CH 32: Really Reality

Ok quick recap, Most of the story was just a dream. I know most of you all are all likeā€¦ OMG WTF this was just a dream?! Read this chapter to find out if what the last chapter said about Carrie is true.

Carrie's POV:

"Sweetie, are you alright," Mom asks me, "Your blood sugar went low, and you passed out."

"That explains the wild dreams," I said. I was in a hospital bed. Sitting at my bedside were Mom, Dad, Kyra, Gabe, Barbra Jean, Bryanna, Grace, Jake, Cheyenne, Van, Elizabeth, Henry, and Aunt Lori Ann.

"What wild dreams," Aunt Lori Ann obnoxiously asked.

"Me marrying Gabe, then divorcing him, having grandkids at 35, Aunt Lori Ann having a son," I said, "It was so crazy."

"Obviously," Aunt Lori Ann said.

"Was I in your dream, Carrie," Barbra Jean asked.


"Now I see where she gets all this redheaded rage from," she said looking at my mom.

"It was like I saw my own life," I said, "It was so crazy."

"Well, just be thankful you'll be fine," Daddy said.

"I am."

"So what else was in this wild dream, Carolina," Gabe asked.

"Don't hate me Gabe, but I killed you."

"Nothing you say will ever make me stop loving you, babe," Gabe said before he kissed my cheek.

"At least you're fine, that's all that matters," Bryanna said.

I was released from the hospital three days later. I was bedridden for two weeks because of the medication I was put on. That dream I had played back in my mind over and over. I would never want to kill myself, I thought, but obviously in my dreams, I do.

"Where's my little angel," I heard a voice ask. It was Meemaw.

"I'm up here!" Meemaw came up the stairs and into my room.

"Oh, sweetheart, look at you. You're as pale as a ghost."

"I'm feeling better though, Meemaw," I said. I hugged her tight.

"Your mother told me you had this wild dream while you were unconscious," Meemaw said.

"I did, it was so crazy," I replied, "I saw my life flash before my eyes. I thought it was real! And I snapped out of that dream and found myself in a night mare. Everybody was dead, except for me, Mom, and Aunt Lori Ann. I fell into that one, too. I got so scared, I attempted to kill myself in that dream. It didn't work. It was so scary, Meemaw."

"Just be thankful it didn't happen in real life," Meemaw said as she held me tight, "I love you, Carolina Nell."

"Love you, too, Meemaw."