A Teenager's Mistake

written by: Erin and Lola

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It's 7:30 am on a friday morning, Doctor Luisa Delgado is up and getting dressed for work. Which at that point she was running really late because her son is begging her to drive him to school so that he will not be late like she already is. He usually walks to school but, since it's raining he doesn't feel like walking and in the end Lu takes him to school.

Marc walked down the crowded school hallway, it was a rainy miserable day, a day that he would rather anywhere but there. He walked into second period and there she was a beautiful red flaming hair and striking green eyes, the new girl. He quitely made his way to his seat. The teacher shut the door and walked towards the center of the room introducing Alexis Falls.

Alexis and Marc spent alot of time together that day.

"can, I walk you home?"

"no, that's alright, my Mother's waiting out front to pick me up"

"okay, then I guess I'll see you tomorrow"

That's when it all began Marc and Alexis began spending more and more time together but, one day at school, he shockingly found out that she was the daughter of his mother's co-partner Doctor Dana Stowe. Knowing there parent's would'nt approve of there relationship they decided that it would be best if kept as a secert.

A few months after dating Marc and Alexis decided to take the next step in their relationship. One weekend when Dana went out of town, Alexis invited Marc over and one thing led to another and they ended up in bed together. Now they faced a bigger problem......telling their parents.

They sat up in the bed trying to think of how they ended up sleeping together. They knew that if their parents found out they were having sex they would be in big trouble. A million thoughts ran through their minds in only a few short minutes. Alexis was the first one to speak.

"what happened?"

"I think we had sex"

"you think?"

"yeah, pretty sure"

"oh, god do you know what our parents would do if they found out we were even dating? not to mention sleeping together?"

"so, what are we going to do?"

"not tell anyone"

"not tell anyone and everything will end up okay"


Over the next few days both Alexis and Marc seemed to be preoccupied. Lu shook it off as a phase Marc was going through but, Dana on the other hand thought Alexis was just stressed out from her father being sick. Dana struck up a conversation while they were having dinner to see what was really on her mind.

"so, Alexis, what went on today at school?"

"school?, school's good, nothing really happened, how was work?"

"busy, Alexis is there something going on I should know about?"

"no, Dana, everything's fine"

"oh, I just thought you might be a little upset over Guy being sick"

"no, I try not to think about it too much"

"and there's nothing else you wanna talk to me about?"


At school they acted like everything was perfect but it was obvious to everyone that something had changed, they just could'nt figure out what. It had now been a month since Marc and Alexis had slept together and their lives were somewhat getting back to normal.

Their friends thought maybe they had broken up but, they were way off base. After school the couple heads to Marc's house where they grab something to eat. They start to express their emotions and try and decide whether they really love each other or if this is all just a game and if them already having sex would change their relationship. They joked around saying that it would only change if she got pregnant and she laughed saying, "like that could happen".

A few days later, Lu, goes into Marc's room because she suspects that he might be up to something so she looks into his drawers, his closet, under his bed and anywhere else she can think of. She suddenly see's a suspicious looking box under his bed, she opens it and is shocked to find condoms in it.

Lu knows that Marc has been acting very strange around her but, she does'nt know why. She thinks to herself as she looks for more things that her son may be hiding from her.

"He's never has acted so strange before, I don't get it what's wrong with him? Is he going through a phase that I'm not aware of?" she asked herself.

He could'nt possibly be having sex, he doesn't even have a girlfriend. He probably just has them incase something happens or maybe they're a friends. She continued to question her son's actions as she looked around to see if he had anymore condoms and surprisingly he did.

Lu took them out of his room and threw them away because she did'nt want her son to know that she had found them. She tried not to think about the problem but, it was not far from her mind, thinking maybe she's going crazy.

The following day at the clinic was a rough once being all she could think about were the condoms she had found yesterday in her son's room. She wondered where he had gotten them from. She continued the paperwork at her desk. She couldn't believe that her son was having sex......or could she?

The same morning Dana stood in her bedroom, putting on her earrings, she then walked out and into the kitchen fixing a cup of coffee when she heard heaving in the bathroom. She slowly walked over to the door and gently knocked.

"Alexis, are you okay?"

The door suddenly opened and Alexis stood there pale. Dana stood there looking at her for a few moments.

"you don't look okay"

"I feel really really bad"

Dana led her to the kitchen chair, "let me take a look okay?"


Dana did a quick once over.

"sorry sweetie, I'm afraid you have the flu"


"yes, now go lay down and I'll call the school"

"okay, Dana"

After school Marc went to see where Alexis had been all day. He rang the bell and Alexis opened the door.

"Marc, what are you doing here?"

"I came to see if you were okay"

"oh, come in"

She opened the door wider letting him inside, they walked into the living room, taking a seat on the couch.

"Marc, there's something we need to talk about"

"what's that?"

"um, this is'nt easy to say but, um, I think I'm pregnant"

His jaw dropped, he was in complete shock, "what makes you think that?"

"I had threw up this morning, I've been really tired and my period's like two weeks late".

"okay, let's just calm down until we know for sure"


"do you have a home test?"

"I'm sure Dana has one in the bathroom"

"okay, why don't you take the test and we'll find out together"


Alexis walked into the bathroom and returned a few minutes later.

"it takes ten minutes"


They sat there for ten minutes in complete silence, the seconds went by slow and the minutes even slower. When time was up, Alexis and Marc walked into the bathroom, Alexis picked the test up, she looked at it blankly and handed it to Marc.

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