-Yahiro POV-

We finally arrived at my house. The ride was pure embarrassment for me. It would admittedly have been a better ride home, if for one my driver was not giving me the occasional smile through the rear mirror, especially when Megumi decided to cuddle next to me. It was also plain torture, because my driver was seating there driving and was clearly taking it as pure entertainment watching my discomfort. I also had to control my urges to do anything inappropriate to Megumi just then. But then thinking back, without my driver there giving me the occasional amused glance, I would most likely have done something inappropriate. I gasped inwardly at that admission. I have never thought doing such inappropriate things to any females I have ever known. Well except for Megumi. I shuddered at the thought. How can I be thinking such impure thoughts about someone so innocent?

The car door opened and I tried to get out. Except Megumi was still latched onto my waist. I looked at her. She was leaning on my body, entranced by the ring I was wearing on my index finger on my right hand. She is so cute, came the unbidden thought. I looked over at my driver holding the door opened. His face looked eternally amused and something tells me that he will never let me forget that something like this have ever happened. I turned back to face Megumi. I have to get her out of the car to avoid an accumulation of blackmail material on me. Gently using me left hand, i pried her apart from me, telling her that we have to go now. She frowned at me in confusion but followed me in the end. We exited the car, and my driver looked at me and gave me a brilliant smile, to show his amusement, and then said to Megumi, "he is a shy guy. Take care of him." Before he quickly entered the driver seat and drove away before I could glare at him and say something I would possibly regret.

"Yahiro." I felt Megumi tugging at my shirt sleeve and I looked down to face her.

"Give me a piggyback to your room" she squealed before giggling. She looked up at me through her bangs, widening her eyes and putting on a pout. My heartbeat hitched as I thought how kissable she looked right now. Except she is currently acting because of alcohol induced weirdness. I let out a sigh, before complying to her wishes. What has become of me? The great Yahiro giving piggy back rides to drunken teenage girl.

I bent down and she quickly wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel her front pressing onto my back and the presence of her body leaning against me sent a pleasant tingle through my body. How is she able to do such a thing to me? She then jumped up slightly as I shifted my hands behind to carry her weight. She was surprisingly light. My hands were now directly under her butt and I could feel the outline of her panties through the thin material of her skirt. I bite my lip, trying to control my thoughts of Megumi is only her undergarments. I don't even know if this is bliss or pure torture anymore. She giggled happily and then brought her head down resting it on my left shoulder. I felt my heart constrict painfully. Being near her and not doing anything inappropriate is so difficult. The smell of vanilla washed over me as a few strand of her long wavy hair fell forward, enveloping me. She turned her head slightly, so it was facing me and then experimentally plucking her lips and blowing into my ear. The hair near my neck raised and I could feel goose bumps rising on the surface where she blew. I closed my eye momentarily as I tried to recollect my thoughts and calm my pounding heart. Who would have thought Megumi was capable of such seduction. But my thoughts were cut off when I felt Megumi's lips pressing down on my neck. I felt my hands involuntarily tighten under her butt as a strangled gasp escaped my lips. I felt a blush burning bright on my face as the corridor leading to my room seemed to become hotter. I really hope no one else is seeing this. She then traced butterfly kisses down my neck leaving a trail of saliva down my neck. I could feel her warm breadth caressing my skin, sending shivers of delight though my body.

"Megumi. What are you doing?" i said as calmly as I could. But as much as I tried to keep my voice neutral and light, it cracked slightly, showing how I was fast losing control.

She giggled and then said huskily, "I like you squeezing my butt like that". My eye widened, and I felt my heartbeat quicken. My fingers tightened momentarily, but then i quickly forced them to relax themselves. No. this can't be happening to me. I feel so helpless against her charms.

I felt her shift under my hands, as her arms pressed down on my shoulder to shift herself into a better position I presume.

"Do you like it?" Megumi has repositioned herself, so that her mouth was near my ear, the tip of her nose brushing against my ear. Her long wavy hair brushed against my exposed skin, sending my heart racing. She was too close to me. And on top of that doing all this... this seductive touches, making the insides of me clench painfully. My pants were really feeling too tight already. I turned my head slightly away from her as I tried to recollect myself.

"Yahiro. Please tell me." she said in an almost sobering serious voice. I didn't answer her. What should I even say? Yes I like it? No I don't? Being near you is confusing me?

Megumi released a sigh. Breaking the silence that had ensued due to my confusion. She must have taken my silence as a signal that she should stop. But now that she stopped, I discovered I didn't want her to. Then I felt her left hand unwrap itself from my body. She leaned her head tilted sideways down on my shoulder and then using her fingers starting playing with my hair. Running her fingers down my scalp. Down my neck. Behind my ears. Almost absentmindedly. Each soft caress bring a jolt of ecstasy. I could feel my breathing going faster as my heart rate sped up against my will.

"Sakura said you would like me doing this" Megumi said softly, at the same time re wrapping her arm around me to secure herself against me. My rational mind jumped at the statement. Ha! See, there was absolutely no way Megumi would do such a thing. It was all the doing of Sakura. So Megumi didn't actually like you. She was just doing as Sakura suggested. It sneered at me. Although it wasn't a direct rejection or anything, it felt as if it was a rejection, and it was almost as painful as a stab to the heart. Somehow I felt betrayed by Sakura. Even though I know she must have been trying to help.

I tried to think rationally. But Megumi lying on my back hardly seems to helping matters. I saw my room door approach my sight and I quicken my steps towards it. A warm shower will definitely help to clear my mind.

I opened the room door carefully, balancing Megumi behind me and pushed the door open. I walked to my queen-sized bed and sat down. Her arms were still hanging around me as I settled down on the bed.

"Megumi. I need to go for a shower now" I told her gently. But her hands did not move. I twisted my body sideways only to see a sleeping Megumi. What a careless girl. Sleeping while I am carrying her. Doesn't she not know that sleeping with a guy is extremely dangerous? Especially one that really likes her? I let out a sigh before carefully peeling her off me, taking care not to wake her up. Then I laid her on the bed covering her with the blanket. The reason for covering her with the blanket was because that was kind of the most natural thing to do, but the main reason was because she shirt was slightly soaked from sweat making her already quite translucent white shirt almost nonexistent as the fabric clinged onto her body, showing off the hot pink bra underneath it. It was the most distracting sight. And not to mention she was so vulnerable sleeping on my bed, that doing something inappropriate was a little too easy. It took all my will power to stop myself from unbuttoning that thin fabric and enjoy myself in her beautiful presence. I forced myself out of the room into the bathroom. Yahiro, get a grip on yourself. Don't forget that if something bad happens to her not only will the whole of S.A become an enemy, but Megumi will also hate you. The thought of Megumi hating me was an extremely sobering thought.




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