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Alright, so Jade eating a cupcake. That's how this chapter starts. Spoiler warning, yeah. But seriously, dude, my Jade fannons are: -she has purple eyes but she wears contacts / -she has a secret sweet tooth and is a great chef but its like her biggest secret on earth ever on earth ever / -she has a soft spot for trina and cat and / -she hates tori. Not even likes in the least, just hates her. :D / -she doesn't like to use vulgar language. I mean, like, not cuss words but, body parts and bodily functions. She can't even say 'poo'. :D she has to say 'crap'. And even then she hates to say it.

my cat fannons are: -she has a green cheek conure named Peanut and a lovebird named Hanalei / -she has an autistic brother, but that's not something i'm going to write about because FlorMorada does it better. / -she has originally brown hair and / -her room looks like a cotton candy/pastel paradise. :O

my trina fannons are: -she has no choice but to act the way she does and it's not her fault / -she gets jealous easily but / -shes great at hiding her feelings.

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Jesus, I'm hungry.

Weird way to start a story, I know. But seriously. I freaking am. I walk to the kitchen and open the fridge. Shit, there's like, nothing good here. Oh, well. I pull out a cinnamon-cappuccino(The flavours that Americans invent these days, my God) iced cupcake. Even if the flavour sounds weird, it looks delicious and I can't wait to eat it.. I walk to the couch and plop down, turning on the TV. Then I unwrap it slowly and delicately, because if I get icing on my fingers my OCD side won't be very happy.

I use the tippytips of my nails to pluck the small chocolate heart off the top of the cupcake and place it precisely on the tip of my tongue. The chocolate melts onto my tongue and it has just the right balance of cacao and milk in it(maybe something like 50% concentrate?) and I can taste a hint of coffee and a hint of salted caramel in the sweet, melting substance. Holy shit, mm. My taste buds are being freaking molested by the flavour. I can only imagine what the cupcake itself is going to taste like..

I'm about to lick the curly tip of the icing on the peak of the cupcake when my mom comes in, leaving me frozen with my tongue millimetres away from the icing that I swear to God I can taste even if I'm not touching it..

"Jade.." She begins uncertainly. "Are you making out with the cupcake?" I groan as she bursts out laughing.

What? I freaking like sweet food! And it's not like I can eat it anywhere but my house, I have a friggin' reputation to keep up. So go away!

"I love you, mom, but me and the cake are having a moment." I say with sincerity before I leap to my feet and storm up to my room with the culinary gem in my hand.

I sit down on the floor and I'm about to make the first lick onto it's marble-slick surface before my phone rings. I look down and see Trina's face on the screen along with the custom ringtone I picked for her.

"Radio / Bleed me a melody / That will make this boy cry / Radio / Bleed me a mel-" I press the 'answer' button on my phone and bring it up to my ear.

"What." I demand firmly. Too many interruptions to my cupcake! But my shoulders slump and the cupcake falls, forgotten, to my side as I hear crying on the other end.

"Jade, Jade, Jade!" Trina's sobbing into the phone and I have no idea why.

"What's wrong, Trina?" I ask although I'm afraid she's gone back to being the 'old Trina' and she's crying because her avocado mask exploded in her face or something.

"Guess what?" ...Oh. They're happy tears. Don't worry, I got that.

"Trina, you scared the fuck out of me!" I chide. "Why are you crying?"

"Because a miracle happened!" I groan in annoyance. Whatever it is, it couldn't be that impressive..

"I was going to eat a fucking cupca-"

"Nevermind your sweet tooth! Guess what? Oh, whatever, I'll tell you anyway. Josh Segal asked me out!"

I blink onetwothree times(maybe it was a miracle) and then I feel my lip curl in disgust and do my best not to smash my phone into the ground. My hand snakes around my back and feels the floor for my cupcake, which I pull into my grasp. Trina goes off on a lament about how amazing Josh Segal the two-timing cheapskate player of the school is, and while she does so I nonchalantly lick the icing off the cupcake with the tip of my tongue. The first lick is all it takes before Trina's voice is reduced to a dull droning in the background. All I can hear is fireworks as I taste this cupcake. Holy crap it's amazing. It tastes like milk chocolate mocha with a hint of cinnamon and I can practically feel myself melt under the taste. Iciiingg..

"Jade!" I sit up straight with sudden but rapt attention and realise that Crap, I forgot to listen to Trina.

"Did you hear anything I said?" I laugh sheepishly.

"Yeah, Vega. What am I supposed to say to that?"

"Well, since I asked if you wanted to come over, a response would be nice." She says and I can tell she's not being the bitch she used to be but she's just lightly joking around with me. I decide that the cupcake can come along and respond with a quick yes. This should be interesting..

. . .

I knock impatiently on the door of the Vega's house, cupcake in hand. Almost instantly, Trina brings me inside her house, dragging me by the wrist and sits me down on the couch. I observe her face and I can see that she has tear stains on her cheeks. I take a bite out of the cupcake and an mmmmm goes past my lips and my eyes flutter shut. It tastes like coffee and caramel and cinnamon but it's not overdone and the icing only makes it taste even better and holy shit Trina's talking.

"Jade?" She waves her hand in my face and I snap to attention.

"Alright." I say with mock interest, although really, the cupcake is more appealing to me right now. 'Tell me how you got into dating the school player." She looks taken aback for a second but then resumes her animated aura, talking quickly and excitedly.

"Well.. So after that 'health project' we did," She begins, making quotation marks with her fingers, "He caught up with me after we had split up to go to our different classes and he.. he just asked me out!" I rolled my eyes. This was not going to end well.

"Trina, he's a player. He wants you because he wants to be the first to have you." I say, and I feel my eyes widening to prove my point. Trina looks oddly uncomfortable and I can't help but to smirk. I sit in silence and watch her intently, waiting for a response. I cross my arms as she stirrs to speak. Probably going to tell me how I'm right and stuff. Because I am. I mean, I'm Jade West.

"I don't believe you." Whoa, what?

"Trina, even To- Vega thinks he's a player. And she's.. she's her!" I exclaim, taking another bite out of the cupcake. Oh my GOD it has salty caramel filling. I'm dying here.

"So what if my sister dated him?" Trina asks. Well, she obviously wasn't faking obliviousness.

"Trina, he's cheated on every girl he dated after he stole her virginity!" I fall silent after a second, then blurt out, "Are you even a virgin?"

Trina looks at me like I've sprouted another head. "Of course I am! Why would'n-"

"Anywho.. he's going to break your heart!" I wasn't about to tell her that everybody called her an easy slut behind her back, especially because I've done it too..

What? I'm Jade West, it's what I do! Besides, I like Trina now so what does it matter?

"No, he's not, Jade! He's super sweet!"

"He wants in your pants!"

"Well, I won't let him!"

"Ugh, I have better things to do than argue with you!"

"Like what, eat a cupcake?" I chuckle at this, getting up and grabbing my car keys off the table in front of me. I walk to the door and put the keys in the same hand as the cupcake to open it, and right before I leave, I melodramatically turn to look at Trina and say,


. . .

Ah, Hollywood Arts. The school of drama, melodrama and divas. Oh, and like, three talented people. And Psycho-witless. I mean Sikowitz. But seriously, the man probably smokes coconut skin or something.

I'm at my locker and I'm switching out my Improv Acting class notes with my Aspiring Director class textbook. Everybody's in class now and I'm late- not that this is an unusual occurrence. I slam my locker shut and lick my lips. Since yesterday's ordeal, I had gotten this new caramel lip balm and it was probably the only thing keeping me sane until I could get home to eat another cupcake. Yeah, I probably have an addiction- but you can't say anything until you try one of those things! I'm walking towards the left wing, about to turn the corner when I hear voices coming from the other side. I quickly spring into 'mission impossible' stealth position and flatten my back against the lockers behind me, leaning towards the corner to hear better.

"And she said yes?"

"Yeah, man! Why wouldn't she?"

"Oh, yeah, snort, you're right. She has no friends!"

"No, man. She has that goth girl." I clench my fists at this. Well, now I know who's talking, and who they're talking about..

"But she won't be a problem."

"Why not?"

"Trina's so in love with the idea of being in love she said yes on impulse."

"That's janked up, man!"

"No, man, remember that nobody loves her."

"Not even you?"

"The only thing that I love about her is.." I strained my ears to hear what they were whispering about, but I could only make out the occasional giggle or the word- well, vulgar things. My fists clenched even more, sharp nails digging into my palms and making them very near bleed. I was right, then. That was all I needed to hear. Turning on the balls of my feet, I stormed off- I could get to my Aspiring Director's class another way.

. . .

"It's true!" I whine exasperatedly, leaning forward from where I sat in the couch until I'm inches away from Trina.

"No, Jade. He loves me! He would never say that!" This girl is too ignorant, I swear.

"Josh Segal is a player! Say it with me: Plaaaayyyyyyyy. Errrrrrrr." I widened my eyes with each phrase, trying to get the thought through Trina's head that anybody with a name like Josh Segal is only out to get your hoo-haa! Yeah, I said hoo-haa. Get out of here, I'm not a vulgar person.

"No!" Trina scowls, pushing me away from her.

"I can't believe you'd say that about my first boyfriend!"


"You just don't want us to be together, don't you? Well, fine then. I don't want to be a burden." I blink in surprise. Was this girl really saying what I think she was saying?

"The door's right there. Leave if you like."

She gets up and dusts herself off as if she's just done the whole world justice, and she strides upstairs without so much as a glance behind her. She doesn't tip her chin into the air or anything snobbish like that; but it still hurts to see her go. All I can do is stare after her with an expression of pity on my face, before I feel like absolute shit.

Her first boyfriend? That kind of explains everything and that makes me really.. I'm not sure. There's this emotion in the pit of my stomach and I don't know what it is but it's not a good one. It's not guilt, been there done that, but.. I don't know. I think my psychic powers are telling me something bad is going to happen. Even if I wanted to help Trina or make her feel better(I'm not sure I even want to anymore), I can't. I admit defeat with a a loud sigh, before I get up and drag my feet to the door, barely shooting a glance at the room behind me.

I've got no business here anymore.

baww sad sad. ;C oh well. im gonna go eat cake now. xD