Yahiro and megumi went to the bar. What happens if megumi got drunk? Pure fluff (lol which just totally makes the plotline so obvious) anyways on a side note, megumi and sakura are like best friends in this story (since sakura is dating her twin brother, so it is only natural that sakura is like megumi's best friend) oh and I will be switching between megumi POV and yahiro POV, since I cant write in 3rd person.

Megumi POV-

I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. Sakura words still echoed in my mind. "Megumi, Yahiro does NOT hate you. In fact he really likes you. It is just that he is such an ass, coward and idiot that he can't see what is in front of him".


Yahiro had rejected me. Again. I was lying in my bed listlessly, waiting for time to pass me by. I couldn't even summon energy to try to practise singing to myself, something that I have always enjoyed doing. *sigh* A world without Yahiro loving me is such a painful one. And the love for him, which he does not return and also which cannot disappear just makes things even more painful for me.

'Megumi. You stop being a whim. Yahiro is an idiot. I don't need him.' I angrily tell myself. Then I would numb my heart, so the feelings of pain I felt because of yahiro would go away. Fade away..

The door of my room burst open. I turned my head towards the door. It was sakura. I wanted to tell her to get out of my room. To go away. But I had no strength to write that down onto the magic board, let alone say it aloud. I felt so tired. Why can't anyone just leave me alone. And it was probably my worried twin, Jun, that got Sakura over to help cheer me up seeing that he couldn't bring me out of my misery.

"listen Megumi," Sakura told me firmly, " Yahiro does NOT hate you. In fact he really likes you. It is just that he is such an ass, coward and idiot that he can't see what is in front of him. if you really think Yahiro hates you, then why not you try kissing him?" then in a softer voice whispered into my ear different variations of the way I could possible seduce him, causing me to blush involuntarily. "if he pushes you away then he doesn't like you. If he doesn't that means he is totally in love with you!" Sakura squealed.

*sigh* Sakura really is great at making people feel better. She almost had me believing that Yahiro actually felt something for me since she is one of Yahiro's close friends. But I know that Yahiro will simply push me away. I had seen him pushing countless girls away before. What difference would it be if I tried? I am hardly anyone worth liking compared to the girls that try their luck on Yahiro. They are way prettier than I am, smarter, better body shape. They were simply the perfect girlfriend that everyone would want.

"Oh by the way Megumi, don't forget about the outing we planned to the karaoke tonight. And Yahiro will be coming along. See you there. If you aren't there I will forcefully come here and drag you there. Oh and don't forget to do what I told you to do." Then giggling to herself, Sakura happily left my room, presumably to see Jun.

I stared at the ceiling. Sakura's words echoing in my mind. "he likes you"… I could feel hope rekindle within my heart. Which I instantly crushed. No use getting my hopes up and then having it crushed again by him. I rather I did not hope for anything at all, spare myself from all the pain I would feel. "Megumiiiiii! Go get changed! I know you are lying on the bed!" I heard Sakura shouting from the 1st floor of the house. I continued staring at the ceiling, deliberating if I should go or not. If I went I would see Yahiro. But if I don't, I won't be able to see Yahiro at all. And that was exactly the problem. I was feeling very conflicted emotions on the matter if I want to see him or not.

-flashback end-


The door to my room was forcefully flung open as Sakura came storming into my room, with Jun stationed outside of my room looking concernedly at Sakura and me. "Megumi. You are so not wearing your pyjamas there!" said Sakura as she dragged me out of bed, pulling me to the wardrobe in my room. She began pulling clothes off the rack in an attempt to find something fitting for me. Then at last satisfied with what she found she handed me the clothes. I took the clothes numbly and dragged my feet as I walked to the toilet to change. I couldn't help but feel a slight bit of gratefulness towards what Sakura was doing all for me. Well as well as a slight bit of irritation at her persistence.

-Yahiro POV-

I sat at the sofa watching lazily at Hikari and Kei started a challenge of the-person-who-can-drink-the-most-without-getting-drunk-wins. I watched their immature antics, wondering for the umpteenth time how was it even possible that Kei is tolerating her. I switched my attention to Ryuu and Finn who was both attempting to sing a duet on stage and obviously failing miserably. If only Megumi was here. Her voice would be so much more pleasant to the ears compared to their shrieks and shouts. Talking about Megumi, she isn't here yet. And I only came considering Sakura told me that Megumi would be here. I frowned. She couldn't have been lying considering she had never lied to me about anything when it comes to the subject of Megumi. I looked at my watch distractedly. If Megumi isn't here is another two minutes, I am so leaving this place. The work that would have accumulated just by coming here tonight would be enormous. I closed my eyes and tried to control my slight frustration at the fact that Megumi isn't here yet.

The door opened. I turned my head around. And saw Jun and Sakura entering and Megumi wasn't there. I felt the hope that had surged in my heart dropping flat down. I should have known she wouldn't have been coming considering I had rejected her just recently. Well if she isn't here, then there is hardly any reason to hold myself back from all that work. Seeing me rising from my seat, Sakura came over leaving Jun standing at the side for a little while. "Megumi is here just so if you were thinking of leaving" Sakura said calmly to me. I glared at her and continued on my way out. "Really Yahiro. Is that how you treat the girl who after much effort finally managed to get Megumi out of the house? And it was entirely your fault to start with". It is your fault… It almost felt as if Sakura had just stabbed me with a knife. I continued walking towards the exit as if I didn't hear her. It is best if she didn't see how her words had hit home. I heard Sakura cuss under her breadth before saying "fine. Megumi is sitting at the piano outside at the reception area." Before turning to head back to Jun. "thank you Sakura" I said softly. She heard and turned around giving me a beaming smile "do the right thing you idiot." Before continuing on her way.

I went out to the reception area. I was half expecting Megumi not to be there. But she was sitting on the chair looking at the piano in a seemingly depressed way. I frowned. That bright cheery air around here seemed to be missing. Extremely odd.

Her clothes were beautifully picked out. And it was very obvious that Sakura picked them out. It emphasized her slim figure. Her arms were exposed, showing off her slim arms. She was wearing a white buttoned shirt. It was almost translucent, allowing you to see the pink bra she was wearing under. She was wearing a pink skirt that looked like it was of the same shade as that bra she was wearing, ending at mid thigh. The magic board I gave her was sitting on her lap. Her slim legs were swinging as she sat on the chair since her legs couldn't really reach the floor. Her hair was falling in waves, covering her face partially. I felt my skip a beat. She was so beautiful. Not to mention she was obviously sulking. I sped up my walking speed and decided to surprise her from behind.