Naming Baby

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"Oh, god, Lu, what's wrong with me?" Dana asked beginning to crack. Lu just stood there trying to figure out what was happening with Dana, "I can't go on like this" Dana said before she burst out into tears, tears that she had been holding back for a while now.

"Dana look, I know it's hard, but you have got to trust me, I know what I'm talking about" Lu says softly. "Dana you've got to grow up except it and live with it, maybe it won't be as bad as it seems now ya know, I mean maybe they will be good parents, you never know what can happen when your not looking" Lu says as she walks back into with Dana right behind her.

Lu opened the door, letting Dana inside. Dana took a seat in front of Lu's desk, she was still crying, "here" Lu said offering her the box of tissues, "thank you" Dana said taking a few.

"Why are you crying?" Lu asked Dana.

"Why?" Dana said through tears, "Because I hurt, I hurt my self by hurting my daughter and I'll never be able to fix things or make them right again" Dana replied

"Dana you may be able to still fix things up with Alexis you never know unless you try" Lu states

"How can I fix things when I've made things only worse between Alexis and I, Lu I mean how can I really make things better?" Dana questions

"That's something you're going to have to figure out by yourself and maybe with Nick's help" Lu said.

"Aren't you going to tell Nick what you saw today?" Dana questioned.

"no" Lu said casually

"Thanks, Lu" Dana replied, "Maybe Marc could come over and stay with Alexis until the baby's born, that way he can be there when everything starts" Dana suggested.

"That's good, it's responsibility" Lu agreed.

"Okay well I do you want to talk with him about it" Dana says.

"Well I guess I could when he comes home from Bill's tonight"

"Okay Lu please call me, and tell me how everything went" Dana says

"Okay Dana I will thanks" Lu says.

Dana gets up from the chair and walks out of her office and across the hallway into her own. Marc and Alexis were now eating lunch upstairs in the cafeteria when they over heard other nurses and doctor's talking about their mothers.

"What else is new" Alexis replies.

"Do you want to go seem them?" Marc asks.

"Yeah" Alexis agreed getting up, they went down the elevator, Marc headed towards Lu's office and Alexis towards Dana's.

"Hey, Marc what's up?" Lu asks.

"Um, nothing, are you okay Mom?" he asks.

"Yeah, sweetie, why wouldn't I be?"

"Oh no reason" he says taking a seat on her couch.

Marc is there something I should know, that your not telling me" Lu asks firmly.

"Uh no Mom everything's fine Why do you you ask"? Marc replies

"I just thought maybe that you were scared about becoming a father"

"Oh, a little I guess, but, I thought that was normal"

"Well, it is" Lu replied.

Later that day Marc was looking through a book of baby names.

"Well, let me see here, hand me the book and I will look for you"

"Okay Mom, thanks so much" Marc says.

"How about Cameron? Desiree? Heather?, Cassie? So what do ya think guys"? Lu asks.

"Well" Marc says.

"Well what?" Lu asks

"They're cute names Lu, it's just that they're too common, we want something different". Alexis explained.

"Oh" Lu answered. "Then why don't you go ask Lana for suggestions" Lu adds

"okay" Marc responds

So they go out into the hallway of the clinic, they see Lana filing charts "Hey Lana you have a minute? We have to ask you something"

"Sure kid what is it"?

"Well Mom said for us to get your opinion on names for the baby" Marc told her.

"Oh, really alright well I'll help ya sit down. So what names have you got so far?"

"Well mom gave no help with her choices of names" Marc said.

"Well" Lana started, "I had two boys but, If I would have had a girl, I would have named her Cyrah"

"Cyrah" Alexis repeated, "that's good, I like that" she said.

"Me too" Marc answered.

"Anymore suggestions?" Alexis asked.

"Well, I'll tell you what, you leave the book here and in my free time I'll flip through and write down the names I like best" Lana replied.

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