A/N: This little story popped into my head this mourning, so I typed it up, I know it's a bit short but the next chapter will be longer.

Summary: On a total lack of spy work Feliciano Vargas is trapped in a Russians house. 2P!verse. Maybe 2P!RusIta later on.

DISCLAIMER: I own noting but the story and 2P!Russia. (Well this version of it anyway.)


Chapter 1:

It was a normal day today, well as normal a day can get in the 2P!world, Italy was sent off to do some spy work in Russia, though once he was able to enter his targets house all doors to the outside have suddenly locked, including the window he snuck through shut and locked.

"Shit…" Italy cursed seeing as his only exit was locked now. At the start of this mission he thought the tall Russian would be home but the dead silence proves otherwise. Now this Italy was very much for the most part brave, but taller things tended to intimidate him, not Germany of course but anything taller made him uncomfortable to be around.

He was trapped within the house now, no way out. So he might as well do his job. Slowly opening the door to peak to see if he could get out and double checking if Russia was not home, this was a terrible mistake.

Just as soon as he opened the door all he could see was legs of the person he was suppose to be spying on. Italy may or may not have jumped a little and he may or may not have squeaked a tiny bit. He immediately tried to close the door again but Russia's foot stopped it before the door actually closed.

Russia blinked a few times confusion written all over his face, Why was Italy here? Unless he's spying on me. Or he wants to be my captive, or he just wants to see me. But why would he use the window? Russia thought to himself, he was over thinking just a tad bit and sighed as he came to the conclusion that Italy was most likely trying to spy on him. He pushed the door open and saw his smaller companion back up as he got closer toward the wall.

"Well, what bring you here? Trying to spy on me?" Russia asked with a raised eyebrow.

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