Title: Kurt Anderson and Blaine Hummel
Author: pukaroxliza
Rating: R
Characters/Pairing: Kurt/Blaine with Kurt/Sebastian and blink and you'll miss it Kurt/Jeff in this chapter.
Chapter: 1/?
Word Count: 5302
Spoilers: Sebastian and Chandler exist.
Warnings: completely AU, language (lot's of language), angst (more from Blaine but also some from Kurt), a bit of blurring the lines between seasons, messing up American geography- ie Lima and Westerville are about 10 minutes away in this, mentions of underage drinking and smoking.
Summary: Meet Kurt Anderson and Blaine Hummel. Their lives are not what they thought they'd be.
Authors Note: This is sort of a prelude of sorts, just a bit of an introduction to how Kurt's life is being Kurt Anderson instead of Kurt Hummel. Next chapter will be Blaine's introduction, and then in the third things get interesting. Hopefully you'll stick around till then (: Also, I've labeled this M because FF doesn't have the option for R. There will be no descriptive sexual situations, sorry guys :P
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee

Kurt Anderson groaned as a stream of light hit him on the side of his face, where his right eye was located. He turned away from the sun light and the pain it had produced in his head and was met with the feel of a warm body against his own and the stale smell of alcohol. He sighed and sat up, pointedly ignoring his pounding headache and the fact that he was naked as the day he was born beside his fellow Warbler and best friend Sebastian Smythe.

He mumbled a quiet, "Not again," and then went to get out of bed, but strong arms wrapped around his waist and attempted to pull him into Sebastian's chest. Kurt rolled his eyes- and then hissed because ow- and slapped the hands away; he constantly forgot what a cuddle whore Sebastian was the morning after. He blamed his memory lapse on the fact that normally he was sober enough to force Sebastian out of his bed as soon as they were done. Apparently he had been so far gone the night before that he had allowed Sebastian to stay instead of forcing him to make the ten second trek across the room to his own bed. He wondered what else he had done the night before that he never would have done sober.

His question was answered a couple of minutes later, after he had managed to wrestle himself out of Sebastian's hold and moved across the room to check his phone- almost throwing up when he bent down to pick up the only piece of clothing on the ground- and found ten missed calls; all from his brother and parents.

"Shit," apparently his father had left him a voicemail and Cooper had left him two. He stared at the phone, deep down knowing that nothing good could possibly come from his father having left him a voice mail. He was too hung over for this…

He made his way to the en suite bathroom where he and Sebastian kept a bottle of aspirin and a glass. After swallowing the aspirin, draining a glass of water, and sub sequentially almost throwing up again he got his first look at himself in the mirror. He instantly groaned.

The first thing he noticed was that he was wearing Sebastian's underwear, not his own, and that they made his hips look absolutely tiny due to how large they were on him. He almost groaned at the sheer amount of hickeys littering his chest and neck. There was no way that he would be able to hide that with his blazer. He made a mental note to ask Jeff if he had some concealer he could borrow. His eyes flickered up this time he couldn't hold back the grown at his awful bedhead. If there was a reason to never get drunk again, it would be his hair. Sebastian was a hair puller and God, did his hair suffer for it.

After looking himself over for a few more seconds and realizing how much movement would be involved in searching for the rest of his clothes and making himself presentable, he made his way back into his room and decided to face the music. He glanced at Sebastian and briefly considered going into the bathroom so that his friend couldn't hear him, but decided not to. He was already dying to crawl back into bed again, and the idea of going back into the bathroom made him nauseous.

He looked down at his phone for a while before finally placing it to his ear and listening to Cooper's messages (he knew it was dumb to save his father's message for last, but he really did not want to deal with his father yet). Cooper's voice was far too loud on the other speaker.

"Kurt, you little shit, answer your fucking phone I swear to God… you better not be calling mom and dad or you're dead meat. Seriously, get yourself a drink of water and go to sleep because if you call mom and dad and spew any of the shit at them that you just spewed at me you will be in so much trouble. Call me when you wake up."

Not entirely sure that he wanted to know what he had told Cooper the night before, he deleted the message and waited for the second one to play, "Good job, asshole. You're screwed. Have fun packing your bags. Just so you know, after last night I really shouldn't be offering you my couch but I guess it's yours if worse comes to worse. Call me, jackass."

Kurt rubbed his face and deleted his brother's second message. He wracked his brain, searching for the memories of the night before; they seemed to have disappeared alongside all his clothes (seriously, where the hell were his and Sebastian's stuff?).

He bit his lip and considered deleting his father's message without listening to it, but he knew from past experience that that wouldn't end well and so, in a stroke of courage that Braveheart himself would have been proud of, he opened his father's voice mail.

"I expect you home for dinner tonight. Better start coming up with some damn good excuses," and that was it. Kurt resisted the urge to throw his phone at the wall.

It was all that stupid Sebastian's fault, smarmy bastard. You've been so tense lately Kurt. How long's it been since you got some ass Kurt? Just a couple of drinks Kurt. Asshole. He should have known better.

Ignoring Sebastian stirring on the bed, he quickly dialed Cooper's number and drummed his fingers impatiently against his desk. Finally, after what felt like forever, his brother picked up.

"Older brother's anonymous; how can I help you?"

Kurt winced, "Can you talk a little louder please?" he asked sarcastically. Or as sarcastically as he could when it felt like his brain lobes were being mined.

"I'm sorry that my volume is not to your satisfaction sir, would it help if I SPOKE UP?" Kurt hissed and pulled the phone away from his ear.

"Jesus Coop, can you cut the crap?" he heard his brother chuckling and gripped the phone tighter. And Cooper wondered why he didn't call more often…

"Sorry, couldn't help it. Hangover's are bitches, huh?"

"What the fuck did I do last night?" Sebastian groaned on the bed, and Kurt shot him a glare that he knew he didn't see.

"Dad didn't call you? He told me he was going to call you…"

"He did call. Fuck," he slammed his fist against the wall. Pain shot up his arm and worsened his headache, "He wants me to go over tonight. What the hell did I do?"

He heard Cooper sigh on the other end, "It was bad. Dad's… he's not happy."

"No fucking shit, Sherlock."

A pillow hit him over the side of the head, reminding him of his hangover and the fact that he wasn't alone in the room. He turned and flashed Sebastian the finger as the other boy buried himself deep under the covers and pressed the other pillow down over his head. In an act of complete immaturity, Kurt stuck his tongue out at his friend.

"Do you want me to tell you how bad you fucked up last night? Or would you rather keep being a bitch?"

Kurt groaned and carefully sat himself down in the chair in front of his desk, "Brother dear, would you mind telling me what I did in my drunken rage last night?"

He heard Cooper laugh, "That's more like it," he rolled his eyes at his brother's inability to detect sarcasm, "Well, you called me at around midnight. By that point you were completely wasted and started screaming about how much you hated me and what I stood for and what a kiss ass I am; you know, the usual stuff."

"I'm sorry Coop, you know I didn't-"

"You kept going on and on, and eventually I told you that it wasn't my fault, it was our parents and that if you were really that pissed that you should just call them. You told me that was a fabulous idea and then hung up. I called you like three times, but you didn't answer. When I called around one am the line was busy. About twenty minutes later dad called to ask me if he knew where you were."

"I was at Dalton. Where did he think I was?"

He could practically hear Cooper rolling his eyes, "I think he thought that you had snuck out of the school or something, I don't know. Point is that he started rambling about wasting money and all that bull crap that he always pulls whenever you pull your own bull crap-"

"Watch it."

"And eventually I told him the same thing I told you; I said you're mad at Kurt, not me, so take it out on him. And that's when I left you the second message."

"Did dad mention what it was that I said to him that pissed him off so much?"

Across the room, Sebastian had pulled the covers back and was glaring at Kurt and mouthing at him to shut up and get back to bed. Kurt waved him away and mouthed that he would be back in a second. He turned away just as Sebastian fell backwards onto his pillow.

"Sorry, I actually have no clue what you did that bugged him. Look, I gotta go. Like I told you, my couch is available if you need it."

"I doubt it'll come to that. If dad wanted to disinherit me we all know he would have done it when I came out," he winced at the memory and the pain in his body.

"You never know, he sounded really pissed. Call me when you get back, alright? And Kurt," Kurt paused before hanging up, allowing his brother a few more seconds, "Don't ever get that drunk again."

"Whatever," and with that he hung up the phone and placed it on the desk. He rubbed his temple and shut his eyes, muttering under his breath about how much he hated life. He glanced up and found Sebastian pulling the covers back and patting the empty side of the bed invitingly. Kurt sighed and decided that he might as well. He grabbed his phone, set the alarm for three pm and then padded across the room and slipped into bed with his best friend.

Who was naked. Right; he had forgotten about that.

"You look good in my underwear."

Kurt burrowed further under the covers and then pressed them close to his body. He revelled in the heat that came from them and Sebastian's body; he already felt better. Maybe his aspirin was finally kicking in.

"We lost our clothes sometime during the night," he spoke quietly, the same way that Sebastian had earlier.

"I hadn't noticed."

"Don't be smart, I mean I got up and your underwear was the only thing lying on the ground."

Sebastian wrapped his arms around his waist and pulled him close. As much as Kurt disliked cuddling with someone who he wasn't in a relationship with, he couldn't bring himself to pull away from Sebastian. Not even when he noticed the hard, warm flesh digging into his hip bone.

"Maybe we went streaking again," Kurt winced at the 'again' in that sentence. Sadly, the first time he and Sebastian streaked was still perfectly clear in his mind.

"Do you not remember last night either?"

Sebastian shook his head against Kurt's neck, "But judging by the pain in my ass, I'll bet anything that it was fantastic."

Kurt groaned and turned around to stare at his friend, "We need to stop this; this whole… getting drunk and then hooking up thing. Oh, and when I say that, I mean we also need to stop hooking up sober, because this is ridiculous."

"So… what, you finally decided that you've fallen for me and want to be my boyfriend?" Sebastian wiggled his eyebrows, and Kurt knew he was joking.

Kurt scoffed, "Hell no. I just think that we should stop. I feel like it's putting a strain on our friendship and I don't like that. Warblers does that enough."

"It wouldn't if you would just let me sing that one song-"

"Sebastian, we went over this, my voice sounds better with it, the council gave the song to me. Let it go."

"Alright," Sebastian shifted closer towards him and rolled his hips into Kurt's, "One more round and then never again."

Kurt moaned at the feeling but pushed himself away from his friend, "No, no more rounds. No more hooking up, alright?"

Sebastian rolled his eyes and then pulled Kurt close again. Thankfully he kept his hips at a respectable distance from Kurt's own, "What's the point of being best friends if we don't get to have sex all the time?"

Kurt scoffed, "As if you don't have sex with people who aren't me. You don't need me for that," he eyed Sebastian who was grinning.

"You're right. You're the best though. Whoever you decide is good enough to settle down with," Kurt scoffed again because, ew, relationships, "Is going to be one lucky guy."

"If I ever decide to settle down," he reminded him, and Sebastian laughed which made Kurt wince.

"Right. If."

They lay in blissful silence for a while, simply enjoying the fact that their headaches were given a break. Eventually Sebastian spoke.

"Why were you talking to your brother? I thought you hated him."

Kurt chuckled, and then ignored the pain that came from it, "I don't hate him; I just resent him for being my parent's favourite. And for being a gigantic douche most of the time, but you know."

"That doesn't answer my question," Kurt winced and shushed Sebastian who apologized quietly.

"Apparently last night I called him and unloaded a ton of bullshit on him and then called my parents and said… I don't know, something. Anyway, my dad wants me to go for supper there tonight and I called Coop so that I could know a bit about what had happened so I don't get completely blindsided. Coop thinks they might disown me."

Sebastian pulled away from him, "How many times has Cooper told you that they might disown you?"

Kurt laughed, "About ten times. This time he sounded serious though; it's the first time he's offered me a place to stay if it happens."

"Damn," Sebastian settled his chest to Kurt's back again, but still kept their hips separated, "What the hell did you do?"

"I don't know. Something bad, obviously. Maybe I called and told them I was about to fuck you or something. They'd be pretty pissed about that; last month my mom tried to give me the sex talk and it was practically torture not to yell at her that I already knew, like, everything she was telling me."

Sebastian laughed, which brought their hips into contact. Both hissed at the feeling and Kurt turned to look at his friend; Sebastian's eyes were dark but apologetic and he was biting his lip. His pelvis slowly moved away from Kurt's ass.

"Sorry, I know you said-"

Kurt rolled his eyes, turned over and straddled Sebastian, "One last round and that's it."

Later on he would blame his hangover for his lack of discretion when it came to Sebastian; but in that moment, with Sebastian's mouth suddenly latched onto his neck and Sebastian's hips rolling down into his, he really could not care less about his new 'no hook ups' rule.


About five minutes after Kurt had rolled off of Sebastian's lap and both had fallen into silence, someone knocked on their door.

"Can I come in? Or are you two still going at it?"

Kurt and Sebastian simultaneously rolled their eyes and then slowly got out of bed and walked towards their respective dressers to get some clothes. Kurt silently hoped that his clothes from the night before would appear, because those had been his favourite jeans and he really liked the way that vest hugged his waist and showed off the broadness of his shoulders. It was something that made him look masculine and it was what had gotten him laid for the first time; obviously he had some sentimental attachment.

"Uh... guys?" Kurt glanced at Sebastian, who had already pulled a pair of flannel pyjama pants on, then grabbed the first pair of jeans he found and began slipping them on.

"We're decent. Ish," he called out, and seconds later the door opened to reveal a tall boy with a shock of blond hair hesitantly peeking his head in. He let out a relieved sigh when he saw that both boys were wearing pants (or at least Kurt was getting there) and then moved to fully walk into the room.

"You two are freaking loud, I swear to God. I'm asking for a room switch," Kurt noticed that he had a large pile of neatly folded clothing in his arms and the second he dropped it on Sebastian's desk he made a beeline towards him, "Also, I found these lying in front of my room last night, so you're welco-"

Kurt literally jumped on him, his arms and legs wrapping around his friend's body and almost making him fall over. If it weren't for instantly spreading his legs and moving his hands to Kurt's ass to support him, they probably both would have fallen to the floor.

"Thank you so much Jeff," Kurt mumbled into the blond's neck as he tightened his grip around his neck and hips. Jeff just held onto him tighter, although his hands did travel down to Kurt's thighs.

"Wow, if I had known this was the response I would get I would have woken you up before you let Sebastian screw you this morning," Kurt glared at Sebastian over Jeff's shoulder, which just made him laugh harder and then shrug and wink before he went back to perusing his choices for shirts.

"I'm going to ignore you just said that and kiss you in gratitude for saving my vest, alright?" asked Kurt, which made Jeff laugh; Kurt cut his laugh off by pressing their lips together in a short, chaste kiss, and then separating with an exaggerated "mwah!" that left Jeff blushing to the tips of his ears.

"Oh, I see how it is. No more hooking up with me because you want to start an exclusive fuck buddy deal with Jeff. Real nice," Sebastian scoffed as he pulled a plain t-shirt over his head. Kurt scowled at him and gave him the finger.

"Jeff and I are in love," he said and then pressed another kiss to Jeff's mouth for good measure. After a few seconds Jeff pulled away and gently put Kurt on the ground.

"I never agreed to that," he said. Kurt smirked but then swayed as a fresh wave of nausea hit him. Apparently the stupid aspirin hadn't kicked in yet...

He put a hand on Jeff's shoulder to steady himself, "Fucking kill me now..." he sighed dramatically as Jeff began petting his back sympathetically.

"Don't need to. Your dad's going to do that tonight, at dinner. Don't want to take that away from him," Kurt grumbled something that even he didn't understand under his breath at Sebastian's word's. Jeff and Sebastian both chuckled at that, and then Sebastian seemed to remember that he was also hung over and made a quick dash to the bathroom. Kurt grimaced at the sound of puke going into the toilet.

"So I guess no hope that you'll come with us to play ball?"

Kurt glared at Jeff, "When have I ever played baseball with you guys?"

Jeff grinned at that, "Well, I was just hoping you could come and cheer me on, you know," he leaned in really close and whispered, "Since we're in love."

"Keep it in your pants," Jeff laughed at Kurt's awful (and majorly hypocritical) comeback and then pushed himself away from Kurt.

"We're going in half an hour. Tell boozy over there that he's also invited."

"We're not going!" Kurt winced at the pounding in his head as Jeff walked away, waving a hand dismissively as he walked out the door, and just with that Kurt already knew that he and Sebastian probably would be attending the Warbler's baseball game. He grabbed his phone, set the alarm for twenty minutes later, and then crawled back into his warm, cozy bed.


Forty five minutes later found Kurt and Sebastian lying under a large tree with Thad while the rest of the Warblers- and a couple of random students who Kurt recognized from some of his classes- split themselves up into two teams. Kurt was lying with his head in Sebastian's lap, a lit cigarette dangling from his fingers, pointedly staring at the grass through his sunglasses, and cursing his lack of ability to say no to Jeff; especially after he had saved his vest and jeans. The silence was slightly awkward, as normally Chandler was there to fill it with inane chatter about God-knew-what. For probably the first time in his life, Kurt sort of wished Chandler was there.

"So what are you doing for the rest of the weekend?" asked Thad, apparently having grown bored of Kurt and Sebastian's lack of conversation. He had brought a book along since he also rarely participated in the baseball games; but had quickly grown tired of it and had set it down in favour of silently watching the boys argue over who got to be on whose team.

"Might go to Scandal's tonight," said Sebastian instantly, and he shrugged slightly, "Best way to fight a hangover is to get drunk again, don't you think?"

Kurt scoffed and shook his head slightly and took a drag from his cigarette, which drew Thad's attention to him, "What about you, Kurt?"

Kurt let out a long, dramatic sigh, which made Sebastian chuckle and thread his fingers into his hair, "Getting flogged by my father for God-knows-what."

Thad winced, "Ouch. I'm guessing that's this one's fault?" he nodded towards Sebastian who let out a quick, "Hey!"

"Damn right it is. He got me drunk last night, talking about stressful midterms and shit. Fucking jackass."

"I'm right here, you know," mumbled Sebastian, and Kurt just knew he was pouting; he smiled at that and awkwardly patted his friend on the cheek.

"I know honey, but you're still a jackass."

Sebastian scowled and took his fingers out of Kurt's hair. Thad laughed and, apparently deeming the conversation over, turned back to the field. Kurt did the same, even though Sebastian's knee was slightly blocking his view.

The boys had finally divided themselves up into two semi-even teams (Kurt noticed that Jeff's attempts to separate Wes and David had failed) and had finally gotten to starting the game. Kurt's eyes flashed over all of them, lingering slightly on a tall boy with bleach blond hair-completely unnatural- that he had seen walking around the school over the past week but that he was pretty sure he hadn't seen until then. He had nice broad shoulders and what looked like a fantastic ass that was covered only in thin sweatpants. Kurt smirked when the boy turned towards the three of them, and then looked back towards the game.

Kurt filed him away, made a mental note to ask Jeff for his name later on, and then kept glancing over his fellow students of Dalton Academy. Even though most of them were straight and his close friends, he never wasted an opportunity to ogle them without their uniforms on. Nick, for instance, had very nice arms that were being displayed wonderfully as he pitched for the opposite team. Wes was wearing a tightly fitted shirt (that Kurt knew would be gone by the end of the game) that showed off all the muscles in his back; and Flint's legs and ass were looking particularly good in his knee length shorts.

"Oh my God," Sebastian whispered, "Who is that hottie with the ass and the shoulders and the awful dye job?"

Kurt sighed; he knew that would happen, "I saw him first Smythe, back off," he flicked some ash towards him.

"He's a new transfer student, came from some private school down south. I think his name's Sam; don't know which team he bats for though."

Sebastian chuckled as the boy, Sam apparently, turned to look at them again, "Oh, he definitely plays on our team, or is at least bi. He's looked back at us about four times since they started playing."

"Probably wondering what a good looking guy like me is doing with my head in a guy like you's lap," teased Kurt, which made Sebastian smack him lightly and glare down at him through his sunglasses. Thad snorted.

"Maybe he's just not used to your two's blatant display's of affection?" he suggested. Kurt shrugged and put out his cigarette against the ground.

"Or he thinks I'm hot."

Sebastian quickly said, "You mean he thinks I'm hot."

Kurt rolled his eyes, "Of course, whatever you say."

"You two are ridiculous," muttered Thad, and even though he shook his head, his voice was laced with affection. Sebastian put an arm around his shoulder and pulled him in.

"You love us, don't deny it."

Thad laughed and pushed Sebastian away, "Stop harassing Thad, Seb. You know he's not interested."

Sebastian glared at Kurt and then took his sunglasses off to glare at Thad, "Damn you and your love of pussy."

Thad let out an indignant squack and blushed bright red, then suddenly became very interested in reading the book he had set aside. Kurt and Sebastian both chuckled at that.

"That's right, forgot you've taken that 'Pledge of Lame'."

Kurt sighed and patted Sebastian's thigh lightly, "Play nice. And get better insults, because seriously."

Sebastian swatted his hand away, "I'm hungover."

Thad still had his head buried in his book, even though Kurt could tell that he wasn't actually reading anything. Kurt stretched out to pat his leg reassuringly, "I think it's sweet that you've taken a celibacy vow," he said, and Thad flashed him a shy smile, which Kurt returned.

"I think it's awful. You're depriving yourself of like, the best thing in the world. That's sick, man," Sebastian put his sunglasses back on and then waved flirtatiously at the new kid, who quickly turned his back on them. Kurt chuckled.

"I think it's nice. At least he doesn't prey on innocent souls, like some," he pointedly stared at his best friend.

Sebastian didn't even look down, "Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful."

"Beautiful is not the word I would have used," replied Kurt cattily, slightly miffed that the boy seemed so affected by Sebastian's flirting. Not again he thought miserably.

Sebastian looked like he was about to respond, but Jeff called out, "Kurt, I thought you were going to be cheering me on!" from where he was holding the bat. Kurt sighed and lifted a hand lightheartedly.

"Go Jeff go," he said unenthusiastically. Some of the boys who were close enough to hear him chuckled, and Jeff rolled his eyes.

He shouted, "In love my ass," and then hit a home run. Kurt let out a quiet "Woo," as Jeff ran by him, which resulted in him getting the finger from his friend.

"What time do you have to be at your parents?" asked Thad, distracting Kurt from the game again. He let out a deep sigh and shifted until his head was back in Sebastian's lap and his friend had begun combing through his hair.

"Around six, I'm guessing. We normally eat at six thirty and I swear my mom will somehow force me into helping her with dinner."

Sebastian and Thad laughed at that, but didn't say anything more. Thad went back to reading his book for a brief period of time, and then joined Kurt and Sebastian in watching the game, clapping when someone got a good hit in and clapping harder when somebody striked out.


By five thirty the boys were all soaked in sweat, many having shed their shirts much to Kurt and Sebastian's pleasure; Nick had even taken his pants off at one point, which had resulted in Kurt and Sebastian cat calling him so much (especially when he started running) that Jeff and Flint begged him to put them back on. Wes and David's team had just scored their winning home run and were rubbing it in the other team's faces. Kurt decided that he might as well head back. It was about a ten minute walk back to Dalton and a twenty minute drive to his parents. He would probably be late, but considering how bad his dinner had the possibility of being he really didn't care.

He, Sebastian and Thad stood up and stretched before Kurt announced loudly that he was going home and that he wished them all good luck in their attempts at having fun without him. Nick threw his shirt at him as everyone laughed, and Kurt grabbed it and said that he would be keeping it since Nick hadn't allowed him to keep a pair of his underwear the other night. The new kid, Sam, had looked slightly scandalized but everyone who knew Kurt and Nick well knew that Nick was painfully straight. It didn't take away from Kurt's amusement at the blush that spread over Sam's face.

Sebastian instantly took that as his queue to introduce himself to the blushing new guy, which made Kurt roll his eyes because of course he would. Kurt decided that he wasn't going to watch yet another possible love interest be sucked in by the Hurricane of Lust that was Sebastian Smythe, and waved goodbye to everyone- Nick's shirt still clutched tightly in his hand- before starting towards the school.

As he expected, Wes and David quickly caught up to him and offered to give him company as he walked to his 'death', ("Isn't that a bit dramatic?" Kurt had asked, "You pissed off your dad, dude.") which really meant annoy the hell out of him. At least he got to talk to them briefly about a solo he had been wanting for the Warblers that he knew Sebastian wanted as well. They agreed to try arranging it for his range and Kurt did a mental fist pump.

That's revenge for new kid Sam he thought to himself.

When he finally arrived at his car, he threw Nick's shirt onto his passenger seat and then bid Wes and David farewell in his typical dramatic way. Both Wes and David pretended to burst into tears and swore to him that if he wasn't still enrolled in Dalton by the end of the weekend that they wouldn't give Sebastian the solo they had just promised Kurt.

And then Kurt was in his car, backing out of the Dalton parking lot and silently sending prayers to a God he didn't believe in that he hadn't finally pushed his father too far.