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"I love you my little swan." He whispers, his hand resting over my non beating heart. I couldn't help but let out a sob as I heard his words, ones I feared I would never be able to say to him.

"And I love you Nahuel." I breathe out, my hand lying over his heart.

Nahuel POV

I grasped my mate tightly, pulling her into my chest. It had been several weeks since the attack and since she had saved me and everyone else. Several weeks since we had uttered our 'I love you's' and since everything changed.

Bella had changed; she was stronger now, much like a warrior but was also very skittish. Her beast had scared her, as she came back to her more humane sense that is and saw the destruction she had caused. It took several days to calm her down, several days where she had clung to me and nursed me back to health.

"Stop it." I grumble, placing a kiss on her temple.

"I can't help it." She mutters back to me, her hand curling my hair nervously as she stared at the boxes before us.

"Little Swan, it is alright to be nervous." Zafrina states as she moves to stand next to us, her dark eyes piecing the metal boxes before us as well. "But this needs to be done and only you can end it, it is your right to do so for all the harm they caused Nahuel and your family." She finishes strongly.

I stiffened slightly as I felt her fingers run down the scar across my back, the one that didn't seem to heal completely like the others. This seemed to anger her greatly and I presume always would, they had hurt her mate – me.

Bella's chest vibrated against mine as her hand stilled, causing mine to rub up and down her bare lower back. Ever since we had returned to the amazon she had chosen to forgo the outside world's clothing and took up the one of the Amazonian sisters along with Huilen and I's. Leather and fur.

"Just hurry up," My sister snapped, her patience was thin since the battle; causing my mates and mine to thin just as much.

"Quiet, Maysun. You are in no position to demand or even speak." My mate hissed, causing me to smirk.

Bella was just as much in a hurry to find Serena but we were coming up with nothing in finding her. We even spoke away from Maysun about the fact that she wasn't feeling the mating pull to her supposed mate like every mated pair could. We being half immortal makes no difference.

"Little Swan, may I have the red head?" Huilen asks with a growl as she glares at the specific box.

"I want the seer." Paul snarls, his bare chest heaving as he held Leah in his arms. "We both do. Since we cannot and will not kill the cuntpire mind reader." He spoke once more.

Bella's shoulders sagged a little, her head instantly jerking up and down in approval. She only wanted to burn the mind reader; the one who hurt me. Paul and Leah grinned as they stepped back into the cover of the trees before stepping back out as wolves, teeth bared and dripping with saliva.

Stepping from my arms Bella unlatched the Seer's box and kicked her half fused remains to the dirt, towards the wolves. The yipped with excitement as they circled the seer, her eyes wide with madness and fear as she snapped her teeth at them.

"Nothing can save you now Alice… You have no arms… or feet." Bella chuckled, turning her back and doing the same thing to Victoria before Huilen. My aunt wasted no time as she pounced on the red head, ripping and shredding the already half fused skin and limbs wildly, our native tongue spilling from her lips as she cursed the woman to hell.

"Nahuel, my love, will you join me?" Bella asks, turning and holding out a hand for me to take. Giving her a soft smile I walk to her side and take it, smirking down at the black rage filled eyes in the box at our feet.

"It looks like I win now." I laugh my voice rough; vibrating with the growl in my chest. "She is mine," I hiss as I lean closer to his face.

"Little Swan, I do believe the honours are yours." I tell her with a smile, gesturing to the scum. She nods and quickly as possible jerks the head from his shoulders with one clean swoop. Lifting the body in my hands, I drag it to the now lit pyre thanks to the Amazonians.

"Will you ladies like a piece to throw in?" I ask, being the gentleman my aunt raised me to be. Kachiri was the first to come and rip a piece from the torso, the rest of his arms; while Zafrina and Senna took the left overs of his legs with a glad pleased smile.

Looking at my mate I see her staring into the eyes of the mind reader, a smirk on her face as she lets out a chuckle. "See you in hell fucker." She chuckles out before casually tossing his head into the pyre, sending it into a myriad of colours as his venom hit the open flame. The rest of his body followed by the others landed into the pyre soon after, the faces of their Enders satisfied by their deaths.

"Well I feel better Sis." Leah chuckles; coming to Bella's side and pulling her into her arms.

"So do I," Bella replies smiling in my direction.

"So how are you really feeling?" Looking down at my aunt I sigh.

"I still hurt is some places, the broken bones and what not. They are healed as I have been told but it's like a ghost of a pain. I only feel it still because I remember it." I tell her honestly, Rosalie's words filling my mind. After the battle had ended Bella would only allow her near me – with great difficulty of course – but it was better than when Carlisle had tried.

"It is a miracle that you were not hurt more Nahuel. You could have died, we do not know the limitations to pain that Daphmir's can take." She whispers, taking her hand into mine. I knew she was scared; she was worried I was going to disappear from the earth.

With a sad smile I pull my aunt into my arms and hold her tight against my body.

"I cannot lose you Nahuel; you are the family of my blood that I have left. Pire had died to give life to you and you nearly died in the hands of a vengeful vampire. I feel as though the gods have cursed me to suffer in pain." She whispers softly into my chest. Pulling back I look her into the eyes before turning her to face out family, a family not long ago never existed.

"No, we have plenty now, the gods have blessed us with a loving family. I could not have been taken from this earth when I had much to fight for." I tell her honestly as my eyes connect with my mates, her face glowing as she laughed at what Leah had uttered to her.

I shook my head and watched on with silence next to my Aunt, savouring the love that surrounded us at this point in time.

All was well for now, but I couldn't seem to shake the dread deep in the back of my mind.

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