Chapter 13.

Clary followed Jace, who was leading everybody after Drakiel, who had started traveling through a path in the jungle that was marked by a bunch of small glowing berry-plants. The dark had settled quickly, and Drakiel led them along quickly, lest should some of those 'Night Crawlers' appear. Clary glanced around and shuffled closer to Jace, who wrapped an arm around her. The group continued to walk by the glowing berries, which cast a blue light on the trees and the small group, it gave everything a mystical quality.

Just then, voices could be heard, Jace motioned for everyone to get down, and they did, Drakiel included, crawling towards the voices, Clary's blood ran cold when she saw who it was.

Sebastian and Lerial were standing in front of them, Lerial was leaning against a tree, but despite her casual pose, her eyes betrayed uneasiness, Sebastian stood firm and stiff, as if he wasn't comfortable in this environment.

"You came, why?" Lerial asked, her voice not faltering, it was filled with cold resolve. Sebastian paused for a moment, as if considering his reply,

"I came to pay my sister a visit." He said, his voice was amused, as if he was but an observer to everything around. The blue light danced around Lerial's features as her eyes hardened.

"Half-sister, and not even that, more like one-quarter-sister, and I doubt that's the reason." Lerial growled, but her voice faltered near the end. Sebastian chuckled.

"What do I have to say? I've got the Fae, various groups of weres and vampires, and a few powerful warlocks on my side; all I need is a protected base where I can start my kingdom." Sebastian said, smiling, but his smile was dark, calculating, and more of a smirk than anything.

Lerial hissed, and feline ears and a tail seemingly poofed into existence on her person. The tail moved in agitation, and the ears were back in anger.

"You know nothing of the powers this island holds, when it falls to the powers of Hell, shall be the day I surrender myself to the works of Fate." Lerial growled, her eyes narrowing and glowing slightly. Clary pushed herself farther into the bushes to avoid detection, Drakiel swore under his breath. Sebastian just laughed.

"You are one of Destiny's children; I doubt the Empress would let one of her descendants fall into the hands of the angels." Sebastian said, this time crooning, trying to win Lerial over to his thinking, to Clary's horror, Lerial actually seemed to be considering it.

"You make a good case, but, I know things you could only dream of knowing, and I will not allow this island to be claimed for Heaven or Hell, this place is an oasis to those who have not picked a side, for those who wish to be far away when the final battle and the apocalypse comes." Lerial said matter-of-factly. Sebastian grinned.

"You and your friends are the only inhabitants, I see no others here." Sebastian pointed out, looking smug with his logic. Lerial smirked, the kind of smirk that clearly said, I-know-something-you-don't-know, and folded her arms across her chest.

"Oh trust me; they're here, just not in this plane of existence." Lerial purred, her voice having calmed and was now self-confidant.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sebastian snapped, seemingly having lost his patience. Lerial just let out a sad smile.

"I am not allowed to tell you." She said, laughing, apparently having enough, Sebastian whipped out something and threw it, it was so fast, even Lerial didn't see it until the shape hit her, and she dissolved into dust. Drakiel gasped silently, and Clary saw tears forming at the edges of his eyes, had Sebastian just killed Lerial?

Sebastian didn't stay around to celebrate his victory, as soon as Lerial disappeared, Sebastian vanished into thin air.

But the second Sebastian vanished; Drakiel darted forward to the place where Lerial had been killed. He crouched down and pulled out a golden pendant from the dust, clutching it and muttering, Drakiel stood up. His amber eyes were hard and ruthless.

"You guys got us into this mess, now you're going to get us out of it, Lerial's dead because she kept the secret of the island, and of your presence, whether you like it or not, you're fighting with Nightshade in this." Drakiel said coldly, but the expression in his eyes was tormented, he had obviously felt a lot for the blond three-quarter demon.

No one said anything as Drakiel led them swiftly to the huge tree the Clary and Maia had seen before. The moon was still high in the sky while Drakiel slammed his fist into the tree, and a doorway opened up. Chloe's head popped out of the doorway, and her happy expression changed to one of concern, and then anger when she saw Drakiel's expression. None of them had ever recalled seeing Chloe look serious, she slipped off and walked into a room, dragging out a complaining Roxy.

"I'm telling you! iTunes is evil! It won't let me download different kinds of songs from one laptop to the other.

"Lerial's dead." Drakiel spat, his eyes hard, Roxy frowned.

"Maybe she committed suicide over iTunes shitiness?" Roxy suggested.

"this isn't funny Roxy, Sebastian killed her, we've got a war on our hands." Chloe said quietly. Roxy blinked,

"Can I sue iTunes before we start the apocalypse? I'm thinking I can mind-trick them into giving me a billion dollars." Roxy asked, Chloe slapped her, and Roxy glared and scowled. Jacob walked into the room soon after with a laptop in his hands, he stopped when he saw everyone and frowned.

"Where's Lerial?" Jacob asked; Drakiel's pained expression was all he needed to see.

"Shit, where's she heading?" Jacob asked, looking over at Drakiel, who just sighed.

"Destiny knows, come on, I need you to go with Chloe and forge some spelled weapons, were in a war, and we need to be prepared." Drakiel said, his expression stone cold, Clary couldn't help but feel sorry for him, she knew she would not have the strength to carry on if something happened to Jace.

"Mind making some seraph blades too?" Alec asked, Izzy nodded.

"I have absolutely no idea how to make them; you'd have to show us." Chloe pointed out, Alec smiled and left with her and Jacob over to a room with a sword and shield emblem on the door.

Jace grinned and looked at Drakiel, who smirked. "Sebastian, here we come." Jace said smugly.