I own nothing except the OC character and the idea.

Chapter: 1. The new hero.

[Midnight in an alley]

A teenage girl was running towards the open street.

After her was two of drug dealers, the first one with a knife (dealer 1) and the second with a baseball bat (dealer 2 ).

The girl ran at fullspeed but the dealer 2 threw the bat after her and hit her in the back making fell forward with a scream and seconds later the dealers was holding her and had covered her mouth and started to carry her away.

The girl tried to get her arms free but managed to get the hand from her mouth and scream for help but the first dealer quickly covered her mouth again.

"Scream again and you are dead", said dealer 1 holding the knife against her throat.

Suddenly an arrow flew past in front of his face and hit the wall.

The arrow exploded into a smoke cloud making it impossible to see anything.

"WHAT THE HELL", shouted dealer 2 and let go of the girls legs.

"WHAT JUST HAPPENED", shouted dealer 1 and let go of the girl who started running and dealer 2 drew a gun.

There was silence and the smoke was starting to disappear.

An arrow was shot at a trashcan making a lot of noise as the arrow pierced through the metal.

The two dealers pointed their guns at the trashcan and shot at the trashcan until they had used all the bullets in the guns.

As they were about to reload a person swung down and kicked dealer 2 in the chest sending him flying against the wall and knocking him unconscious.

"WHAT THE HELL", shouted dealer 1startled before he got a bow in the gut and then a fist in the face and fell on his unconscious on the back.

The person AKA Sixshot was wearing a green suit with a red ` X ´ over the chest, black combat boots, a mask that only revealed the lower part of the face and a quiver with MANY arrows on the back and a belt with hidden shurikans.

Sixshot took out some handcuffs and chained dealer 1 to some pipes and then chained dealer 1 and 2 together and then shot a flare into the air.

Seconds later the girl returned with two cops running behind her but stopped as they saw Sixshot shoot an arrow from a crossbow on his wrist.

"Hold it right there", said cop 1 as both cops drew their guns.

Sixshot just eyed at them.

"I just did your job for you guys", said Sixshot.

"What do you mean", asked cop 2 stupid.

Cop 1 eyed cop 2 as if he had said something stupid (which he had).

Sixshot raised an eyebrow then spoke.

"Saving the girl and capture the criminals", said Sixshot.

"You are under arrest for vigilantism", said cop 2 (who apparently weren't too smart)

"The supers ban is canceled and if I hadn't been here who know what those two would have done", said Sixshot looking at the unconscious dealers.

"I don't…" said cop 2 but was interrupted.

"RON SHUT UP", yelled cop 1annoyed and turned towards his partner.

"But he's not on the list over registered supers", said Ron and turned towards cop 1.

"No, but the supers ban has only been canceled for a week", said cop 1.

"That's more than enough time to get the NSA to put a name on the list if you ask me Stu", said Ron.

"Maybe he don't know that he has to be registered, I mean look at him he's a teenager", said Stu and looked towards Sixshot only to see that he wasn't there.

"Where did he go", said Ron.

Stu looked at the dealers and noticed a note on one of them.

He picked up the note and read it.

"Hey Ron look at this", said Stu.

Ron went over and read the note.

You two took too long time to argue and if I have to be registered at NSA they must recruit me and you can call me Sixshot.

PS: Dimitri Rascalov is mine and he is planning to rub all three banks in downtown at 02:00 am so you have to move quickly.

Ron just stared at the note.

"We have to call the station", said Ron and ran towards the car.

"Not without those two", said Stu pointing towards the dealers.