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Chapter 13: Kumo Strikes - Part I & II

~ Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends? – Abraham Lincoln

"Naruto…" A melodious voice echoed around the beautiful clearing where sakura petals were scattered, large sakura trees hovering above her small size. The sun was shining vividly, warming her entire body with love and happiness. The small girl walked through the flowery field, picking up blooming daisies and making a flowery crown. When she was done she put it on her head and smiled brightly, walking to the largest tree where the whispers were getting louder and louder.


Said girl scrunched up her nose, trying to find the location of that sweet voice but she couldn't find it. Behind the tree, up, left, right… absolutely nothing. Sighing in frustration, she leaned against the tree and closed her eyes, relishing in the peaceful feeling.

Until she heard that same whisper again, "Naruto…" Her eyes snapped open the moment she felt something poking her side. What was that?

Looking from left to right, she found nothing. "Strange… I could swear I felt something poking me." Waving that ridiculous thought aside, she stood up. What was she supposed to do now?


With narrowed eyes, she continued searching for that mysterious voice. She found it oddly soothing and faintly familiar. Moving past the beautiful ancient sakura tree, she met with the strangest sight ever. There was a never-ending line separating the beautiful clearing from the smelly, dark sewer-like place. She didn't find this normal anymore.

With hesitant steps, she stepped into the sewer and felt a shiver going through her body. Why did she felt so frustrated, frightened and angry at everything? What was this feeling trying to crush her lungs? What was this feeling that left her hollow and empty? And the soothing whisper was ringing in worry? She didn't know why but this feeling…

She gasped and fell backwards into the safe clearing and breathed loudly, tears raining down her cheeks. "W-what was t-that?" She asked to no one in particular, frightened wide eyes observing the sewer. She didn't like that place and quickly as she could she scrambled as far as possible from there. She wiped the stupid tears away and walked back to the sakura tree, sitting against it and trying to steady her wild-beating heart.

"That f-feeling…Never again." She spoke softly, shivering when she remembered those chaotic, negative emotions all at once. It felt like dying alive, as if your soul was killed and your body stood there, moving automatically like a robot. She shivered again and curled up in a ball, wishing to forget that moment but she couldn't.

"I want this nightmare to be over." This clearing was like the lamb hidden in the stomach's wolf.

And that honeyed voice had stopped whispering.

Naruto woke up again, gasping for breath. Another strange dream. Nightmare? She didn't know what it was anymore. That clearing was beautiful but that evil feeling… She shuddered, thinking about it. Those weird dreams were bugging her continuously, every single night she kept getting them. She didn't know why but her gut was telling her it was something important, something that she should have known about, something she longed to know for Kami knows how long.

Sighing softly, she wiped the sweat on her forehead, grimacing when she felt how much she had sweated. She looked at her clock, "Six in the morning?" Grunting in annoyance, she got up and took fresh clothes, feeling like having a shower. To many people this would be a strange occurrence, a three-year old child padding towards the bathroom but for Jiraiya and Tsunade it was routine. Naruto wasn't getting spoiled, not even Kakashi liked to have a spoiled godchild so everyone had agreed to spoil her on important events like her birthday. And thanks to that Naruto was learning to be independent. Also, the fact that she was already a prodigy explained her intelligent rather well.

When she got cleaned up, she tip-toed towards her father's bedroom and slipped in like a real ninja. This time she would get her father…

Jiraiya felt her even before she sneaked in his room. This was becoming a habit for the both of them. Naruto would try to slip in his room without waking him up, which was failing every single time. Unfortunately for little Naruto, Jiraiya was a hardened shinobi that lived through two shinobi wars and sleep wasn't embedded in his mind. He did fall asleep but he was a light sleeper, he'd wake up from the slightest step.

"Naru-chan, I know you're there." Jiraiya said laughing, leaning against his elbows so he could view his daughter from a better angle. She pouted, clearly unhappy with her current stealth skill. He patted the spot next to him, which Naruto took quickly. Lately, he was trying to be a better father for Naruto. He didn't like the thought of losing her forever. Tsunade and Kakashi were right, he was the worst father, even Hiashi was a better one than him and he was virtually emotionless for Kami's sake!

When Naruto snuggled closer, he wrapped his arms around her tiny frame, still in awe that she was his daughter. "Now tell me when it's the right moment to strike a ninja."

"A ninja waits until the time is right. When the enemy sleeps and drops his guard. When his weapons lie forgotten in the stillness of the night. That is the moment for a ninja to strike." Naruto repeated flawlessly, without one single mistake. That was her favourite phrase, one she was proud for remembering. "Very good, Naru-chan." He gave her a gentle squeeze and smiled gently when he caught her gaze.

"Tou-chan, tonight's Hinata's birthday and I promised her to be there. Will you be my…," She looked away, cheeks blushing a vivid red, "Escort?" She asked meekly, looking at him through her eye lashes.

Jiraiya winced at her shy demeanour. Did she think he would refuse to come with her or was she just shy with him? No, she was never shy around him. "Of course, I'll come! I'll have to keep that Neji guy away from you. He is looking too much at you." He grumbled unhappy with the situation. He saw Neji look at his baby daughter a bit too much for his liking. Could the Byakugan even look through someone's clothing? He had to research that before he'd jump to conclusions.

"Tou-chaaaaan! I'm three! Boys have cooties!" Naruto sputtered in embarrassment, more red clouding her cheeks.

Jiraiya grinned widely, ruffling her dried hair, "I know, gaki, I'm just messing with you."

His daughter pouted and crossed her arms, "Tou-chan, don't say embarrassing things like that."

"Or else…?" He whispered in her ear, tickling her.

Her laughter filled the house and one by one the rest of the inhabitants woke up.

"Jiraiya! I'm going to cook breakfast!" Tsunade shouted behind the door, knocking against it.

"Yeah! Yeah!" He replied, continuing with his deadly tickle attack while Naruto was left pleading for mercy. When he stopped his attack, Naruto decided to tickle him but unfortunately for her, Jiraiya wasn't very ticklish, well maybe his feet.

Crossing her arms in spite, she sighed deeply and loudly, "It's not fair, you're not ticklish. At all."

Jiraiya grinned at her cute antics and pinched her cheek, ignoring her weak punch, "What can I say, Naru-chan, I'm that awesome." He boasted in defiance, chuckling in bemusement when Naruto rolled her eyes. "Now, let's get up before aunt Tsu would get angry at us for not setting up the table." Their noses perked up when the smell of fried eggs and bacon filled the entire house. They didn't need any shouting, they followed the smell using their stomachs. Tsunade's cooking was the complete opposite of her gambling ability. She could make your mouth drool just by smell alone.

He threw her on his shoulders, ignoring her loud protests and walked to the bathroom to clean his face. He'd take a shower afterwards. When he was done he walked downstairs, a struggling Naruto on his shoulders. When he came down, the table was already set up courtesy of Shizune, that girl was such a sweetheart at times. Winking at her, he thanked her and ignored the slight blush on her cheeks.

"I-t's nothing, Jiraiya-san." She still opted to call him that. He did tell her a simple Jiraiya was enough but clearly she doesn't want to use it. He shrugged his shoulders and put Naruto down, ignoring the pesky presence of a certain silver-haired asshole.

The moment Kakashi saw Jiraiya holding a giggling Naruto, he felt irritated. Not wanting Naruto to notice it, he wiped off any emotions on his face and kept a blank look, waiting for Tsunade to finish breakfast so he could start eating.

This was routing for them. Tsunade and Shizune would wake up and cook breakfast, Jiraiya and Naruto would come down together and he would appear in the dining room, ready to eat. Now though he wished to be somewhere else. Why though? Why didn't he like to be here? Wasn't it the same like every other day?

"Morning 'Kashi!" Naruto chirped happily, hugging him with her small arms.

He couldn't stay annoyed for long and eye-smiled at her, "Morning, Naru-chan."

She sat next to him, Jiraiya flanking him from the left side. How he detested that man but for Naruto's sake and Hiruzen's warning he kept calm. No need to make things worse. Naruto's outburst was enough for him, he didn't want his godchild to experience that a second time. He'd have to try to be neutral around him.

"Naru-chan, do you have any plans for today?" He asked her, hoping she would say yes. His finger twitched slightly when Jiraiya smirked at him.

She shook her head, "'Kashi, I'm going to Hinata's birthday party."

"Oh." What could he say to that? It was not like he could deny her that opportunity. "Well, I could escort you…there?" He didn't miss Jiraiya smug smirk nor the way Naruto looked down, frowning unhappily. "'Kashi…I already asked tou-chan…"

He was not jealous of that perverted stupid fool. He was not and will never be jealous.

"I see… Well, have fun there and be safe, alright?" He asked her, ignoring Jiraiya's shout of, "With me she is always safe."

Naruto nodded, clearly not happy that she couldn't take both of her favourite males in the world.

Tsunade smirked when she saw the jealous look on Kakashi. She always found it very entertaining when one of those two didn't get some Naru-time. And then she averted her eyes towards Naruto. She'd love to hear this, "Naru-chan, I've had a little chat with Hiashi-san," She still didn't like to be that polite but Naruto looked up at her. Kami knew she didn't want her to learn curse words. "And he agreed with my request to take two escorts with you."

Said little blonde grinned brightly, "Arigatou, aunt Tsu! You're the best!" She padded towards Tsunade and hugged her tightly, giggling happily. It was obvious the girl liked to go with her father and Kakashi. Squeezing the girl lightly back, she ushered her back on her seat.

Kakashi eye-smiled at Tsunade in gratitude, "Tsunade-san, I'll make sure he doesn't do anything foolish."

Jiraiya felt a vein pop up his forehead at that comment but chose to ignore it, "Hime, really?"

"Yes, really, now, let's eat." She said with finality in her tone. Those two will have to start working on their behaviours, she knew it would take a lot of time to make them talk to each other without hostility evident in their voices, heck, it would even take them forever to look at each other without trying to burn each other to death with their deadly glares.

When breakfast was over, Shizune cleaned the kitchen while Naruto and Tsunade walked towards the little blonde's room to make her ready for the party. "Naru-chan, easy, the party isn't going to run away."

Naruto shook her head, "But I promised Hina-chan I would be there first. I can't break my promises!"

"That sounds fair enough."

When they appeared in the room, Tsunade had to blink her eyes at how clean and efficient Naruto's room was. It was almost Uchiha-like. Creepy…

"Naru-chan, your room is so clean. How come?" Even her clothes were sorted in colours.

The mini-blonde was already taking out three beautiful expensive kimono's, "I don't like a messy room." Shrugging, she pointed at the dark blue one, "Aunt Tsu, don't you think this looks better than the other two?" The Senju nodded apprehensively, fingers on her chin as she studied the dark red kimono, the dark blue one and the dark purple on. Yes, Naruto liked dark colours, though Tsunade did try to make her wear some light colours like pink but the girl ran away screaming that she didn't want to wear that ugly colour. So she had given up on trying that. Though, all in all, the small girl did have a fashionable sense, more so than her father who had three clothes in his wardrobe and he kept wearing the same clothes every single day.

In the end Naruto chose to go with the dark blue kimono with the light blue obi around her waist, her hair pulled in a cute bun with blonde bangs framing her adorable face and to top it all, a blue sakura clip holding her bangs in place. Naruto touched the shiny object gently, "Aunt Tsu, can you tell me something about my mother?" Naruto asked her and the moment that question came out her lips, Tsunade stiffened, eyes wide and lips parted open from shock. She didn't expect her to ask something about her long-deceased mother.

And deep down she didn't want to remember it because she knew it still hurt to think about her. Her death was still too fresh on her mind, on their minds. "I-I…"

Naruto waited patiently, hoping she'd get to hear something from her mother, anything really. Why was it so hard to tell her about her own mother? It was not fair, she had rights too, she had the right to know about her mother. "Aunt Tsu, I have all rights to know about my mother."

Tsunade sighed tiredly, looking at the door and hoping Jiraiya or Kakashi would come barging through the door just to interrupt this moment. She knew Naruto had all the rights to know about her mother but it would be too dangerous for her if she knew about her other heritage, other than Jiraiya's. They already had enough problems with her being Jiraiya's daughter, they didn't want to get Iwa's attention too. They would surely plan some form of revenge because of her blood relationship with the Yondaime. Not only the consequences of Iwa but also the fact that she didn't want to talk about …Naruto's mother made up her mind to not tell Naruto anything until she was old enough.

Thankfully, Shizune knocked on the door, her soft voice muffled behind the door, "Tsunade-sama, can I come in?"

"H-Hai." She answered quickly, mentally thanking Shizune for interrupting Naruto's fierce stubbornness for asking about her mother. She always tried it and she always got the same answer; nothing. But that didn't make her give up, no, the stubborn mule kept asking and asking…

When Shizune came in she noticed the tension immediately. Looking at her master, she figured Naruto asked her something about her dead mother. "Naru-chan, it's time to come down, your father and Kakashi are ready to escort you."

"Oh, right. I can't afford to be late." Naruto spoke quickly, already forgetting her unanswered questions. Picking up her blue sandals, she sent Tsunade one last look and disappeared, her loud steps vanishing slowly.

Shizune looked at Tsunade and grimaced, "Tsunade-sama, let's get you some warm tea."

Dumbly, the said beauty nodded and followed her student quietly, pondering about Naruto's behaviour. She had a feeling if Naruto wouldn't get answers, she'd be looking herself and if she saw a picture of the Yondaime then she would know it because their appearances were that obvious. She would have to discuss this with Jiraiya and Kakashi. They couldn't let her find out. Not now. It was too soon.

Jiraiya smiled charmingly at a Hyuuga woman passing him. The woman didn't even gave him a second of her time and walked away in pride. Grumbling in annoyance at how tight up the Hyuuga's were, he took another drink. He'd need it to get through this party. Maybe he could check up on Naruto?

It didn't take them too long to arrive at the Hyuuga compound. When they had arrived there, Naruto had bowed politely and handed the guards her invitation with the mention of two escorts both having very close relationship with her; her father and her godfather. The moment Hinata was in sight, Naruto excused herself and walked towards the shy Hyuuga heiress. He did saw her at times but the last time was an hour ago and he was starting to get worried.

Darkness was already clouding Konoha and the more he started looking around and found no sight of his daughter, the more he started panicking inwardly.

He started asking the rest of the guests about the heiress whereabouts because where Hinata was Naruto wasn't very far behind. No one knew where the two went. How come no one knew where their heiress was? Ridiculous.

He found Kakashi running outside the compound, face contorted in an ugly snarl, Sharingan activated, not far from him was Hiashi, an emotionless blank face, Byakugan activated, veins bulging out and making him look like the scary bogey man coming to kill you.

Tsunade smiled serenely, sipping from her tea and enjoying the delicious dango melting on her tongue. Shizune's talk and sweetly dango did wonders for your brains. She really enjoyed spending time with her student and talk about interesting medical topics.

"Shizune, another cup of te-" Her words were stuck in her throat when her cup broke, the handle whirling on her index finger. "…Naruto." Her eyes widened and with hastened steps, she scrambled out of the room, leaving the broken tea-cup behind. When Shizune came back with the tea-pot, TonTon walking beside her, she tilted her head in confusion, "Tsunade-sama?" She asked uncertainly, looking around the room for her dear teacher.


When her eyes locked with the broken cup, she cursed for the first time in her life.

She had a feeling it had something to do with Naruto. Without another thought she put the pot on the table and ran towards the Hyuuga compound. TonTon all but forgotten and left behind. "Oink! Oink!"

Please, no more deaths, they couldn't handle any more deaths… I can't handle it anymore.

"I beg of you, Naruto, stay safe." She kept praying, repeating those words. "Stay safe, Naruto…" She sniffed quietly, remembering the same bad omen that had happened three years ago. If this would end up as disastrous as that day then she was sure Jiraiya and Tsunade would never put a foot in their home village. She didn't know about Kakashi but she was sure he would try to forget everything and put his mind on more solo missions. Shuddering out a breath, she sped up even more. They would make it. She would make it.

"Let us go! You stupid old bastard! Tou-chan and 'Kashi will kill you if you don't free us this instant!" Naruto's muffled voice came through the giant sack where another certain Hyuuga heiress was trapped in too, crying for her father and mother.

The Kumo-nin shook the sack violently, instead of making them shut up, the blonde one got worse and started cursing him like a sailor. Was she even a normal child? Who would even teach children to curse like that? Shrugging his shoulders, he sped up his pace. He needed to get the hell out of here before he'd get captured. If that happened he'd have to fend off the Hyuuga head clan, Hyuuga Hiashi, Jiraiya, the Toad Sage, Tsunade, the Slug Sannin and Sharingan no Kakashi, son of the White Fang. He wouldn't even last for a second. They would skin him alive, rip off his organs and boil them so they could feel him with it.

Normally he didn't even have to take the Sannin's kid, it was just very convenient for him when he had found them together, playing, not knowing what dangers lurked behind them. Smirking, he sped up, the amount of ryo he would get would be infinite.

Daughter of Jiraiya, one of the famous Sannin and daughter of the Hyuuga's head clan, heiress of the Hyuuga clan. He licked his lips in anticipation, already tasting the sweet success and the huge promotion.

Little Naruto was trying very hard not to cry in these situations but it was hard. They were just playing in the backyard when suddenly this man came out of nowhere and talked to them. Of course, she had ignored him because he was a stranger and didn't even have the Byakugan so he wasn't a family member from Hinata-chan's clan. Her best friend was too shy to walk away since that was considered rude but she didn't care about that. Her guy instincts were screaming at her that this man was bad and so she listened and took Hinata's hand to pull her away from the sick-sweetly nice man, only to be pulled rather violently and with a shriek everything became dark. She didn't even register that she was kidnapped until she felt Hinata's trembling form, crying from distress.

Now though, she had to be strong, especially since Hinata was terrified beyond words.

Taking out the blunt kunai she always had with herself, hidden under her kimono, she started ripping the sack without letting their kidnapper notice anything. She would save Hinata, she'd promised herself to protect her family and friend and she would stick to it.

When Hinata saw what she was doing, she stopped sniffing like a baby and with wide eyes she watched Naruto work her way through the sack. How much she wanted to be like Naruto; strong, independent, happy, bubbly and free from any clan's matter. No one was demanding anything from her. She blinked her eyes in confusion. Why wasn't she happy for Naruto? She didn't like to think about Naruto in that way. She loved Naruto, she was her first and best friend.

Naruto finally got an opening and tried to rip it with all her might, even Hinata helped her. When suddenly the two of them fell out of the sack. Naruto didn't waste any time and started running away, pulling Hinata with her, her blunt kunai already picked up and close to herself.

"Hey! You two! Stop!" Their kidnapper screamed in anger.

Naruto gulped and forced her tiny legs to run faster, "Hinata-chan, faster!" She cried out, ignoring the tears that where threatening to fall down.

Unfortunately for them, the Kumo ninja was stronger and faster. Within ten seconds they were captured again but this time Naruto was prepared. With a loud battle-cry, she pushed the blunt kunai in his thigh and was hurled towards a tree, her back slamming against the rough texture of it. She cried out in pain, and ignored the copper taste that invaded her tongue. She must have bit on it when she was sent flying towards the tree.

"You little bitch!" The Kumo shinobi snarled in anger and with one pull the blunt kunai was out, blood pouring out of it. "I'll make you pay for that."

Hinata was too scared to do anything, huddled against the tree closest to Naruto, crying in fear and slight disgust at her weak self. Naruto was standing up, fighting a ninja that was ten times stronger than herself but she didn't back down. And look at her, she was already crying pitiful just thinking about it.

Naruto glared at the man, crouching down, "Try me, ugly troll!"

The man smirked in glee and punched her in the stomach, sending her tiny body crashing against the same tree. She felt a searing pain through her back and screamed in pain, white spots blinding her vision and couldn't move. The Kumo-nin picked her up by her bun, ripping of a few blonde-silver strands and walked towards Hinata, holding her in his arms and moved on, not caring about his wound. It was only a flesh wound but hell that girl sure had strength, like her that barbaric woman, Tsunade. He wondered if it was her daughter? No one knew the identity of her mother but many people guessed it was Tsunade since she was back in the village taking care of this monster. "Orders were just to keep the Hyuuga unharmed, no one said anything about not harming that stupid blonde."

Shrugging he moved further, hoping he didn't attract any attention. Who was he kidding? By know everyone must have heard it. Clones could be simple diversions for this case. Moving his hands, he summoned two more clones and used that blonde's blood to cover them with it. Konoha was notorious for tracking, this would make it harder for them. They'll never catch him in time. He couldn't help but smile at how easy it all was.

Konoha really was stupid to think Kumo agreed with those preposterous ideas such as peace. "Hmph!" He snorted, speeding up his pace.

Jiraiya fell in synchronized steps with Hiashi and Kakashi, "Can you pick up her smell?"

Kakashi nodded, a savage growl escaping his lips, though the sound was muffled because of the mask, "Naruto's blood… " If Naruto wasn't bleeding out, he would have been forced to summon Pakkun but the blood was so clear. A wolf could smell it from a mile away. "But it's split in three ways; north, west and east. That bastard knew we could pick up her smell and used clones to confuse us."

Hiashi narrowed his pale white bulging eyes, "We'll split up. Each one of us can trace him with our respective skills."

"I'll be taking the north one." Kakashi decided, speeding up.

Hiashi and Jiraiya nodded at each other, both fathers eerily calm and deadly serious and each taking their chosen side.

Hiashi took west. And Jiraiya took east. Both praying their daughters would be safe.

Tsunade moved her hands with blinding speed, covering her entire body with lightning and used it to up her speeding to a virtually unseen speed. She had taken this idea directly from the Raikage and since she had to keep Naruto safe she had to stay fit and create new jutsu's. She moved chakra to her eyes and enhanced her sight where she could literally see the blue wisps of used chakra. Normally, no ninja would be able to use the right amount of chakra towards your eyes to give you a temporary Dojutsu that grants you the ability of seeing the excessive chakra. It needed utmost precision of chakra but since she had flawless chakra control she could do it without harming the chakra coils in her eye balls.

"Ahn, so you split yourself in three. Clever but not clever enough to escape me, fool. I know which one you are." Tsunade whispered sinisterly. She would make Kumo regret the day they decided to kidnap the Hyuuga heiress and her beloved Naru-chan. "If he even laid one finger on her then he'd be wishing he was never born."

She took the one heading east, knowing for sure the real Kumo-nin would be him. It seems Jiraiya was there too. Using more chakra, she moved even faster.

Someone dared to hurt his daughter and use her blood as a diversion.

That person was gonna die by his hands.

He didn't have time to sit down and suck the nature chakra from his environment. He would need another way to get nature chakra and sense that fool out. He clenched his fists and with quick precision he summoned his ever-faithful companions, the two great sage toads, Fukasaku and Shima. When the smoke dispersed, two small, ancient toads appeared, both sitting on each side of his shoulders.

"Jiraiya-chan, why'd ya have to summon me? I was makin' dinner!" Shima spoke annoyed, glaring at Jiraiya.

"Kaa-chan, could ya forget about dinner for a moment? Jiraiya-chan summoned us 'cause there is somethin' important goin' on."

"Shut yer trap! I'm the one makin' dinner every day! It's tough bein' a housewife, ya senile old fart!" Shima screamed in anger, not noticing Jiraiya's tense shoulders and white knuckles as he hopped from tree to tree.

Fukasaku screamed back, anger present in his voice, "What the hell's yer problem, woman? I'm over here worryin' about Jiraiya-chan and ya just keep mouthin' off!"

When Shima harrumphed in anger, he averted his eyes to his left side, turning serious, "Now, kiddo, why did ya summon us?"

Jiraiya narrowed his eyes, glancing at Fukasaku, "Naruto got kidnapped. I need Senjutsu to locate her precise location."

The female toad gasped in shock, eyes wide, "Oh no! Not little Naru-chan! Tou-chan, let's hurry up an' find her already!"

Her husband nodded in agreement and both clamped their palms, fusing with the Toad Sage and sending nature chakra towards Jiraiya who started to have more toad-like appearance, with longer marks along the sides of his face, a goatee, a larger nose with warts, and webbed hands and feet, all of which made him very unappealing. Lately, he was training his Sage mode so he wouldn't get those toad-like appearances but it was no easy task. But if there was one thing he never did was giving up. And he would never in his entire life give up on his daughter. He'd rather die than let anything happen to her.

He blinked when he felt Tsunade signature catching up to him, even when he was using Senjutsu. How in the name of Kami did that woman achieve that kind of speed. He knew she was fast but this fast? He really was losing his touch.

Kakashi saw the kidnapper of his godchild, holding two limp children at each side of him. He could smell the blood so clearly, it made him furious. He had to kill him without hurting the two small girls. He summoned another clone to distract the Kumo-nin while he activated his Sharingan. It was time to kill a shitty Kumo-nin, peace treaty or not, that bastard was going to die by his hands.

His clone moved forwards and intercepted the man, growling, "Drop the two girls and I'll be less inclined to kill you."

"Sharingan no Kakashi, such an honour to meet you head on. It's a shame we can't have a nice talk but as you can see I'm very busy." The man joked, his visible eye crinkling in humour.

The Kumo-nin moved to the left, his clone did the same.

The Kumo-nin moved to the right, his clone did the same.

"Stop monkeying me!"

"Stop monkeying me!" Kakashi parroted, making fun of the shinobi. He needed him to lose his calm demeanour.

The man got angry and summoned a clone to existence, handing him the two hostages. "I'll kill you for making fun of me."

Kakashi chose that moment to appear behind the Kumo-nin, blue sparks coming from his right hand, "Too bad you can't kill me when you're dead. Chidori!"

Thousand birds chirped clearly that night and when the sound wavered there was nothing left. Only smoke.

Kakashi cursed. Loudly.

Hiashi somersaulted in front of the Kumo-nin, kicking him in the face and caught his daughter along with Jiraiya's daughter, Naruto, expertly. He put them down and stared at the Kumo-nin with his ghostly white eyes, "Kumo will pay for their treacherous act, starting by you. You'll regret kidnapping my daughter and Naruto. Prepare to die." And he charged forwards, palm stretched out, ready to use his Juken.

The Kumo-nin didn't even have time to dodge the attack and blocked it with his arms. Still, this was a Hyuuga, an exceptional strong one, who didn't need to hurt him physically. He was destroying his chakra coils internally. He jumped backwards, coughing up blood. How did he even manage to destroy the chakra pathway system around his arms and right lung? He cursed the Hyuuga and spit on the ground, "If I die here then I'm going to take you and those children with me!" The Kumo-nin shouted madly, laughing loudly as if he had snapped mentally.

Hiashi's eyes widened when the shinobi performed a set of seals, an unknown jutsu. Quickly as he could, he jumped towards the children and repelled the attack with the Hakkesho Kaiten. The Hyuuga's best defensive technique.

He felt the violent rumbling of the earth, saw a blinding light and then smoke. A lot of smoke. When he turned around he saw no Hinata nor Naruto. Sighing in irritation, he knew these were the fakes. Using his Byakugan, he found Kakashi, heading towards Jiraiya's direction. "So he must have had the fake one too. And Tsunade-san is here too." He hopped on a tree and dashed towards the opposite side of his.

Hinata, stay safe, my child.

The moment Tsunade appeared next to him, he was shocked to find her body cloaked in lightning and her eyes a golden tint but he kept that aside for later. He nodded in gratitude for her presence, they would save Naruto together.

"Jiraiya, this one is the real one. I can feel it."

Jiraiya grimaced, "I know. Nature chakra grants me the ability to feel the Fox' chakra and where the Fox is..." "Is Naruto." Tsunade finished for him.

"That bastard will die." She continued, using more lightning she appeared in front of the Kumo-nin, "Now!"

Feeling the surge of chakra moving towards her legs, she punched his stomach, rupturing his organs in the process and sent him flying towards a tree or four. Jiraiya caught the small children and sighed in relief when Naruto and Hinata were unharmed. Fortunately for him, the Fox already healed the damage done to Naruto.

Naruto stirred in his arms and blearily opened her eyes, blinking, "T-tou-chan?" She asked uncertainly, cheeks stained with dry tears and blood.

"H-hai, tou-chan is here." The two summon nodded at each other in silence and left the scene. They weren't needed anymore beside kaa-chan had a dinner to finish and she was late as it was. Jiraiya's toad-like appearance vanished and he smiled sadly at his daughter, stroking her cheek. He had almost lost her. "You're safe now. Nothing will get past tou-chan. Not anymore." And he swore to start upping his training program, together with Naruto. This would not be happening again because next time Naruto would be trained in the art of a ninja.

When he looked at Tsunade, his eyes widened considerably and he called out her name in distress. Naruto and Hinata couldn't see her like that. They were enough traumatized with the whole abduction deal. "Tsunade! Stop!" When she didn't listen, he used a weak Genjutsu to lull Naruto and Hinata back to sleep. He had to deal with another blonde.

But Tsunade never heard Jiraiya's scream and continued.

She smirked in glee when she saw blood dripping down. She used to be scared of that but now she loved the sight. She loved the sight of her victim who was bleeding. With her red-polished nails, she picked the Kumo-nin up his chin, looking at him through half-lidded eyes, her long lashes making her even more beautiful, "What did I find here? A toy to play with?" She spoke in a sugary voice.

She moved her nails up his cheek, infusing it with chakra and scarring him. She enjoyed the blissful screams that tore from his throat.

"That's what you get for hurting my precious Naru-chan." With another giggle, she continued the scarring, not leaving a spot behind.

When that was done, she tapped her under lip, "Now what to do…? Ah! I got it!" Chakra gloved her hands and she proceeded to break his bones, crush them into dust and mend them back together. The man kept struggling and screaming and coughing up blood and Tsunade laughed in bliss.

"Those who have been sweet, will get candy, those who have been naughty, will get the rod." She sang in her melodious voice, enjoying the sight of red that was seeping through his clothes.

The man kept begging for mercy but Tsunade wasn't one to be merciful, "Was Kumo merciful when they decided to kidnap the Hyuuga heiress and Naruto?" When she didn't received an answer, she inclined her head towards him, sneering, "Were you being merciful when you hurt my precious Naruto?"

He only looked down in shame, his deformed bloody face hidden from her sight and tears pooling down his eyes. "…I'm sorry."

"Pitiful." She spat out in fury. "And sorry isn't enough." How dare that scum apologize after everything he has done?! She moved her hands in utmost speed, a green-blue ball filled with pure medical chakra was rotating on her palm and merciless she thrust her hand towards his ribcage, "Iryo Rasengan!"

When suddenly, she was pushed away, her jutsu hitting the ground instead. A blinding light covered the entire area and then the ground started rupturing and violent earthquakes appeared. She coughed, waving the dust away and noticed the person was Jiraiya. She recognized his smell immediately and relaxed in his hold.

"Naruto…" She coughed again, snaking an arm around his neck to secure herself. "Where is she?"

The moment his eyes locked with his, she shivered because that look was only set for his enemies. "You dare to torture someone in front of my daughter?"

His voice was calm, too calm. "Shit. I don't know what happened to me. I saw red." She tightened her hold on his arms, biting her lips. "But she was unconscious…"

"She woke up."

Tsunade searched for Naruto and found her in the arms of Kakashi. Hinata in her father's arm. And the Kumo-nin? She couldn't see him. Did he escap- "My clone is already taking him back to T&I Department. We can use the information he has against Kumo and charge them for breaking the peace treaty."

She nodded in understanding. That was fair enough. "That sounds reasonable."

He nodded, sending her another disapproved look, "More reasonable that some petty revenge."

"But you wanted to kill him too. I could see it in your eyes!" She tried defending herself.

He jumped down and put her gently on the ground, "That was before I saw you torturing that man like a madman."

She flinched at that. He was right. She lost all sense of control. Looking away, she mumbled an apology, "I'm sorry…"

He nodded curtly, not feeling like arguing about that and moved his attention back on Naruto, "Can you check them?"

"Hai." And she walked to the two small girls, both hands encased in green, she healed all the damage done to them. "They are fine, nothing damaged but they'll be shaken up by this event. You'll need to keep them preoccupied with something else until they are back to normal."

Hiashi nodded in gratitude, "Arigatou, Tsunade-san."

"Let's go back to Konoha. We need to know what Kumo was planning."

"Hai!" Was the chorus that resonated throughout the forest and they ran back to their hometown, children rescued and minds at ease.