An idea that has been drifting around in my head for a while but really came to fruition when I was sunning it by the pool with Lily-Starbuck (yes I was actually with her! She came to my house for a long weekend, partly to see me and partly to celebrate my son's birthday with us :D)

But anyway, back to the fic, as I said we were sat by the pool getting some sun when we got to talking about fics and I mentioned that I had this idea and she encouraged me to write it, so you all owe thanks to Jen for making me actually write it down.

Lou had been in the hospital for a little over a week and he was more than ready to get home, to get out of the building that always smelt of a mixture of disinfectant and illness, he hated it. The thought of all the bugs drifting around that he could potentially catch at any moment, it made him shudder. The only thing that had been able to keep him from discharging himself was Catherine's visits every day, he knew that she was making a special effort just to come and see him because normally she would be sleeping during the hospitals visiting hours - which was probably why she had bags under her eyes - that was the routine everyone who worked nightshift had, sleep during the day and work at night. He had tried numerous times to get her to sleep, even offered her the bed but she had declined with a shake of her head and continued to fluff up his pillows; she was constantly fussing over him.

But she wasn't there at the moment, it was a little too early for visitors and Lou was propped up on his bed watching the nurses talking and laughing occasionally at the nurses' station just visible through the gap in the curtains that surrounded his cubicle, he had been moved from his own room once he had woken and was now on a ward with a couple of other patients, old guys who were recovering from hip surgery. He didn't mind the old guys; they were quite pleasant and shared stories from the old days when they were young and in their words "admiring young ladies such as the beauty that visited him." He had chuckled at that a little and the tips of his ears went a little red when they asked if she was his girl, he didn't quite know how to explain what he and Catherine were exactly, they had never discussed it so he had settled on a wink and a "Wouldn't you like to know." This had caused them to let out low grumbles of laughter.

He smiled remembering the conversation and stared off into nothingness, when the nurse came in and smiled at him he didn't really pay much attention, he had noticed how Catherine seemed to touch him more whenever this nurse particular nurse was around and he had the distinct impression that she was trying to make it known that he was hers, maybe she was a little jealous? He didn't know for sure but he liked it.

Looking up at the nurse he noticed for the first time how pretty she really was but she didn't hold a candle to Catherine in his opinion, yes she had bigger breasts but Catherine's were much better, perkier and fitted into his big palms perfectly. She was a brunette, the type he normally went for but since Catherine had come onto the scene he couldn't get her golden/red locks out of his mind, the way her hair shimmered and seemed to glow when the sunlight hit it, it made her like a goddess. His eyes roamed over the nurses features, her nose was a little bigger and her face rounder, her eyes he noted were a hazel colour, nothing at all like Catherine's. Catherine's eyes had been what had first attracted him to her, the way they swirled like deep pools, the shape of them, and the way they seemed to twinkle when she laughed, especially when she was laughing at something he had said.

He smiled up at the nurse thinking that Catherine needn't worry at all, this woman may have been what he had previously admired and desired but now Catherine was most definitely what he wanted.

He hadn't been paying attention to what she had been saying and suddenly realised that she was watching him, waiting for an answer to a question he hadn't heard. "I'm sorry, what did you say?" He smiled politely hoping he wouldn't annoy her with his absentmindedness.

His charming smile seemed to work as she smiled back and repeated her question. "The doctor is going to come and asses you in an hour, if all goes well you may be allowed to go home but with an injury such as yours you will need a lot of support, do you have anyone to stay with you?"

Lou racked his mind trying to think of someone he could stay with, his mom was out of the picture, she lived in Canada still and he really didn't want to ask her to come over and then be forced to explain what had happened which would ultimately lead to her lecturing him about how dangerous his career choice was. So no, he couldn't stay with his mom. His next option was Jim, they had been friends for a lot of years but he wasn't sure if their friendship extended helping him go to the bathroom, to shower and to dress, plus he wasn't entirely comfortable with all of that himself even if Jim was. Sighing he realised he didn't really have anyone he could count on, yeah he had friends at work but no one he could really say were there for him. Sure, they had visited, brought him chocolates and get well soon cards but would that extend to out of the hospital? He mentally shook his head no, no it wouldn't, he hadn't been out with any of them in any kind of social situation that didn't involve work and since he had stopped drinking he hadn't been to the bars with his old drinking pals. He had lost contact with almost all of his friends; his work hours weren't exactly constructive to building friendships or keeping them.

He looked at his sheets feeling a little depressed at the thought of being alone in the world; he shook his head slightly and was just about to say no to the nurse when a soft voice piped up from the doorway. "He can stay with me." Lou's head shot up and he saw Catherine watching him, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she was wearing loose fitting jeans and a baggy tee, it was the most casual he had ever seen her and he loved it.

"Cath, you don't have to do that." He said quietly even though inside he was screaming yes!

A small smiled pulled at the corner of her mouth and she walked into the room, bypassing the nurse with a quick, sharp glance and came to a stop by the head of his bed. "I want to." She commented as her hand stroked some of his hair off of his forehead causing him to smile up at her and mutter thanks.

The nurse had smiled politely and nodded, muttered something about forms that needed filling then left his bedside in a rush. Lou watched Catherine's eyes following her until she was on the other side of the curtain, he could see the glint in her eyes that told him she didn't like her. Catherine turned and caught him smiling making her smile a little. "What's got you so happy?" She asked as she took her usual spot on the edge of his bed next to his good leg.

Lou chuckled a little. "Something you don't like about her?"

Catherine turned her head feeling her cheeks flush slightly, she didn't want to admit to feeling jealous, jealous because the nurse was pretty and got to spend time with Lou. She knew it was silly, she couldn't exactly call herself Lou's girlfriend. Their situation was more of a fuck buddy deal than a real relationship. She hated it, but would take it if it meant she got to be with Lou. So instead of replying she changed the course of the conversation to him and easier topics. "How's your leg feeling today?" Lou simply shrugged and looked down at his leg. "Is it still hurting?"

"Of course it's still hurting, I was shot!" He snapped a little, making Catherine flinch at his harsh words. He didn't mean to snap but he was so fed up with everyone asking if it hurt, how it felt, what it was like. "Cath, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have snapped." He apologised upon seeing her slightly hurt expression.

She nodded and attempted a small smile, reached for his large hand and took it into her none bandaged one and gave it a gentle squeeze. "So I get you until you're better." She commented making Lou smile.

"Yeah, I guess you do. Do you think you can handle it?"

Catherine smirked. "Oh I think we both know I can handle it." She finished with a wink.