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Bella POV

It had been three years since the Cullen's have left me, two years when I lost my best friend and the Pack because of a little thing they call imprinting. But I managed with the help of Charlie, my father, and Leah, my step-sister, seeing Charlie married Sue. I managed to make it through both heartbreaks because of them.

So now here I am, in the place I would deem a beautiful hell. I don't know what possessed me to come here, to take the course that led me here, to the Amazon. The blistering heat on some days, to the cold bone chilling nights, and then the average humid dry air the rest of the days I still wonder why I am here. But yet the pull to be here was strong, not like it was when I was still in America.

This place also made me nervous; it wasn't the locals, or the deadly animals that live in the forests.

No, it was the other things, mythological things, the ones I know very well that aren't so 'Mythological' at all... I'm talking about vampires.

"Bella... You need to stop being so, so, so paranoid." I turn to look at Serena, my beautiful native friend who has managed to be my translator and to learn English for me.

She was beautiful, her hair a dark brown and her skin sun kissed, lighter than the native people of this land. Her eyes were a soft honey brown that showed wisdom and age, I always thought that was weird but I just used my mother's saying 'she was born middle aged and with an old soul.' I knew she had siblings, two sisters and a brother, I know that something had happened with her father that she had turned her back on him and regrets ever being so devoted to him.

We had met on the plane; she was coming back from visiting her sister in Ohio as a final goodbye before deciding to go hunt for her brother. She told me her whole story and in return I told her mine, leaving out the supernatural bullshit. We had become fast friends after that, bonding over hard life experiences and interests.

"I am not paranoid" I huff out, my eyes scanning the tree line for anything unnatural, thus causing her to laugh.

"Yes, because looking 'paranoid' at shadows isn't being paranoid." She snarks back at me with a laugh. I roll my eyes and give her a pointed look.

"I regret ever teaching you sarcasm" I tell her with another eye roll.

"We're okay Bella, there is nothing there" she sighs out before opening the cabin door and going inside.

"How do you always know that?" I ask back, giving the tree line one last look and following her in.

"Because... I don't know, I just do" she gives me the same reply as normal, her brows puckered in a frown as she unpacks her bag. I knew she was hiding something big from me, just like I was from her so I let it be and began to unpack my bag in our new home.

"Any luck on your brother?" I ask her, she sighs and shakes her head. We had been looking for three months now, and still no luck.

So we decided to take a break and move to bum fuck nowhere in a tiny, yet beautiful cabin in a small field of the Amazon.

"I'm going for a run, I'll be back soon" she tells me, I nod and my eyes follow her as she runs out the door. Every few days she goes for a run, and it didn't really bother me, the girl eats like the pack and needs a way to burn it off.

With a tired sigh I flop back onto the bed.


I shoot up to the sound of the satellite phone ringing, my eyes blinked furiously as the sunlight blinds me. Panic swells in me as I see Serena's bed empty, shooting up I snatch the phone and answer it.

"Serena?" I ask out hurriedly, getting up and packing my duffel bag. A horrible feeling of dread settles in the pit of my stomach as I hear her laboured breath.

"He found me Bella, my father found me... I need you to run! Hide; make sure he never gets to you! Please Bella... there is a letter in the top draw for you, take it, read it and run! I will find you soon, I promise..." she gasps out, the wind blaring in my ear. She was running, that's when her words sank in, her father had found her.

"What! How, why am I in danger?" I ask out hurriedly while I zip my bag up and ran to her bed.

"The letter explains it all, please Bella PLEASE" she cries.

"Okay... Be safe" I whisper to her as my hand grips the letter tightly.

"I will find you soon, that is if you wish to see me when you know the truth..." she chokes out before hanging up, I was confused, the truth?

Placing the letter in my pocket I grabbed my purse and chucked both it and the bag and ran out the door like I had the devil himself on my heels.

I didn't stop until I was in a small town. Cringing as I saw my reflection in a cracked window, I looked savage. My hair was windswept and in tangles, clothes tattered and dirty from when I fell or ran close to low branches and other things. My eyes scan the small village and I seek a place to rest for now to read the letter, soon I found a tall tree with low branches where I chose to hide.

Pulling the letter out of my pocket, I unrumpled it and flip it over. My brows rose as I saw my name etched in ink on the front, with a deep breath I open the letter and begin to read.


If you are reading this then that means my father has found me, us. My father is an evil despicable man that created me and my siblings for nothing other than a experiment.

I told you my story, but I wasn't being honest.

Bella, the legends of vampires and everything is real... My father is a vampire and had impregnated my human mother, creating me. My sisters and brother are the same; he wants to find more human women to create more of us, more half breeds.

Every time I went for a run it was to hunt, he saw me and he knows of you Bella. He wants you, he wants you... I moved us because of this, to the Amazon, but if you are reading this then he found us again.

I'm sorry to involve you in the world of supernatural Bella...

Please forgive me,


I stared at the paper disbelievingly, my best friend was part vampire and I didn't even realise it. Thinking back now I see all the signs of her being of such, but her human appearance and her heart beat, eating food just hid it well.

But fuck me silly I was shocked as shit, I had no idea that male vampires could even HAVE children, and that half breeds even existed, but maybe it was because I was so little informed on the whole vampiric life.

But little did she know, I was already in the world of mythological and that I could never blame her for this. In fact, he wouldn't be the first one that wanted me, either dead or alive. Victoria was still looking for me, but hopefully she won't come here, hopefully she will stick to America.

I fold the letter neatly and place it back into my pocket. I might as well explore the town before I have to flee again and buy some food. God knows how I will do that now without Serena translating for me.

With a sigh I push myself up from the ground and dust the dirt off. Gripping the handles of my bag I sling it over my shoulder and walk back out into the town. It was a cloudy day, casting a dreary feeling over the small little village.

My eyes scanned the area, my nose trying to smell the aroma of food, any sort of food. Fuck I could eat a whole horse or cow and still be hungry, but alas it seems I am out of luck. I was a newcomer, a pale face and I knew the looks the locals were giving me, I was different and shouldn't be trusted.

But I didn't let that deter me, so with my head held high I continued to seek out some food. I was only half way down the little road when I cursed mentally to the gods above for my bad luck. There not ten meters away was a vampire, not any vampire, a fucking human feeding vampire.

Not only a human drinking one, she looked hungry. Her eyes were trained on a male that was only a few feet away from me looking at little handmade knick knacks while speaking to an old lady. He was just taller than me with an olive complexion; his hair was dark ebony and pulled back into a tight braid down his back. I found myself wanting to be near him, to see his eyes and to touch him.

Shaking my head of these strange thoughts my eyes flicker between the vampire and this boy in horror and determination. I knew I wouldn't be able to escape her, but maybe just maybe I could save him, this strange attractive male.

Finally settling on determination I stalk forward and grip his arm to gain his attention, yanking my hand back instantly at the warm tingling zap that runs through my fingers and arm while holding back a yelp I look into his eyes. I couldn't contain a gasp as his eyes were the colour of warm teak, so beautiful and hypnotizing.

"Do you speak English?" I ask him, trying not to speak quickly.

"Yes. Some" He replies, in the same thick accented English like Serena's.

"I need your help; can you come with me please?" I beg, my eyes flickering between him and the vampire. He looks over his shoulder to where my eyes flickered too and turns back to me with a confused frown as he took in my worried begging eyes.

"Alright" He responds with a warm smile.

I quickly gripped his hand, ignoring the best I could that warm spark before almost dragging him away. Every now and then I would look over my shoulder to see if the vampire was there or following us but I couldn't see her. When I felt safe enough I turned back to the man, he sure was handsome

"I'm sorry… I just… You were in danger and I just couldn't let you be hurt" I manage to get out as my eyes dart around the open area.

"Danger?" he asks with a frown, he too looking around. His eyes fix in on something over my shoulder at something causes me to get curious. I instantly regret looking over my shoulder, a scream escaped my lips as I saw the dark eyes of the woman, not far from us.

I quickly grasp his hand to run again only to stop when he doesn't budge.

"Quick, we need to run… she's... She'll kill us" I cry out, causing his brows to shoot up in surprise.

"No she won't, little one; she's my aunt" I freeze, my body exploding with goose bumps as his words chill me to the core.

I turn around slowly, shaking, my eyes wide as I stare at him. I could see it now, he was too perfect, not one scar or blemish on his skin. His eyes slightly darker now, his skin too hard yet too smooth, how he didn't budge when I just pulled him.

"You're… You're a half breed" I squeak before doing the only fucking thing I could think of right now... I passed out.

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