with only her fists.

Talk about crazy.

An hour later and a conscious, albeit bruised, Jiraiya appeared back in the inn, muttering things about herculean women but when he saw Mina's sour expression, he wiped off the look on his face and forced a smile on his face.

"Haha, Mina-chan, you didn't have to use Tsunade's strength to make something clear. Words were enough." He tried saying jokingly.

Only to have it fail miserably when Mina cracked her knuckles, he quickly put up his hands defensively, even though it wouldn't protect him from Mina's wrath.

Nothing would actually, but that didn't meant he wouldn't be trying.

"Now, Mina-chan, please don't do anything reckless, think about it..." He gulped as he saw her eyes burn like a devil and saw literally horns pop out of her head. "Mina-chan, ple-"

He was saved when someone touched her shoulders, which resulted in that person being punched out of the inn but to her horror it was the manager of the inn. Inwardly, he was cackling in laughter, knowing that he wasn't the victim this time.

Revenge could be so sweeet! Jiraiya thought in amusement.

Mina's eyes widened and she ran to the poor man, "Gomen, gomen, I was just ... I didn't mean to ... JIRAIYA!" Her burning eyes turned towards him and he gulped in fear.

What did he do this time? It wasn't his fault that she got some of Tsunade's temper. "Mina-chan, heal him!" He ordered quickly, hoping she would listen to him.

And she did.

"Right!" She quickly got to work, her hands glowing green while Jiraiya was thanking Kami that he could live for another day. Why did she have to inherit Tsunade's temper? He cursed himself for he knew it was all his fault. He was the one who introduced the gaki to Tsunade when he saw how good her chakra control was.

When the manager regained the world of consciousness, he looked confused and swayed a little but when his eyes locked with Mina, they grew as big as saucers. Mustering up enough courage, he screamed loudly, pointing an accusing finger at the duo, his face red as cherry, "OUT! I DON'T WANT YOU TWO IN MY INN EVER AGAIN!" Then proceeded to slam the door right in their face.

Jiraiya grinned sheepishly, "That ended well. Let's find another inn." He suggested to the female Hokage.

Mina nodded dumbly, knowing that it was her fault this time. She felt so ashamed. Normally, it was her sensei's fault for getting kicked out, but not this time. She was glad that no one knew her real identity or Konoha would get some bad reputation.

She didn't want to be known as the crazy Yondaime. She still had a reputation to keep. In contrary to her sensei who had long given up being aware of what his books were doing to his reputation.

Finally, after a quarter walking around aimlessly they found an inn, but it looked like it could fall off anytime, not that Jiraiya cared, he waltzed in the inn without any worries, whistling merrily. She followed her sensei without another question and promised herself that she would hold in her anger until they would leave the inn. It wouldn't be able to withstand even one hit. Fortunately for her, she found no good-looking women in the bar if you could call the old woman with the big wart on her nose beautiful.

She sat opposite to her sensei and waited for him to order sake for the both of them. "Two bottles of sake." Jiraiya ordered to the bartender and averted his eyes back to his student - the Yondaime. Sometimes it was easier to forget that she had more political power than he did.

"Congratulations gaki with the new title. I'm proud of you." He said sincerely, pride glinting in his black eyes, putting a hand on her shoulder, which made the blonde-haired woman smile warmly at him. Her sensei could be so gentle and dumb at the same time but now she could hear how sincere and proud he was.

"Arigatou, sensei."

When their bottles came, Jiraiya opened them and handed her one while he took the other one. "We'll drink on your new achievement."

She nodded and clinked her bottle with his. "On my new achievement." And she drunk like never before, not knowing how disastrous her drinking would lead to.

Five bottles later ...

"Seeenseiiii, one - hiccup - mooooore - hiccup - pleaaaase.." Mina slurred out.

Jiraiya grinned like a fool and ordered another bottle of saké for her. "Sure thing, Mina-chan."

Three bottles later ...

Mina knew she was drunk but she didn't care. The only thing she wanted was to have fun while she could. Once she got back in Konoha she would have to work on all those paper stack that Hiruzen didn't finish, the lazy monkey. She would get him back, however.

"Miiinaaaaa-chaaan, I think - hiccup - yoou haaad enough..." He frowned or tried to when he saw one of those old goons touch Mina too low for his liking. "Hands off her." He ordered with a strong-willed voice, one that made the man stumble on his chair and run away from Mina when he felt the killer intent flow off the silver-haired man.

At least he could keep his head a bit clear when he drunk too much. All thanks to the drinking contests with Tsunade.

Mina giggled and leaned closer to her sensei where she could smell the cheap sake from his mouth. "Sensei, you're such a gentleman, protecting your student like that."

Another giggle.

Jiraiya grinned like an idiot while putting an arm around Mina's shoulder, spoke up, "Mina-chan, you know me. I'm always the gentleman with beautiful women like you."

Mina giggled again.

And again. And again.

And to Jiraiya's amazement she did something he only dreamed of. Mina got up and sat on her sensei's lap. "Sensei, can't you teach - hiccup - me more things?" She asked sweetly.

Jiraiya's eyes went down and he admired her breasts and tanned legs but he quickly looked in her eyes when he heard the hidden meaning of behind her words.

Shock was all written on his face.

But that winded down thanks to the alcohol.

"Mina-chan, Jiraiya can teach you many things." He wiggled his eye brows suggestively which made Mina giggle again.

Mina gently put her hands on her sensei's chest, moved closer to his lips and whispered three words that made his body boil to the point where he could only think of sex, "I want you."

Jiraiya stiffened for a moment - as if his subconscious knew how wrong it was - but he relaxed after a moment. He was in an alcohol-induced state and he knew it, but the problem was that he didn't care. He picked her up and walked upstairs, away from the prying eyes of the many men who were eying them. Many were thinking along the same line: If I were in his place instead...

Upstairs, he dropped her on the bed and eyed his dear student, "Sensei, please..." She moaned softly, eyes clouded with obvious lust, just like his.

That was the last drop. He couldn't control himself or his little friend down there. He ravished her mouth while his hands were fumbling with her Jounin vest. He could see that she was getting impatient and was dressing him out. Everything moved in a blur, flesh against flesh, the room filling with pleasurable moans and hard grunts.

That night they passionately made love. Unbeknownst to them the next day would turn out to be something they would never forget.

If only they knew what they were getting themselves into...