When Portals are Down.

Chapter One,

The Beginning of the End of my Life.

Clary sat by the window in her room at the Shadowhunting institute, ever since she had gotten Jace back from Sebastian, she was determined to stay with him and make sure nothing like that happened again. She sighed and ran a hand through her curly red hair, folding her arms on the windowsill she looked out over the foggy rain that was currently invading New York.

There was a knock on the door.

"Come in." Clary said, not looking away from the window, she heard the door creak open and the soft pad of feet on the worn carpet, Clary felt a hand on her shoulder and immediately knew who it was, Jace, she thought.

"Why're you so sad?" Jace's voice whispered in her ear, Clary shivered, and was surprised at the fact that even though they had been together for a while, she still never got over that shock of knowing she had someone as beautiful as Jace to herself.

"I just wish we could have caught Sebastian." Clary said, sighing and resting her head on her folded arms.

"Need I take your mind off that?" Jace's whisper was slow and seductive; Clary just smiled and looked up.

"Nice try, Jace." She said, but she could feel the smile on her face, he always knew how to make her laugh.

"Damn, and I thought I was about to score." Jace said mockingly. Clary laughed.

"Not this time." She teased; Jace's eyes took on a new glow.

"Are you sure about that? He whispered, his golden eyes narrowing slightly. Before Clary could do anything, Jace started to tickle her. Clary couldn't stop the peal of laughter that escaped her lungs.

"Jace...Please, stop!" Clary giggled, and rolled onto the bed, Jace was soon on it with her and he grinned at Clary's complete surrender to him, it was then when the door slammed open.

"Clary! I have some- Oh god, Jace couldn't you have waited a bit longer? Like at least until nightfall?" it was Isabelle, dressed in the Shadowhunting gear with her golden whip in hand, to an outsider, the scene with Clary giggling on the bed and Jace hovering over her wouldn't have looked good. Clearly Izzy was jumping to conclusions.

"Well, if you don't mind leaving, we'll get back to what we started…" Jace began, but was interrupted by Clary rolling away from him and jumping off the bed.

"No, Izzy, it's fine, Jace was just trying to cheer me up." Clary explained, trying to smooth her messed-up hair subtly. Izzy raised an eyebrow.

"With sex?" she questioned, Jace chuckled form Clary's bed, and Clary felt her face go the same color as her fiery hair.

"No! Jace was just tickling me." Clary protested, glancing back at Jace, who seemed amused and was smirking at the whole situation, he was such a cocky ass, but he was her cocky ass.

"Honey, 'just' and 'Jace' don't belong in the same sentence." Izzy pointed out, "now come on, we all have to go to the library, mom's waiting." Izzy said, she spun around and shot Jace an unreadable look.

Clary sighed and looked at Jace; he had gotten up and walked over softly until he was standing next to her.

"We'd better go." Clary said quietly.

"Nah, I'm sure they'll give us another hour." Jace said, bending down and nuzzling her neck,

"Jace." Clary said, punching him lightly, Jace adopted a wounded look but smirked when Clary rolled her eyes.

Jace just grinned and walked out of Clary's room and headed towards the library, Clary scampered after him and soon they reached the high-domed library where Mayrse was seated at Hodge's old desk.

"Jace, Clary, nice to see that you joined us, well, we better get down to business." Mayrse said in a very stoic manner, Clary shot Jace a worried look, Mayrse was business-like most times, but never had she been so cold to all of them, Alec and Izzy, who were seated on the couch exchanged worried looks.

"Is there any news on Sebastian?" Clary had to ask, Mayrse sighed.

"Yes and no, we all have to head to Idris for a meeting, and as the two who have had most contact with Sebastian, the Clave will want to speak with you." Mayrse said, directing her words to Clary and Jace. Clary nodded, Jace looked a mixture between bored and accepting.

"So we're all going?" Alec asked, his blue eyes questioning.

"Yes, but, unfortunately portaling is not working for some reason so we have to manually take a boat to Idris, the boats that we have are small and can only hold eight people each, and the Clave wants your friends Simon, Magnus, and Jordan to come." Mayrse said, it was clear she was worried by the furrowing in her brows and the uncertain look in her dark eyes.

"Why do they have to come?" Alec burst out, Clary shot him a sideways look, normally Alec would be thrilled that Magnus could come.

"Because Simon is a Daylighter, because Magnus is the High Warlock, because Jordan is part of the Praetor Lupus. Each one of them played an important part in this and the Clave wants them present." Mayrse explained, she put a delicate hand to her forehead and sighed.

"Maia won't want to leave Jordan." Izzy pointed out. Mayrse sighed,

"Well there is one leftover spot on the boat that you all will be taking, so Maia can come. Now, head to your rooms and pack, Izzy? Clary? I want the two of you to tell Magnus, Simon, Jordan and Maia about this, Jace, Alec, start packing." Mayrse said, turning around, dismissing them without speaking.

The four young Shadowhunters left the library and split up to go do what they were told, Clary grabbed a jacket and followed Isabelle out of the Institute front door and into the heavy New York fog that Clary had seen earlier.

"Idris by boat, this should be interesting," Izzy said, her comment mostly directed as a way to think out loud and not as a comment that Clary was supposed to respond to, but she did anyways.

"Yeah, very interesting." Clary muttered and pulled her hood over her head as they started on their way to find the others.