The Story of Carolina Hart

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CH1: Love and Theft

"I love you so much Carrie," Gabe Johnson said to his girlfriend Carolina Hart.

"Love you, too, baby," Carrie said as the two hugged. Carrie went inside, smiling so hard, her cheeks hurt.

Reba's POV:

"Hey, sweetie, why so happy," I asked my third born daughter, "It's a Monday, and you're usually rambling on and on about killing Mr. Southgate for giving you too much work."

"I don't care about Butt-Breath Southgate," Carrie said, "I was so close to kissing him! I almost DIED!"

"You almost kissed who," I asked.

"Gabe Johnson," Carrie said. She was still smiling.

"All right, go do your homework," I commanded. Carrie went straight upstairs to do it. I don't know how she can concentrate when she has her TV on and texts on her iPhone. She's a strange girl, but she's fourteen. She was usually complaining about her teacher, Mr. Southgate, because he was either giving her too much work, or sending her to the principal's office for no reason. Carrie was a good student. She had a clean record, always made high honors, and had almost all A+'s on her progress reports.

Carrie's POV:

I had to tell Kyra. She may be my twin, but she still loved to hear my Butt-Breath Southgate stories. He did the same thing to her. I hated him. My phone rang. It was a text from Kyra.

Kyra: So what torture did Butt-Breath pull on you?

Me: Told me that I'm not smart enough to be in his class. I got it on video.

Kyra: Show me, sis.

Me: Kay. File: Butt-Breath says I'm stupid.

Kyra: Tell mom. NOW! She needs to know this.

Me: I will.

I started crying. Not once has anybody called me stupid.

"Mom," I said, sniffling a little, "Can you come up here?" Mom raced up the stairs and came in.

"Aw, sweetie, what's the matter," Mom asked. I played the video to prove that Butt-Breath hated me. Mom's face was beet red.

"Why did he say this to you," Mom asked me with a furious look on her face.

"I-I do-don't know," I stammered, "A-all I-I did was t-turn an essay pa-paper and h-he b-blew up in m-my f-f-face."

"Well, I'm going to talk to him," Mom said, "Come with me. You have the evidence. Did Kyra see any of this?"

"Yes," I said, "She should come with us." We went into Mom's car, and got Kyra.

"Wait, who said that," Daddy asked Mom.

"Her science teacher," Mom said.

"When I find this guy, I'm gonna kill him," Daddy said. We went to the school.

"Hi, I'm Reba Hart," Mom said to the secretary, Mrs. Schoenwalder, "I'm here to speak with Mr. Edward Southgate."

"Straight down the hall, make a left, then a right. The room number is 201," Mrs. Schoenwalder said.

"Thanks," Mom said. We went straight to his room.

"You must be Mrs. Hart," Butt-Breath said "innocently."

"Don't play innocent, Butt-Breath," Mom said, "Sit your butt down. Now." But-Breath looked frightened. Kyra and I laughed.

"Did you say Carolina was too dumb to be in this class," Mom asked, "And don't lie. You don't wanna know what I do to liars."

"Yes, I did," he confessed.

"And why," Kyra asked.

"Because, she clearly belongs in the general class," Butt-Breath said.

"Why do you say that," I asked.

"Because I don't like you," he admitted, "You're so smart, that you're dumb." I nailed him in the face. That is an insult.

"I'll go tell Mr. Carter about this," I said. I did what I said I'd do. Mr. Carter was furious when I told him. Butt-Breath was fired. My best friend Bryanna Darius texted me.

Bryanna: Well? Details! NOW!

Me: Butt-Breath got fired! SCORE 1 for Carolina Nell and Kyra Eleanor Hart!

Bryanna: Sweet! Who's the replacer? I want Cutie-Pie Matthews. He's so ADORABLE!

Me: From what I hear it is him.

Bryanna: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I just died and came back!

Me: I know, right? He's not as adorable as Gabe.

Bryanna: Oh, heck no! I heard that Jazz Michaels is gonna ask him out.

Me: She better not! She'll get it. She's way out of his league. Gabe Johnson IS MINE!

Bryanna: Absolutely. Gotta go. I'm going to my dad's for dinner.

Me: Same see you tomorrow.

Jake's POV:

I was hanging out with my bud, Gabe Johnson. He was my best friend. I know he's dating my sister, Carrie, but that's what drew us close. We were skating, as usual, on Gabe's driveway. An African-American man came up to us. Carrie mentioned a guy that her class called Butt-Breath, because his breath was so bad. He had all of the features Carrie had mentioned.

"Gabe Johnson," Butt-Breath said, "You are expelled from my class." Butt-Breath pulled a gun and shot Gabe twice. Butt-Breath left laughing.

"Gabe, Gabe, don't die," I said. I was so scared. I called 911. Carrie needed to know this, too.