I never thought we would be a couple. But I'm so glad that we are.

Now that I am having my last year in University taking up Fashion Design, Amachi Shouta just entered his Freshman year.

I remember when I was a Freshman, myself. My university friends new about us, Amachi and I, they were a bit hesitant because of the age difference. But I said that Amachi was mature for his age and I loved him. Sure it was not always easy and sometimes it would be tough, for us two. But we always did our best to make it work because we needed each other so much and we also help each other become better people.

One Saturday morning and I just finished my breakfast. I didn't have a Saturday class which was okay because it was the only time for me to rest and do house work. Also, I just finished washing the plates and pans that I used. The sun was friendly as it struck inside the kitchen and the tables and the glass wares.

The phone rang.

"Hello," I answered.

"Senpai…" beckoned voice on the other end.

"Shouta…" I said with happiness in my heart, to hear his voice.

"When was the last time we talked? Last week, right?" asked Shouta sternly. Ever since we were going out as a couple, he was his true self: Speaking in a serious manner. Still polite but not like before when I first met him.

"Yes… We have been so busy, no?" I said laughing a bit.

"Yeah. So… I should come over because I am not busy." Said Shouta.

"Sure! Come in any time." I said.

"Okay. See you, Senpai…" said Shouta. And we ended our call.

Shouta would come over here every Saturday. If he couldn't come, he would see to it that we'd meet in the plaza or even have a cup of coffee just so he would see me and listen to my updates on how my week had gone. I am so proud of Shouta for being who he is as a person.

I remember back in grade school, my classmates and I would always envision our so-called prince charming: to be old and dashing, tall and handsome. Now that I have Shouta, I am thinking: Sometimes the true one for me is someone that I least expect to be. And it's true. Shouta may not be tall, and he may not be older than me… But I know he is the one because… Of many things. Mostly because I see him as someone who can be a great father someday. And he is a great friend, too. He is, my best friend at that. He supports me the best that he can, and does not forget his responsibilities. Although he can be aloof and proud about his looks and cuteness especially when he is with other people, he is a very gentle and courteous and very sweet to many.

I decided to get myself ready, at the least, before Shouta arrived. I went to take a shower.

While I was in the middle of scrubbing my body and just finished cleaning my hair with shampoo, I heard the doorbell ring. Obviously, I couldn't answer it because my body and my fingers were covered with soap suds. I was in a state of dilemma for a few seconds. But I, then, decided to wash my fingers and get my mobile phone so I can call Shouta to tell him I'm still in the shower.

"Hello? Shouta!"


"Shouta, sorry, is it okay if you got the key where it is kept and come in. I am still in the shower. Super sorry!" I pleaded hoping he wouldn't feel sad.

"Okay." He said and we ended our call. As much as I wanted to worry about what had been his reaction, I just focused all my energies on making myself clean and finish my shower right away.

Few minutes passed and I was done and I was able to dry my whole body, change to some clean clothing, wash my face and brush my teeth. I also managed to fix my hair in a simple manner that it looked presentably neat.

I came down the stairs and looked where Shouta was. True enough, I found him in the kitchen, in the refrigerator, looking for food. I thought: Oh no, maybe he still haven't had his breakfast and decided to eat at my place. Though, I felt relieved to realize that I had left-over donuts from my co-worker since it was her birthday yesterday. Thank goodness.

"Shou-kun…" I called out.

At that moment, Shouta looked at me right away. He smiled, closed the ref and walked fast, towards me.

He, then, hugged me, and gave me a sweet and long kiss on the lips. Both of our eyes were closed as we felt each other's kiss, as if we haven't done it for centuries. I hugged him tight. I felt as warm as the morning sun, wrapped around Shouta's sweet and caring arms as he held his hand on my waist and on my cheek. His kiss was refreshing like sweet strawberries and cream. I could never resist it.

Then we stopped and he looked at me, stared and smiled.

I stared at him, too. But, I didn't know what to say, first.

"I'm hungry." He said after more or less ten seconds of staring at each other's eyes and face. Maybe, he was thinking of what to say to me, too.

"Yes sure, sure, I have donuts inside the fridge," I laughed, surprised a bit by his first statement. I opened it and got the box of the left-over donuts out and placed it on the table.

Shouta took his seat and stared at the box. I laughed again when I saw Shouta staring so eager at the box of donuts because, up until now, he still loved sweets. Poor boy of mine, he seemed famished and extatic.

I got two cute, small plates and two forks and placed it on the table. I also prepared orange juice for the both of us. Even though I already ate breakfast, I could eat a small piece so, at least, Shouta was eating his delayed breakfast with someone.

Shouta started to eat a piece right after I placed a cinnamon-coated donut on his plate.

(end of Part 1)